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Home Style Harmony - The Lester Family
Classical Kids Series
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Mrs. Stewarts Piano Lessons

"I am very excited about discovering Stewart Piano Lessons and I strongly recommend them not just for children starting piano but also for adult beginners. In fact, the lessons might be useful to many adults who already do quite a bit of piano playing; Mrs. Stewart's might cure any fears of "hard" keys and in general help the student... These books make learning music look sensible, exciting and easy. At every point I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. Learning is more interesting and exciting, therefore more efficient, when we are exploring many related things at once... one of the many merits of the Stewart Piano Method." - John Holt

Mrs. Stewarts Piano Lessons, Book 1 - Lessons starts you off with a number system that enables you to play in all keys. By lesson 16, you are reading musical notation. Piano and music theory are tackled at the same time.
MS01 $18.00

Mrs. Stewarts Piano Lessons, Book 2 - Reader continues from Book 1 by having you play increasingly complicated pieces. The Reader contains 28 selections designed to develop sight reading of music. Instructions for learning each piece are included as well as instructions on using basic keyboard harmony and other techniques. Also contains a bibliography of piano music for further study.
MS02 $18.00

Mrs. Stewarts Piano Lessons, Preschool Piano is for the young child. Thirteen pieces for singing and playing are included in the Student book. The Teacher's guide includes friendly and useful advice. Set of 2 books.
MS03 $18.00

Music in Minutes Video is a professionally videotaped and edited presentation of Mrs. Stewarts Piano workshops presented by Phyllis Jansma. Phyllis helped Elsie Stewart put the Mrs. Stewarts Piano Lessons into print and has conducted workshops on the method for over 33 years. Watching and hearing her describe all 25 lessons from Book 1 is a real eye-opener.

Jansma also has lots of interesting asides about music, kids and piano technique. It's also interesting to see the audience of teachers-in-training and students. If you don't know the first thing about how to play or how to read music, this videotape and Book 1 will literally have you making music in minutes. It's like having Phyllis Jansma in your living room for a series of private lessons!

(We have also put together a set that includes Book 2 if you would like to go further with your learning).

The VHS video is 105 minutes long.

Web special!:

MS06 $73.90 $49.99 Video, Book 1 AND Book 2
Best offer!
MS05 $55.90 $37.99 Video and Book 1
MS04 $37.90 $19.99 Video only

Basic Guitar & String Set Up for Acoustic & Electric Guitars - This 30-minute DVD will teach you everything you need to know to keep your guitar in great playing condition. Covers everything from how to hold the guitar to strumming patterns to tuning.

"This instructional video offers information that will allow the beginning guitarist to quickly improve. Professional musical Tom Kolb discusses and models information on the parts of the guitar, how to change a guitar's strings, how to hold the instrument, and chords". ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide.

#3301 $7.95 One copy available.

Brighten the Day: Songs to Celebrate the Seasons (Audio CD) by Marty Layne - Notes from the album: "These songs were some of the songs my children grew up with. I hope that you and your family will enjoy them as much as we have. Most of them come from a songbook - Sing Through the Seasons, edited by Marlys Swinger, published by Plough Publishing House, and illustrated with delightful drawings that compliment the innocence of the songs. "

Marty Layne is the mother of four young adults. As the result of homeschooling her children, she wrote a book, Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling.

Songs - Spring: Sing a Song of Spring; I Can't See the Wind; Medley: Little April Shower/I Hear Thunder/It's Raining; The Winter Now Is Over; The Happy Good Morning Summer: Over the Meadows; Off to the Sea; Silver Sands; Three Little Puffins; Medley: Oh Moon, Oh Moon/The Stars Are Hiding; Tadpoles and Salamanders; Trot Along My Little Pony Autumn: Out in the Meadows; Wind, Wind Blowing; Come Little Leaves; Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Winter: Winter Fun; Icicles; Little Snowflake; Winter-Walk; Where Are the Froggies?

$25.94 $12.99 One copy available. No shrinkwrap.

History of Classical Music TIMELINE compiled by Rebecca Berg, illustrated by Christen Blechschmid features 23 illustrations featuing composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Periods of orchestral composition. Portraits of Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Clara Schumann, Liszt, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Stravinsky and others make this a vibrant time line. 

With their dated illustrations of significant events and individuals, students cut and color the detailed drawings and paste them on two 6" x 34" card-stock strips which are scored and able to fold for convenient storage. Many learners will mount their completed time lines on the wall. They stretch to nearly six feet in length! Can be used in Beautiful Feet's History of Classical Music Study Guide or independently.

Paper, 266 pages. 9.2"x7.6"x0.6".

#BF19 $9.95 $8.99 One copy available.

How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons
is full of sensible, practical advice on how to play songs by ear; it debunks many of the myths that have most people convinced they're not smart enough to make music; and it provides some sound, understandable explanations of such things.

If you don't know anything about the piano or music, you should start with Mrs. Stewart's Piano Lessons. But if you have some music basics, and you just gave up playing because you couldn't play the songs you wanted to play, this book will show you not only how to make the music you want at home, but how music works in general so you can learn how to play "by ear." This low-key explanation of music theory is also good for people who play instruments besides the piano but whose understanding of applying theory to practice is muddled by poor instruction. Lots of popular song standards are provided and analyzed. JHB.

Paper, 240 pages.

#2633 $22.99

Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (And What the Neighbors Thought)
by Kathleen Krull. Discover little-known and sometimes hilarious tidbits about twenty famous musicians from various countries and historical periods. It begins with Vivaldi and ends with Woody Guthrie and includes wonderfully done caricatures. 96 pages.
Hardcover, 96 pages.

#0102 $20.00 $14.99 Sale - 25% off!

Music of the Great Composers: A Listener's Guide to the Best of Classical Music (published by Zondervan Publishing House) by Patrick Kavanaugh  - The author shows that great music was written to be enjoyed, not merely admired. In Music of the Great Composers, he displays his gift for making the classics easy to understand and a delight to listen to.

This practical book lets you select a listening program that's based on your needs and interests. Choose from a variety of approaches to pick the one that fits you best. From chorales to concertos to solo repertoire, Music of the Great Composers lets you customize your listening to broaden your understanding and love of music. You'll find:
- Guidance for building a personal listening library
- Insights into instruments, history, composers, compositions, musical terms - even simple music theory for the layperson
- A lively guide to hundreds of masterworks - for hours of reading and listening enjoyment.

Kavanaugh removes the intimidations from "highbrow" music, taking it out of its ivory tower so everyone can enjoy it. A unique guide to enhance and enrich your enjoyment of classical music, this book is for music lovers who want to better understand the works of the masters.

The author is the executive director of the Christian Performing Artists' Fellowship and holds a doctorate in music composition. He is also a conductor and performer.

Paper, 272 pages. 8.25"x5.5"x.9".

#8075 $21.99    One copy available.

My Favorite Love Duets CD
- Chosen by Luciano Pavarotti, these 11 pieces introduces you to the joy of opera through famous love duets. Features pieces from Rigoletto, Don Giovanni, Tosca, Aida, Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, La Boheme, and more.

Approximately 71 minutes long. Amazing price!

CD: #2327 $7.99 One copy available.

My Favorite Opera for Children
- Chosen by Luciano Pavarotti and performed by his favorite singers, these 18 pieces are a delightful introduction to opera for children. Included are songs from familiar operas such as, Carmen (Toreador Song), Hansel and Gretel (Song of the Gingerbread Children), Rossini's The Barber of Seville (the "Figaro" song) and more.

Not just for children, but appropriate for all ages.

Approximately 76 minutes long. Amazing price!

CD only:  #3817  $7.99

Our Singing Country: Folk Songs and Ballads
, collected and compiled by John A. Lomas & Alan Lomax - Includes melodies and words for tunes from all parts of the country. Songs include spirituals, hollers, game songs, lullabies, courting songs, chain-gang work songs, Cajun airs, breakdowns, and many more. Includes over 200 authentic folk songs and ballads.

Paper, 464 pages. 5.75"x8.25"

#0897 $14.95 $12.99 One copy available.

Peter, Paul and Mommy
12 delightful songs from the terrific musical trio. Songs: The Marvelous Toy, Day is Done, Leatherwing Bat, I Have a Song to Sing, All Through the Night, It's Raining, Going to the Zoo, Boa Constrictor, Make Believe Town, Mockingbird, Christmas Dinner, and Puff, the Magic Dragon.

Cassette: #WARN-C $7.98 $3.99 Limited quantities.

CD: #WARN-D $16.98

Peter, Paul and Mommy Too
Recorded live with a group of children. Songs: Puff (the Magic Dragon), The Fox, Somagwaza/Hey, Motswala, Inside, Garden Song, The Eddystone Light, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Somos El Barco, Pastures of Plenty, Home on the Range/Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom, Right Field, Poem for Erika/For Baby, and We Shall Overcome

Running Time: 52:13.

CD Only: #8150 $15.98

Piano for Adults, A Beginning Course: Lessons, Theory, Technic, Sight Reading (Book 1) by Jane, Lisa & Lori Bastien - To teach piano basics, the Bastiens have created a course designed specifically for adult beginners. Lessons, theory, technic, and sight reading are combined in one easy-to-use book. The series is gradually paced to ensure student confidence and success. The variety of music, custom selected for adults, includes famous classic themes, folk songs, spirituals, ragtime, blues, boogie, jazz, and Bastien originals that teach the basics in a straightforward, yet innovative manner.

Accompaniments CDs were created to musically enhance student practice, thus making piano study more enjoyable. In addition to adding excitement, variety, and motivation for the student, the CDs help improve understanding of phrasing, balance, rhythm, and pulse.

Paper, 160 pages. Book & 2 CD's. One copy available.

#3020 $25.95 $17.99

Piano Town, Primer Level Lessons by Keith Snell & Diane Hidy - A multi-key method with a Middle C start and a special focus on intervals. It introduces learners to the piano with pre-staff notation. Each element is presented one at a time. Simplified arrangements of Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky join with favorite folk tunes and original music.

Paper, 64 pages.

#3016X $7.95

Practicing for Young Musicians: You Are Your Own Teacher, Revised and Expanded by Harvey R. Snitkin - Through the use of four characters & analogies that relate to daily life, this easy-to-read, lighthearted book explores planning practice sessions, methods of practicing (including practicing in the age of technology), skill development & teaching tips that help young musicians be their own teachers. It explains why young musicians must take responsibility for their own progress, why success happens between lessons when they practice, & why their progress depends on their ability to teach themselves. Each practice session is a step on a musical journey that lasts a lifetime.

This book provides a musical road map, helps explore the landscape, & helps young musicians develop a good relationship with their traveling companion - their instrument. It also explains why regardless of the instrument they play or musical style they hope to perform, their travel agenda, practicing, will be the same.

"What you've learned isn't limited to music. You've learned to use your time wisely... Most of all, as your own teacher, you've learned to take the responsibility for your own learning and development. In short, you've gained the satisfaction and confidence that come from a job well done." - Harvey Snitkin.

#2009X $14.95

Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook (Words, Chords, & Sources to 1200 Songs) edited by Peter Blood & Annie Patterson This comprehensive collection contains words and guitar chords to nearly 1200 songs, arranged in a compact, easy-to-use format for locating songs and working with groups. It contains a wide array of songs: * "Folk Revival" favorites popularized by Baez, Seeger, Collins, Peter, Paul and Mary, Dylan, Mitchell, Taylor, Donovan, and many others. * The best-known material of contemporary folk songwriters including Near, Staines, Williamson, Rogers, Bok and many more. * Broadway show tunes, Beatles songs, Motown hits * Hymns, spirituals, and gospel standards * Songs about peace, freedom, labor and the environment * Ballads, cowboy songs, shanties and blues.

Paper, 288 pages. 9.9"x6.6"x.7".

#0499 $17.95 Out of print; one copy available.

Sea Life
(Creative Activities for Piano) by Nancy Telfer - Teaches concepts in the following areas: hand & body position & weight, feeling the beat with quarter, half, & whole notes, duets with teacher, basic home practice techniques, and more.

The book brings musical concepts to life with an appealing environmental accent.

Primer/Level One.

#630XX $6.45

The Singing Day by Candy Verney - This easy-to-follow songbook and CD offers practical tips to help parents and teachers find their voices when singing to small children. The Singing Day turns the child’s daily routine into a magical musical journey—simple activities become the launch pad for fun and discovery through music and song.

According to Candy Verney, every parent is a special singer with a unique voice. Singing with babies and young children is one of the joys of being a parent and a gift that your children will cherish throughout life. And the songs are chosen for the simple reason that children love them!

This treasury includes:
bulletLullabies to sooth
bulletSongs for daily events—mealtimes, dressing, bathing, and more.
bulletAction songs, rhymes, singing games using fingers and toes to get things moving!
bulletInsights into how music helps children develop.
bulletGuidance for making up songs with children.
bulletPlus, the included CD helps you easily learn the tunes by heart!
This book is part of the Festivals series published by Hawthorn Press in the United Kingdom. Paper, 158 pages and audio CD.

#8250 $28.95 (Out of print, one copy available).

This is Daniel Cook. Here We Are! CD - Featuring 26 songs, this CD is an eclectic mix of musical styles designed to introduce children (and their parents) to the wonderful sounds of pop, big band, classical, country, polka, hip hop, Celtic and more.

The inspiration for the songs on the CD came directly from the hit live action This is Daniel Cook TV show and the album includes original songs, classic favorites such as Puff The Magic Dragon and The Candy Man and traditional children’s music.

Running time approx. 53 minutes
Recommended ages 2+

#6390 $16.98 $11.99 One copy available.

Usborne Internet-Linked Introduction to Music by Eileen O'Brien - Covers a wide range of musical information including music styles, composing, performing, musical notation, movie soundtracks, sound recording, opera, ballet, the music industry and how instruments work. Web site links are included, but you can enjoy the book on its own without the internet.

Includes photographs of performers past and present; instruments, orchestras and the science of sound; clear explanations of musical forms and terms; and suggestions for music to listen to.

Paper, 96 pages.
10.9"x8.5"x0.4". Ages 9 and up.

#7690 $14.95
(Out of print, one copy available).

Vacation Magic, Primer Level Book and CD set (Bastien) is an interactive review book and CD. It is designed to motivate learners while reviewing and reinforcing important musical skills. It contains original solos, CD accompaniments, interactive ear training and music appreciation activities, colorful and inviting theory and sight-reading activities.

Paper, 32 pages.

#6997 $14.95

Wipe-Off Keyboards and Staffs (Bastien) - This 8-page book can be used again and again. Simply use the special pen and wipe off when finished. This book is designed for students of all levels. The versatility of it provides endless possibilities for notation, chord study, rhythm exercises, dictation, or any activity of your choice.

Eight wipe-off pages with special marker. One copy available.

#5648 $5.95

World Playground (Putumayo Presents) takes children and their families on an inspiring musical and cultural journey around the world.

1 Toure Kunda • Fatou Yo • (Senegal)
2 Colibri • La Mariposa • (Bolivia)
3 Cedella Marley Booker & Taj Mahal • Three Little Birds • (Jamaica)
4 Trevor Adamson • Nyanpi Matilda • (Australia)
5 Teresa Doyle • Home By Barna • (Canada)
6 Buckwheat Zydeco • Mardi Gras Mambo • (USA)
7 Glykeria • Tik Tik Tak • (Greece)
8 Manu Chao • Bongo Bong • (France)
9 Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca • Boom Boom Tarara • (Congo)
10 Nazare Pereira • Bonjour Pra Voce • (Brazil)
11 Shlomo Gronich & The Sheba Choir • Zichronot M'Africa • (Israel/Ethiopia)
12 Eric Bibb • Just Keep Goin' On • (USA)

#5956 $16.95 $11.99

Zen Baby (DVD with bonus CD soundtrack)
- With its artful and whimsical images, set to a backdrop of original musical compositions and sounds of nature, Zen Baby uniquely creates an environment where child and caregiver can relax, reconnect, and become receptive to the beauty and inspiration of the world around them. Zen Baby is a celebration of a day spent with a young child - tranquil mornings, playtime, afternoons of discovery, and peaceful evenings. Parents and infants are captivated by the beautiful images and delightful music, while toddlers, with their developing vocabulary and observation skills, enjoy identifying and sharing what they see, and dancing to the organic beat. Zen Baby is development through inspiration, not stimulation, and fosters an authentic appreciation, respect, love, and connection with the nature.

#4228 $16.98 $12.99  One copy available.

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Home Style Harmony - The Lester Family
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Music for Little People Recordings

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