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Usborne/EDC Publishing
    Cut-Out Models

Usborne/EDC Publishing

An incredible amount of information among lots of colorful illustrations is a hallmark of Usborne Books. Other Usborne books are scattered throughout the catalog and are not necessarily listed here. (If you still can't find the Usborne book you want, we can special order it for you!)

Cut Out Models

Requires only glue, scissors, and craft knife. Most historical titles are compatible with OO/HO scale to complement figures bought from model shops. Models include full-color people, buildings, and baseboard. Baseboards of the 12th century village, town, castle and cathedral fit together to form one large medieval setting. Ages: 9 years+ (Younger with adult help. Our son first worked on one when he was 5 with lots of adult help. By age 7 he was doing most of the work, with minimal help from an adult)
12" x 9 1/8", 32pp.

Egyptian Mummy
  #9882 $9.95

Trojan Horse #9525

Viking Settlement
#6922 $9.95
Out of print.

Starting Chess Kid Kit Includes a travel magnetic chess game that comes with 1 1/4" tall game pieces and opens up to a 5 1/2" square playing surface. Accompanied by a book with the rules of chess, clear examples and animated illustrations that show step-by-step moves. Ages 5+ (We also offer a more traditional size, non-magnetic chess set here).

#8443 $13.95 $11.15

Understanding Your Brain Kid Kit (Usborne) - What is your brain made of? What is a thought? How do you remember? What happens when you dream? Learn answers to these and other mind-boggling questions.

Find out about the pulses of electricity which flash through your brain at high speeds, uncover the trickery of optical illusions, look into the secret world of your unconscious and unravel the mysteries of hypnosis. Look inside to find out more about these and other brain-baffling phenomenon.

Kit includes a 32-page book (paper), brain gelatin form, watercolor markers, brain teasing activities, and non-hardening modeling clay.

Ages 9+. Limited quantities available.

#5909 $17.95 $15.99

The World of the Microscope
This practical introduction to microscopes includes information on the different types of microscopes used; how to use a microscope; how to prepare slides; and lots of hands-on activities, projects and experiments.

Paper, 48 pages. Ages 10-16.

#2890 $8.95

First Hundred Words

A basic vocabulary of 100 foreign language words with illustrations and their English equivalent. The sticker books have 100 stickers to correspond with vocabulary. Paper. Ages 3+

First 100 Words in French   #0137 $6.95
First 100 Words in Spanish #1958 $6.95

Sticker Book in French      #1915 $8.95
Sticker Book in Spanish    #1923 $8.95

Sticker Book in German    #5627 $8.95

The following is a slightly older version of the French sticker book. It has a smaller format, but the content is the same, and the cost is lower!

Sticker Book in French        #1178 $6.99

Damaged Sticker Book in Spanish  #D1923 $8.95 $7.15 (There is a 1/4" crease on one corner of the book).

First Thousand Words

Amusing and colorful pictures are accompanied by the foreign language word. Includes scenes with the objects and then the individual objects are framed around them. There's also a dictionary and phonetic pronunciation guide. Hardcover. (The separate Sticker Books can be used to practice newly acquired knowledge of the foreign language. Match the stickers to the words on the accompanying pages.) Ages 2-12.

The First Thousand Words in Spanish
Book only #2843 $12.95
Sticker Book #1945 $9.95


First Thousand Words in German:

Hardcover Book: #3073 $12.95  No longer available.

Sticker Book         #1931 $  9.95  No longer available.
Miniature Version of the First Thousand Words text (paper, 5.2"x6.7") #2799 $5.95

First Thousand Words in Arabic:

Hardcover Book: #0306 $12.95 $8.99
Sales Price!

First Thousand Words in Italian:

Hardcover Book: #7775 $12.95 $8.99
Sales Price!

First Thousand Words in Japanese:

Hardcover Book: #3111 $12.95 $8.99 Sales Price!

Usborne Book of Horses & Ponies by Lucy Smith -  This book takes young readers on a wonderful ride through the world of these thrilling creatures, introducing lots of different breeds and showing the amazing things they can do.

Large illustrations bring all sorts of horses, from brave show jumpers to frisky foals, leaping into life. Simple text supplies the answer to many questions that children ask, from, "What is a mother horse called?" to, "How do you look after a pony?"

The book can be read aloud by an adult or enjoyed by the young reader.

Ages 4-7. Paper, 32 pages. 8.5"x11"

#6662 $6.95 (Limited number of copies available).

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