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The Book of Cards for Kids
by Gail MacColl contains over 35 games for 2-6 players, plus Solitaire, Go Fish, Baby Snap, Chase the Ace, and Frogs in the Pond are a few of the fun games. The book comes with a special set of 54 cards that is based on the standard 52-card playing deck plus two jokers. The cards are brightly colored and oversized, with big type.

Paper, 144 pages, plus card deck. Ages 4-9.

#8005 $12.95

Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures
(Klutz) - Fabulously clear, step-by-step, colorfully illustrated instructions are given for 5 popular string games: Jacob's Ladder, Eiffel Tower, Cup & Saucer, Witch's Broom, and Cat's Cradle. A brief history about string games is included. The hardcover, wirebound book comes with a groovy, multi-colored string loop. Instead of twiddling your thumbs, use all ten fingers to play these classic games!

Hardcover, wirebound. 37 pages.

#7536 $9.95

Green Alligators: Rings and Things - No reading required! Pictures are identified to encourage early readers. The first player to guess the card being described or acted, wins the card!

Parents or older siblings can take a look at a card and start giving clues. Little ones will delight in trying to guess what the card is. Then it's their turn to give clues. It is a non-competitive activity for 2 players, or it becomes competitive when the "big kids" try to out guess the others!

Ages 4 and Up, 2 to 4 Players

#306AX $10.00

Green Alligators: Zoo and Farm Animals (El Lagartito Verde: el zoologico y la granja) - The Giggly-Silly bilingual descriptive word game! No reading required. Pictures are identified to encourage early readers of both English and Spanish.

Green Alligators
is that wonderful little "I'm thinking of" kind of card game, but this one has pictures so you can't change your mind part way through the game! Play with your little one while doing other things around the house; just take a look at your card and start giving clues. Your little one will delight in trying to guess what your card is. Then it is the child's turn to give clues.

It is a non-competitive activity for 2 players, or it becomes competitive when the "big kids" try to out-guess the others!

Ages 4 and up, 2 to 4 players.

#307AX $10.00

KidTalk Card Game: Great Conversation Starters with Kids!
by J.J. Stupp - Each card in this deck presents a fascinating fact, then poses an intriguing question to start fun-filled conversations. There are no right or wrong answers; no special knowledge is needed. It is a light, fun and easy way to get the conversation rolling with families and friends.

#8402 $10.00 Out of print - one copy available. It's new but the box corners are worn.

Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde (U.S. Games) - This game of strategy, based on Roert Louis Stevenson's novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, allows players to score points by making melds corresponding to the current state of the main character's split personality. The first player to score 100 or more points wins!

The ultimate game-winning challenge is to "become" Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

Game includes: 62 cards (49 evidence cards, 12 gavel cards, 1 duel identity card) 1 set of rules.

#3059 $12.00
One copy available.

Peg Solitaire: 23 All-On-Your-Own Games (Klutz) - Not just one game, this is actually a family of games. Most are centuries old, and all are played on a board punched with holes and filled with removable pegs. Two plastic boards are bound into the 62-page book, plus a zippered vinyl pouch containing all the playing pieces. Twenty-three different varieties of peg solitaire are described.

Some inside pages have a bit of discoloration. Otherwise the book is in great shape.

#0332 $17.95 $11.99
Out of print, one copy available.

Stealth (Talicor), created by Bruce Whitehall - The game of concealed power, deceptive skill, and cunning strategy. A brilliant dimension lies before you and a cunning battle must be fought. Your powerful Steal Force has been protecting its portion of Dimension Gemstone for centuries, but the enemy has been looming ever closer; threatening to conquer your territory.

Each move is an exciting and strategic challenge to outmaneuver your opponent. Dimension Gemstone needs your protection. Seek to conquer, but be careful not to fall into the hands of the enemy. A cross between a war game and abstract game.

For 2 players. Ages 10-adult. Out of print, one copy available. No shrinkwrap, box is lightly scuffed.

#6200 $24.95  

Wise and Otherwise (Board Game) - In Wise and Otherwise there are 2,500 wise, funny and unusual old sayings from around the world, and more than a few possible endings!

During play the first part of an actual but little known old saying is read aloud. Then, with a little wit and imagination each player writes an ending to go with the beginning. The made-up sayings are read aloud along with the actual old sayings, and everyone tries to guess the real one. You'll get points when other players think your ending is the real one, and points for guessing the real old saying.

Contents: Gameboard, 2,500 sayings on 500 cards, writing pads, 6 sharpened pencils, 1 six-sided die, 6 player pawns, instructions.

Voted a Best Party Game of the Year by Games magazine.

For 2-6 players, 12-adult.

#WOW $39.95 $24.99
One copy available. The game is new, but there is no shrinkwrap on the box and the box exterior is mildly scuffed. Inside contents are pristine.

Family Pastimes Cooperative Games:

All the games from Family Pastimes emphasize cooperation. Everyone wins! (We reduced sibling squabbling significantly in our home when we started playing these games).

The games are the creation of Jim Deacove, who started making the games for his family and was encouraged by friends to make more for others. He and his wife started their business in their home in 1972 and it now occupies a separate workshop. The games are made in Canada - in small quantities - as a labor of love, by the owners and their employees. They continue to use environmentally friendly, safe and recycled materials such as board, paper, inks, glues...even recyclable shrink film. All of it has been standard practice at Family Pastimes - for over 35 years.


Break a Leg - We are a group of investors in a small city theatre. We also assume many different jobs, such as Promotions, Auditions, Advertising, Accountant and Stage Manager. Everyone works together to put on a Season of three Plays — a Drama, a Comedy and a Musical. We try to balance artistic concerns with the need to keep the cash box as full as possible — in other words, have a profitable season and avoid losing our shirts. Profits and losses are split equally. The bottom line is to put on plays people enjoy and to make some money doing so.

Hey, what's to worry about? Critics? Yes, they can be scary alright! What if we work our hearts out and they hate the Play? The technicians? Yes, things can go wrong with the lighting, sound, costumes, and set. Or maybe the director is a tyrannical brute. And, the writers — oh the writers! They can be brilliant, and they can be without conscience. The actors and actresses? Perhaps the odd tantrum, forgetting of lines, scene stealing...? Sometimes it seems that there isn't going to be a next night.

But when it all comes together in a passionate, co-operative effort — what beauty! What truth! And just listen to that cash register ring!

Includes: 8 x 17" board, 40 cast cards, 5 protection and 5 influence cards, 18 play posters, money, cash box, dice, balance sheets, box office charts, critics' reviews, cast marker, rules for basic and advanced games. Ages 12-adult.

#BLX $26.50 $22.99  

Christmas Game
The goal is to make sure that everyone has a Merry Christmas. Players help each other get all the pieces to make a Merry Christmas Puzzle Picture (a manger scene), which involves sharing and giving. If you let certain events happen, such as People Being Mean to Each Other, you may lose the game.

Ages 5-8. 2-4 players.
#CGX $15.50 $13.99

Co-op Sports Manual by Jim Deacove
- A softcover book featuring 60 co-op sports.

Detailed manual for athletics, gymnastics, target, court, team and stick-and-ball events. Also includes co-op billiards, horseshoes, and suggestions for running co-op field days and curling tournaments (after all, the author is from Canada).

#SM $3.95

Early Years - Four co-operative card games for the younger ages. Each game nurtures and encourages a blend of close observation, communication, imagination, some academic, social & memory skills. All this in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Lots of play value and just plain fun to play! Special group game rules are included for accommodating as many as 36 players.

1-12 players, ages 4-7.

#EYX $15.00 $12.99

First Impressions (Family Pastimes) - Often we form first impressions of each other based on what someone likes or dislikes, or how they look or speak. This game, in a non-competitive, relaxed and friendly format, allows players to describe these first impressions using the special idea cards provided. The cards are sometimes serious, sometimes playful and humorous. Always thought-provoking.

Some suggested uses:

Ice-breaker & socializer
Focus point for conferences
Aid to nurture communication skills
Seniors recreation time

Get to know each other! Share some laughs. A great resource for groups of young & old. Play quickly or take your time. Easily adapts to all situations. Never worry about being eliminated or losing.

Includes: 10 personal charts, 220 card themes, rules.

Ages 12 to adult. 4 to 20 players.

#FIX $16.00 $14.99


Funny Face - A hilarious, active pantomime game that kids just love, and that sets their imaginations free!

Players move around the board, helping each other bring all the things needed for a party. Command Cards get turned, describing an action to be done. Co-operative play allows everyone to get into the actions without worrying about losing and being eliminated — and because you keep up your mime until the next turn, many funny interpretations happen at once.

We advise parents and teachers to join in the fun! Plays quickly. Rules for a mime show included.

Includes: 12 x 12" board, die, party favor movers, command cards. 3-18 players, ages 3-8.

#FFX $15.00 $12.99

Gridlock - Two games in one! Inspired by the puzzles you played with as a child, in which you slide pieces around to get the alphabet in the right order.

GRIDLOCK JR: There is a huge Traffic Jam. You must direct the traffic to get the Fire Truck to the Fire, the Police Car to the Crime Scene, the Ambulance to the Accident and the Mayor’s Limo to the Airport.

GRIDLOCK SR: Challenges have been added to make the Traffic Jam harder to solve. No Stopping and Stop signs are present to complicate matters. Vehicle breakdowns can occur as well. Add in Time pressure too.

And, if you are really on top of your game, can you get the other vehicles back to their parking spots by day’s end? With teamwork, maybe...!

Multiple ages.

#GLX $16.00 $14.99

Messages - Three games for those who love playing with words and ideas. The symbol tokens are used to form picture phrases and sentences, known as rebuses. Many opportunities for players to express their cleverness, creativity & sense of humor.

The Fill 'Er Up Game - Pool your ideas to make Rebuses to fill the board entirely. Red spots add challenges & make each game played a different experience.

The Clear the Deck Game - This time you fill the board at random with 64 symbols, and try to discover rebuses among them, so as to clear the board.

The Crossword Rebus Game - Create a board of interconnecting rebuses with few or no black spaces left uncovered by game’s end. Very hard.

Includes: 7.75 x 7.5" board, 100 symbol tokens, glossary of suggested meanings, rules, storage bag. 1-6 players, ages 10+.

#MSX $11.50 $9.99

Ogres & Elves - The Royal Elf Family is coming to visit their Mountain Kingdom. They want us elves to fill their treasure chests with the different gems we mine. However, ogres have heard about the visit and plan to grab all the valuables for themselves. We must do our best to get royals & ogres alike to share the goodies.

Easy to say. This requires lots of tricky teamwork with each game increasing in difficulty. Strap on your invisible shields, dear elves, & head for the mines. The royals are coming!

Includes rules for 3 games, suitable for ages 5 to 7, 7 to 12 and 12 to adult.

Includes: 12 x 12" board, special die, 4 elf movers and collector cards, 4 royal treasure chests, 3 sets of rules. Multiple ages.

#OEX $15.00 $13.99

Round Up Board Game
Work together as a team as you round up as many horses as you can and bring them back to the Ranch Coral. There'll be obstacles along the way. Each game is played differently because of the random set up. A cooperative board game created by Family Pastimes.

Ages 5+, 1-8 players.

#RUX $15.00 $12.99

Sleeping Grump game
(Family Pastimes cooperative game) - A story adventure game! Grump has taken the villagers' treasures and is now fast asleep at the top of the beanstalk. Together, players climb to the top to recover their treasures. Grump may not be wakened or he takes back everything. Players share the treasures and leave some behind for Grump. Their kindness will help change him. The game is won when everyone has some of the treasure.

Includes: 6 x 24" board, die, blue sapphires, golden eggs, magic cherries, harps, movers.

Ages 4-7, 2 to 4 players.

#SGX $15.00 $13.99

Snowstorm game
(a Family Pastime cooperative game) A winter storm hits Little City. Granny & Grandpa, Uncle & Aunt, Mom & Dad and our Best Friend's Family have things to do, places to go, errands to run. Our job is to help them out. We drive the cars, get to the places on their lists, and try to return safely home. Deep snow? Bad ice? We decide when & where to do some plowing or spreading of sand. The weather keeps changing, so we have to be alert! Each game is a different challenge, employing skills of communication, decision making and creative thinking.

1-12 players, ages 5-8.

#SSX  $16.00  $12.99


Yin Yang game (a Family Pastimes cooperative game) - Players try to develop a series of balanced patterns. The moving principles are simple, but the variations and complexities of play are almost infinite. A co-operative game with the flavor of Pente and Go.

This is a game for those who like abstract, meditative endeavors. A simpler game, Clarity, is included for the beginner or younger players.

Includes: 12 x 12" board, 3 sets of colored "pebbles", scoring sheets.

Ages: Clarity, 9 & up....Yin Yang, Teen to Adult

#YYX $17.00 $13.99

n Blocks game (a Family Pastimes cooperative game) For the intuitive, the dreamer, and the thinker.

Symbols on wooden blocks are matched to form a cube, like dominoes in 3-D. There are easy games for the young to try and tough games for teens and adults. This is not a one-solution puzzle but a genuine game that unfolds differently each time. Excellent for family play, in groups as a logic game or to assess co-operative skills or just as a gift for that clever person.

Bring together opposites - Lion & Lamb, Heaven & Earth, Rain & Sun - into a harmonious whole.  Full explanations of the meanings of the symbols are given.

Includes: oil-finished silk-screened blocks, play pad, illustrated rules. Complete cube is 4x4x4.

Ages 6-adults, players: alone or up to 14 people.

#ZBX $30.00 $21.00   Sale!

Strategy Games from SET:

Five Crowns: The Five Suited Card Game
has original game play, but uses skills obtained from playing old favorites like hearts, spades and rummy. The cards are colorful, and the game is face paced. Some skills used: adding, counting, and strategy.

Ages 8+, 2-7 players. Takes 40-60 minutes to play. Fun for the whole family!

Save even more with the SET FUNPak!

#9142 $12.00 $10.99

Quiddler: The Short Word Game
Because words, like at, is, of, ax, and zoo can lead to winning, readers of all ages can play and win. There are bonuses for both short and long words. You simply combine all the cards in your hand into words. The beautiful letter design on the cards is based on Celtic artwork. 1999 Parents' Choice Award winner, and it has received kudos from many homeschoolers.

1-8 players, ages 8+.

Save even more with the SET FUNPak!

#9150 $12.00 $10.99

The Family Game of Visual Perception The object of the game is to identify "sets" of three cards. Shout SET!, and everyone checks to see if you have found the three cards that form a set from the twelve laid face up on the table. You now have one point, and the search starts again.

Click here to learn how SET was invented.

Age is no advantage in this game. Ages 6+.

Save even more with the SET FUNPak!

#910X $12.00 $9.99

Triology: The Game of Making Threes - Make SETS and put them down for points. Go out with the most points to win. When you play at the Master level you can steal SETS from opponents.

All the fun of rummy, with the craziness of war and the challenge of SET. Strategy and visual perception are both important. Winner of GAMES Magazine '100' Award.

Contents: 111 quality playing cards, 10 chips, 9 card caddis, 2 three-minute timers. Two or more players. Ages 8 and up.

#9118 $15.00 $10.99 Sale!

Xactika is a card game that challenges you to exactly bid the number of tricks you can take with your hand. Unlike other bidding games, each card in every Xactika hand gives you four ways to play it. So you're not locked into a position because of the cards you are dealt. Using your wits, and listening to the bidding and playing, you will see opportunities to use your cards to take tricks and lose them, as you need. Xactika's extra options can play right into your hand!

There are eight hands of eight cards. High score wins.

Ages 12 & up. 2-10 Players.

Save even more with the SET FUNPak!

#9142XX $12.00 $9.99 Sale!


Set of 4 Games:

Five Crowns, SET, Quiddler, and Xactika

Save money by purchasing these four SET games together!

#FUN70 $48.00 $32.99 Save over 30%!

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