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Horrible Histories

If you can stomach the horrible side of history, then Horrible Histories is for you! Author Terry Deary is one of the United Kingdom's most well-known authors of children's books, and his popular Horrible Histories series is now over 10 years old. The books are loaded with hilarious cartoons and illustrations, some drawn by Martin Brown and others by Philip Reeve.

Remember, don't go near these books if you're squeamish, because this is history with the really nasty bits left in! The books are published in the U.K. by the publisher of the Murderous Maths series, so the reader will encounter a few English spellings, English sayings, etc. As an American, I find this adds to my enjoyment of the series.

I have only included a few of the many Horrible Histories books here. If they prove popular enough, I will add more! Please give me your feedback. (Note: you can also order titles that are not listed here from us, and we should have them in a couple of weeks. Just drop us an email with your list). General recommendation: for ages 9-12.

Dark Knights and Dingy Castles
by Terry Deary (Two-books-in-one) takes you charging back to the days of chivalry, when knights clanked about in shining armour waving weird weapons, peasants cleaned up the mess afterwards, and everyone lived in dark, dingy, horrible homes.

Want to know: why one nutty knight chopped off his own finger?, the revolting truth about a gong-farmer's job?, what went on in gruesome castle garderobes? Read on and find out about dreadful dungeons, cruel crusaders, and ghastly ghosts that haunt creepy British castles.

Paper, 176 pages.

#2982 $12.99

Gorgeous Georgians & Vile Victorians (Two-books-in-one) by Terry Deary, illustrated by Martin Brown - In Gorgeous Georgians readers will meet lords and ladies with personal hygiene problems, as well as the starving and pitiful poor. The Vile Victorians dishes up all the terrible truth about revolting events affecting everyone not so very long ago - from the vile Victorian queen herself, to some vicious Victorian villains.

With curious quizzes, rotten recipes, gruesome games and terrible tests, history has never been so horrible. Now in a gorgeous new edition!

Paper, 288 pages. 7.6"x5.1"x.9".

#9671 $11.00 $7.99  Damaged copy (wrinkled cover). One copy available.

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