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World History

Ancient Egypt
    Bellerophon Coloring Books - Egypt
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Ancient Rome
    Rosemary Sutcliff Novels:
Middle Ages
    Shakespeare Can Be Fun Series
The Story of the World - Susan Wise Bauer
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Middle Ages

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Treasure Chests: Knights An interactive kit by the publisher that created the Ancient Egypt kit. Included is an informative mini-book, a secret drawer (containing a cardboard castle and characters, a map of the crusades, heraldic stickers), a working plastic medieval catapult to assemble, and a signet ring with special clay to seal important documents. My son wanted a ring (his sister got one for her birthday) and he looks so "regal" wearing this one! Kit comes with key & lock. Great gift and learning tool.

Ages 8-12.

#545X $22.95 $17.25 Special 25th Anniversary Price for a limited time.


The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter by Padraic Colum, illustrated by Patrick Reinhart - A forgotten treasure is now back in print! Time period: The Middle Ages.

Filled with intrigue, mystery and adventure, it is the tale of Eean, the fisherman's son, who overcomes the evil Zabulun with the aide of the kings horses and Bird-of-Gold and Merlin the Magician. The story takes Eean to the Tower of Babylon, Chiron the Centaur and Hermes Trismegistus.

Eean (the fisherman's son) and Bird-of-Gold (the bramble gatherer's daughter) are in search of the truth. They experience the cause and effect of several relationships along their journey in search of Merlin the Magician, the man who holds the answers.

Padraic Colum is one of the most acclaimed storytellers of the 1900's. Author of, The King of Ireland's Son, The Children of Odin and The Children's Homer, his stories are bigger than life. They spark children's imagination and carry them through the world of myths and legends.

Ages 11+.

Paper, 136 pages. 5.5"x8.5".

#7224 $10.95

by David Macaulay. Follow the text and detailed illustrations as a "typical" castle and adjoining town are planned and built in the 13th century. Excellent. Caldecott Honor Award-winner.

Paper, 80 pages. Ages 8-12.

#9205 $8.95

Dark Knights and Dingy Castles
by Terry Deary (Two-books-in-one) takes you charging back to the days of chivalry, when knights clanked about in shining armour waving weird weapons, peasants cleaned up the mess afterwards, and everyone lived in dark, dingy, horrible homes.

Want to know: why one nutty knight chopped off his own finger?, the revolting truth about a gong-farmer's job?, what went on in gruesome castle garderobes? Read on and find out about dreadful dungeons, cruel crusaders, and ghastly ghosts that haunt creepy British castles.

Paper, 176 pages.

#2982 $12.99

Days of Knights and Damsels: An Activity Guide (formerly Huzzah Means Hooray) by Laurie Carlson. I was so excited when I found this book! For almost a year our family organized weekly activities to study the Middle Ages and Renaissance with a group of home-schoolers. With over a 100 projects - including costume directions, food, heraldry, games, crafts, and more - this book gave us lots of ideas!

Paper, 174 pages. Ages 3-9.

#2916 $14.95 $12.99

Easy-to-Make Castle
by A.G. Smith. If you've wanted to try a cut-and-assemble book but weren't sure if your child (or you!) would have the skill and patience to do it, this book is a fun introduction. It is specially designed for children ages 4-10. Comes with castle and 10 cardboard knights.


#4690 $5.95

King Arthur Coloring Book
A Dover coloring book with lots of text. It recounts adventures of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.


#8870 $3.95

King Arthur & His Knights
The Sword in the Stone, Sir Percival Meets A Lady, and the Round Table are a few of the tales told on this marvelous tape. This is our family's favorite. Jim's Sir Bedivere voice is wonderfully believable.

Ages 7+

CD:  #3312 $14.95 $12.99

Knights Activity Book
(Dover) Includes thirty different puzzles, pictures to color, and a variety of fascinating information about knights and the Middle Ages. Solutions to the puzzles are at the back of the book. Lots of fun!

Paper, 32 pages.  

#3564 $3.95

The Knight's Castle: A Pop-Up Book by Robert Sabuda - Unusually strong colors and bold design. Told from the point of view of the hero - a curious white mouse that appears on every spread - the rhyming tales within are the essence of simplicity.

Sabuda uses blocks of color-in electric shades of pink, yellow and indigo-and jazzy geometric patterns that mesh perfectly with the forceful, jutting pop-ups. Particularly striking are "the knight's newest trophy," a menacing, sharp-toothed dragon, and the concluding image, a shining 3-D knight.

Hardcover pop-up book, 12 pages. 7.8"x7.7"x.5". Ages 4-7.

#6266 $18.99 Out of print, one copy available.

knights round.jpg (1956 bytes)Knights of the Round Table adapted by Gwen Gross is a Bullseye Step into Classics Series and is written for a reading level of ages 7 to 9. Covers 6 stories, including The Sword in the Stone and Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell.

#5796 $3.99

Make this Model Castle
(an Usborne Cut-Out Model) requires only glue, scissors or a craft knife to create this model of a 12th century castle. There are also about 40 groups of figures and props to go along with castle, including the Baron and his wife and children, knights, men-at-arms and servants.

The finished model measures approximately 8" high at its tallest point, 24" x18" along the base.

#5789 $9.95 Out of print, one copy available.

The Measly Middle Ages by Terry Deary tells you what life was really like in days of old when knights were bold, women wore tall pointy hats and the peasants were revolting.

Want to know:

A genuine jester's joke?
Why chickens had their bottoms shaved?
What ten-year-old treacle was used for?

Learn fascinating facts, revolting recipes, and gruesome games. Find out about Medieval monks, the dreaded Black Death, and schools that really knew how to make children suffer.

Also included is The Measly Middle Ages Activity Book, which is stuffed with killer quizzes, gruesome games and amazing mazes to bring all those nutty knights and revolting peasants to life.

Book: 144 pages, Activity Book: 24 pages. Paper.

#FUN90 $16.99

Medieval Fashions:

Medieval Costumes Paper Dolls
A colorful collection of paper dolls based on fashions inspired by the exotic fabrics the Crusaders brought back from the Middle East. Two dolls (a man and a woman) on heavy cardstock and 16 costumes.

Medieval Fashions Coloring Book Features the dress of both peasants and nobility from the 9th to the 14th centuries. I especially enjoyed the pages filled with the various headdresses and shoes.

Both books above: #FUN09 $8.90 $7.99

A Medieval Feast
written and illustrated by Aliki, describes the preparation and celebration of a medieval feast held at an English manor house.

Paper. Ages: 7-11.

#0509 $6.95

Medieval Times Thematic Unit by Teacher Created Materials, Inc. - Medieval Times Thematic Unit is based on the following pieces of literature: Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, Adam of the Road, The Door in the Wall. Also included are well-known ballads, Lord Randal and Barbara Allen.

There are activities included for each selection, along with language arts, daily writing assignments, math, science, social studies, art, music, and life skills. This thematic unit includes: literature selections, planning guides, poetry, writing ideas, curriculum connections, and a bibliography.

One or all of the texts can be covered in a unit. They all depict life in the Middle Ages for an older child or pre-teen in about the 13th century.

Paper, 80 pages.  Ages 10-13.

#2910 $9.00 $6.99   Cover is speckled. One copy available.

Medieval Tournament Sticker Picture Book: With 25 Reusable Peel-And-Apply Stickers
by Steven James Petruccio - Apply full-color stickers of jousting knights, archers, troubadours, and more to colorful laminated backdrop depicting medieval tournament setting.

Paper. 9.25"x12.25".

#7211 $4.99 Out of print, three copies available.

The Minstrel in the Tower
by Gloria Skurzynski. Set in the year 1195, two children lose their father in the Crusades and must find their uncle to help their sick mother. Along the way they are kidnapped and held for ransom in an ancient tower.

RL: ages 7-10. Paper, 60 pages.

#5983 $3.99

The Story of the World, Volume 2: The Middle Ages 400-1600 (From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance), Revised Edition
- by Susan Wise Bauer continues where the first volume ended. From the fall of Rome to the rise of the Renaissance, the study of the Middle Ages will captivate you and your child.

Many of our conference customers have told us how wonderful these books are and how much their children enjoy the stories. They particularly like the fact that an overview of world history is made accessible to younger children.

Ages 6-9. Paper, 424 pages. Bound edition.

#9092 $16.95 $15.25

DAMAGED The Story of the World, Volume 2: The Middle Ages - The front a back cover has a crease on one corner. One copy available. Paper, bound edition.
#D-9092 $16.95 $11.50

The Story of the World, Volume 2 ACTIVITY GUIDE, Revised edition edited by Susan Wise Bauer. This guide accompanies the preceding book. Included are: comprehension questions, sample narrations, maps, coloring pages, and activities for each chapter in The Story of the World, Volume 2.

Paper, 264 double-sided pages of text (review questions, narration exercises, literature suggestions, map work, and activity projects) plus 182 one-sided consumable student pages (coloring pages, templates, patterns, map outlines, paper dolls, games, paper puppets and more).

#9139 $34.95 $31.99

Story of the World Volume 2 Audiobook (revised)
by Susan Wise Bauer, narrated by Jim Weiss - This revised audio edition of the second volume of The Story of the World series is unabridged. Veteran storyteller, Jim Weiss, is the narrator of this volume! Nine CDs. Approx. length: 11 hours.

#9122 $44.95 $39.99 New edition! Same great content but now narrated by Jim Weiss!

From the same publisher of Story of the World, are these three books that complement Volume 2:

Who in the World was the Acrobatic Princess?
Who in the World Was the Secretive Printer?
Who in the World Was the Unready King?

The Usborne Time Traveler Book of Knights & Castles
- full of detailed illustrations of medieval life. Informative, detailed illustrations.

Paper, 32 pages. Ages 8-11.

#3357 $6.95

Who in the World Was the Acrobatic Empress: The Story of Theodora by Robin Phillips, illustrated by Jeff West -  In this entertaining biography, author Robin Phillips looks at the wife of the famous Justinian. How did this daughter of a bear-keeper marry and greatly influence the ruler of her world? Phillips's chronological narrative will draw in parents and children alike.

Published by the folks who created the Story of the World series. This book complements The Story of the World Volume 2, Middle Ages.

Paper, 48 pages. Audience: ages 5-12.

#0390 $9.50 $8.99

Who in the World Was the Secretive Printer?: The Story of Johannes Gutenberg
by Robert Beckham, illustrated by Jed Mickle - Discover the intriguing story of Johannes Gutenberg. In this engaging biography, Robert Beckham goes beyond the few facts children are usually told about the inventor of the printing press. Instead, Beckham tells us Gutenberg's story. Why did Johannes make thousands of small mirrors? When did he learn how to make coins at the mint? Why did his girlfriend take him to court?

Beckham's chronological narrative will draw in parents and children alike. Published by the folks who created the Story of the World series. This book complements The Story of the World Volume 2, Middle Ages.

Paper, 48 pages. 9.75"x6.75"x.2". Audience: ages 5-12.

#0369 $9.50 $8.99

Who in the World Was the Unready King?: The Story of Ethelred by Connie Clark, illustrated by Jed Mickle - Why did one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England leave his throne when Sweyn Forkbeard and the Vikings invaded? In less than forty years, England changed hands forever. How did the life of the boy-king Ethelred change English history? Connie Clark's biography of the king who paved the way for the Viking invasion answers these questions.

Published by the folks who created the Story of the World series. This book complements The Story of the World Volume 2, Middle Ages.

Paper, 50 pages. 9.75"x6.75"x.25". Audience: ages 5-12.

#0371 $9.50 $8.99

Audio CD:

Also available on audio CD. Read by the incomparable, Jim Weiss!

#9283 $12.95  

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