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Spy and Detective Guides
    Treasure Island

Spy and Detective Guides

Crime & Detection (Eyewitness Books) - The world of cops and robbers comes alive in this fascinating look at crime through the ages that explores such infamous crimes as the theft of the "Mona Lisa", notorious criminals like Bluebeard and Bonnie and Clyde, and the secret workings of law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and Scotland Yard.

Hardcover, 68 pages. Packed with color photos.

#8829 $15.95 (Out of print, one copy available.)

Spy's Guidebook with CD-ROM Encoder
Psst! Want to know what spies do? Find out with this book. It provides hours of fun ideas and games for you and your spy partners! The Usborne Spy's Guidebook also comes with a CD-ROM that lets you instantly code and decode messages on the computer.

Paper, 48 pages. Ages 9-12. For Windows 95 and 98. Book & CD.
#3826 $12.95
(Out of print, limited quantities available.)



Eyewitness: Pirate - Full of photos of doubloons, cannons, model ships & more. Tells it like it was, so it also goes into detail about the less-than-nice side of pirates and their punishments. Covers all types of pirates, from Vikings to buccaneers of the Spanish Main.

Hardcover, 64 pages. Ages 9-12. 2000 edition.

#0246 $15.95 $9.99   Two copies available.

Pirate Sticker Book
(Dorling Kindersley) Over 60 full-color stickers, many of which are the same photos located in the above Eyewitness Pirate book.

Out of print - limited number of copies available.

#5275 $6.95

Three Little Dover Pirate Books
Fun With Pirate Stencils
, Pirate Stickers, Pirates Tattoos

#FUN14 $4.50

Shipwrecks and Sunken Treasures Coloring Book
by Peter Copeland (Dover). Mr. Copeland was once a diver and assistant to a curator of the Smithsonian and was involved with various diving expeditions. He often made illustrations of ship structures while he was underwater (!), and some are seen in this interesting book.

Paper, 45 pages.

#2869 $3.95

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Coloring Book
(Dover) coloring and story-book. An excellent value!

Paper, 46 pages.

#5664 $3.95

Treasure Island CD
(Jim Weiss) - Pirates! Buried treasure! Loyal friends and treacherous villains! Here is Robert Louis Stevenson's immortal adventure with all its vivid characters. Set sail on this classic adventure which requires all the ingenuity and smart thinking of the main character (a young boy). Sudden plot twists and hair's breadth escapes will thrill listeners. You are sure to feel the sea breeze blowing through your own hair!

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #3517 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3762 $14.95 $12.99


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