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Books about Art/Artists
Bellerophon Coloring Books
Handwork (Knitting, Sewing, Weaving)
Art Cards
Curiosity Kits

Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography: Kids and adults can take photos with home-made cameras by Jim Shull - Pinhole photography requires no camera, no lenses, and no focusing - just a tiny hole in a can or box provides the light to make images on photographic film or paper. Richly illustrated with pinhole photographs, this book teaches the principles of photography. Starting with step-by-step instructions for building a camera out of household materials, it gives details on shooting images; developing; printing images in a kitchen, bathroom, or darkroom; and building special features such as wide-angle cameras. A complete discussion of the materials needed is included.

Paper, 80 pages.

#2703 $17.95 $13.99

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 9th edition by Carla Emery - A comprehensive source for information about food production, from the garden or the barnyard to the table. Practical advice, invaluable information, and collected wisdom for folks and farmers in the country, city, and anywhere in between. Includes how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, can peaches, milk a goat, grow herbs, churn butter, build a chicken coop, catch a pig, cook on a wood stove, and much, much more.

No home, whether in the country, the city, or somewhere in between, should be without this one-of-a-kind encyclopedia. For more than 30 years, people have relied on Carla Emery's practical, step-by-step advice on basic self-sufficiency skills.

More than 1,000 recipes, 700 mail-order sources, how-to instructions, and earthy wisdom.

Paper, 891 pages. 10.9"x8.4"x1.7".

#377X $29.95 $23.99 One copy available.

by Rene Huyghe - Modern art begins with Paul Gauguin. His interpretations, in paint and canvas, of his own intensely personal vision were to be the primary influence on several twentieth-century schools of painting.

Written by an outstanding authority on Gauguin, this book is generously illustrated with full-color reproductions of the artist's paintings and two-color reproductions of sketches and line drawings. Contains nudity.

Paper, 96 pages. 11 x 8.2 x 0.2

#416X $12.00 $5.99
Out of print; one copy available.

Books about Art/Artists

Masterpieces: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book
. Learn all about great paintings by coloring them yourself! Sixty world-famous paintings are ready to color with colored pencils, crayons, or markers. The reproductions are simply redrawn to allow for the user to fill in the details.

The illustrations are accompanied by lively descriptions of the paintings and their artists, among them: Gaugin, Degas, van Gogh, Renoir, and Audubon. Five centuries of art are covered. A 17"x22" ready-to-color poster is included. Paper, 121 pages.

#9457  $9.95

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Bellerophon Coloring Books

This collection can be colored, cut out, or simply read and enjoyed. Bellerophon Books are unique because the pictures are drawings from the actual time period being covered. So, not only do you get information about the time period through the accompanying text, but a feel for popular art styles.

#0903 Ancient Africa $3.50
#0777 Ancient China $4.95
#0059 Ancient Egypt $4.95
#0601 Ancient Ireland $4.95
#1306 Civil War Heroes $4.95
#1470 Civil War Heroines $4.95
#1756 Cleopatra $3.50
#0334 Great Indian Chiefs $4.95
#0067 Japan $4.95
#0539 Kings & Queens $4.95
#0628 Myths & Legends of the Indians of the Southwest $3 .95
#0717 Myths & Legends of the Vikings $3.95
#0040 New Testament $4.95
#027X Pirates $5.95
#1543 Queen Nefertiti $3.50
#0113 Renaissance $4.95
#061X Rome $4.95
#0083 Shakespeare $4.95
#0865 Unicorns    $4.95
#2030 Women Explorers    $5.95

A Coloring Book of Great Dancers
(Bellerophon). A history of dance and dancers, with a portrait of each great dancer in their greatest role, accompanied by one to two pages of text. Includes Baryshnikov, Makarova, Nureyev, Nijinsky, and 14 others.

Paper, 48 pages. 

#0652 $4.95


Handwork (Knitting/Sewing/Weaving)

Hip to Knit: 18 Contemporary Projects for Today's Knitter by Judith L. Swartz  is for the newer or younger knitter and introduces 18 classic and contemporary patterns that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Instructions are included for: a felted tote bag, basic hat, striped socks, ribbed tank, hoodie sweatshirt, turtleneck and more. Techniques and tips include: buttonholes, cables, combining yarns, inserting a zipper, setting in a sleeve, tassels and more.

Color photos, line drawings & charts throughout.

Paper, 102 pages. 8.75"x8.5"x.25"

#9217 $18.95 $12.99
  (One copy available)

Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of All Ages
by Melanie Falick teaches the basics of knitting for beginners of all ages and contains 12 knitting projects. Learn how to make bean bags, socks, scarves, hats, bath puppets, an afghan, a purse, your own knitting needles and more! Stitches, embroidery and other basics are covered, as well as additional interesting information.

Includes lots of color photos and illustrations.

128 pages. 

Hardcover  #3763X  $17.95 $13.50
  Out of print, one copy left. Jacket cover has a tiny tear on the top left edge (1/4").

Paper: #2417 $12.95 $11.65

Kids Weaving by Sarah Swett, Lena Corwin (Illustrator), Chris Hartlove (Photographer) - This guide shows how to make 15 fun, inexpensive, colorful projects--including friendship bracelets, a rag doll, a fashionable chenille scarf, magic carpets, and funky hand-woven shoelaces.

Beginning projects are done without a loom and progress to using a pencil, cardboard and then a pipe loom, which is fairly inexpensive to make.

The author also talks about natural dyes, weaving around the world, and provides supply sources and recommended reading.

This is the kind of kid's book that is great for beginning adult learners too. I have a copy for myself and plan on teaching myself how to weave from it.

Lots of full-color photos and illustrations.

Hardcover, 128 pages. Recommended for ages 9-12, but the beginning projects are great for younger learners with help. 9.25"x8.25"x.75".

#4677 $19.95 $17.99

A Knitter's Template: Easy Steps to Great-Fitting Garments by Laura Militzer Bryant and Barry Klein - Why follow a pattern to the letter? Transform it into a true original by taking part in the design process. These templates will help you showcase your fashion flair.
Customize six basic designs--a sleeveless shell, short- or long-sleeve pullover, cardigan, jacket, or coat. Create your own fashion flair with your choice of styling details, such as body length, amount of taper, neckline shaping, and armhole type. Discover more freedom in your knitting with these versatile patterns or follow the clear step-by-step instructions to knit up each style as shown.

Paper, 144 pages. 10.75"x8"x.5". Out of print.

#4538X $34.95 $24.99

Marion Foale's Classic Knit Wear: A Beautiful Collection of 30 Original Patterns - Classic styles for all of the family with clear, easy-to-follow patterns. Includes both sleeveless and long-sleeved sweaters, v-necks and crew necks, cardigans and slip-overs - something for every occasion and for every member of the family. The sweaters have long lines and subtle patterns that evocative of the 1940's and 1950's.

The accent is on simplicity, from the straightforward designs to the ease of knitting.

Hardcover, 127 pages. Copyright 1985. Out of print, one copy available.

#5839 $24.95

My First Machine Sewing Book: Straight Stitching (Kit) by Winky Cherry - Children are introduced to the sewing machine on an elementary level, substituting pictures for words, for repetition, and to help children who are learning to read. Rhymes and silly names for machine parts help children remember information and rules.

Children will learn about: Seam allowances, tapering, snips, clips, stitching inside, turning the shape outside. The kit includes: sewing practice sheets, fabric for two stars.

For Children ages 7 and up.

#8400 $12.95

Sunny's Mittens by Robin Hansen, illustrated by Lois Leonard Stock - This warmhearted story of how young Sunny's grandmother teaches her to knit Swedish Lovikka mittens is accompanied by detailed instructions and more than 30 illustrations. It makes it easy for young knitters to create their first pair of mittens - either with adult help at a few critical points or all on their own once they've mastered the basics. It's a wonderful way for new knitters to learn stockinette stitch, casting on, decreasing, knitting around on four needles and other skills. The result is a beautiful pair of Swedish folk mittens. Instructions for a matching tasseled cap are included.

Recommended for ages 9 through 12 but the knitting instructions are helpful to any beginning knitter.

Paper, 48 pages. Spiral-bound.

#2908 $20.00 Out of print; one copy available.

Tooth Fairy Pillow (Curiosity Kits) This simple craft kit makes a cute little tooth-shaped pillow to hold a tooth waiting for a Tooth-Fairy pickup. The kit includes everything you need to make one 5" x 5" felt pillow.

Features pre-cut felt with holes, stuffing, self-stick felt, and a special pocket for the tooth and bounty. For ages 4+.

#0571 $5.00 $3.99

The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits by Julie Carles, Jordana Jacobs - This lively, hip introduction to today's hottest hobby enables even beginners to re-create the stylish fashions found in upscale boutiques.

In a friendly, down-to-earth style, the authors explain basic techniques, and then take readers step-by-step through ten projects. Includes projects for tanks, sweaters, scarves, hats, throws and more.

Hardcover, 160 pages. 10"x7.5"x.5".

#8800 $30.00 $19.99

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Betty Crocker's Cook Book for Boys and Girls - Betty Crocker's classic cookbook for children is back in an authentic reproduction of the original 1957 edition A whole generation of Baby Boomers grew up with Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls, and they have helped to make it the one of the most requested titles in the Betty Crocker archives. Now back by popular demand, this timeless favorite stands ready to capture the hearts of a new generation of budding cooks. Packed with recipes that are just as popular with kids today as they were 45 years ago, it shows how to make everything from Ice Cream Cone Cakes and Pigs in Blankets to Cheese Dreams and Sloppy Joes. The small format, easy recipes, charming color illustrations and photographs, and even the cover, are all the same as they were in the 1957 edition and just as delightful as ever. The only innovation is the concealed wire binding that lies flat for easy cooking while being sturdy enough to withstand energetic handling by kids in the kitchen. It's the ideal book to give or to keep, for retro appeal, and for getting today's kids started in the kitchen.

Hardcover, 224 pages. Spiral-binding.

#6340 $16.95 $12.99

Cooking Basics for Dummies, 3rd edition by Bran Miller & Marie Rama This hands-on guide shows you the fun and easy way to prepare meals all your guests will love, from die-hard vegetarians to the most passionate meat eaters.You'll be able to handle boiling, poaching, steaming, braising, grilling, and other essential techniques, making it easy to master: stirring up sensational soups; perfecting the art of the egg; dressing up salads to impress; creating wonderful pasta dishes; one-stop one-pot meals; satisfying your sweet tooth with desserts; cooking for your boss; making the most of leftovers; and, meals for the most special occasions.

Packed with over 150 tempting, hassle-free recipes that will satisfy every palette, as well as advice on supplying, organizing, and budgeting your kitchen.

Paper, 454 pages. 9.25"x7.5"x1".

#2067X $21.99 $14.99 One copy available.

The Mary Frances Cook Book: Adventures Among the Kitchen People
by Jane Eayre Fryer teaches children to cook via the antics of Toaster Man, Auntie Rolling Pin and other bantering Kitchen People who befriend young Mary Frances. They share the secrets of the kitchen with her in a series of fun adventures. Mary Frances learns how to prepare 40 simple dishes, including baked potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and Queen of Heart Tarts. Some of the instructions are for an antiquated style of cooking (most people probably don't toast their bread over a fire unless they are camping), but others are perfect for today's kitchen.

The book was written in 1912 and the reader gets glimpses of that time via an encounter with a "tramp" and a chapter on a "man's lunch". It is a fun way to learn cooking through storytelling.

Paper, 175 pages.

#5884 $14.95 $12.99

Take Two & Butter 'Em While They're Hot!: Heirloom Recipes & Kitchen Wisdom
by Barbara Swell - Cook your heart out with generations of hand-me-down recipes and food lore! Barbara Swell has whisked up weather and cooking folklore, food insults, old-time home remedies, vintage photos, romance superstitions, hearth crafts and 19th century chores.

Paper, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 72 pages.

#6321 $5.95

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The Gnome Craft Book
by Thomas & Petra Berger is chock full of inspiration and instruction for creating a variety of handcrafted gnomes from easy-to-find materials, many of which are natural:  felt, yarn, wool, twigs, pipecleaner, wire and even nuts.

The instructions and patterns included are good for beginners because they are detailed. (Instructions for knitted gnomes assume you know how to knit). Experienced crafters will appreciate the finishing touches. Children can make the gnomes with help from an adult.

This book even has patterns for paper tissue transparencies and cross-stitched gnomes. My favorite is the paper chain of gnomes sitting on a toadstool!

Wonderful color pictures are included on almost every page, showing examples of finished products. CK

Paper, 180 pages

#3003 $15.95 $10.99 Sale! While supplies last.

Potholders and Other Loopy Projects
(Klutz) - Remember making potholders as a kid? I do! Every year I would attend a summer rec program, and making potholders there was one of my favorite crafts.

Well, Klutz has come along with their own potholder kit that is even more fun! It comes with a sturdy plastic loom, and lots of colorful, cotton-blend loops. Not only will you be able to craft classic potholders (using different weaving patterns), but there are also instructions to weave a purse, a picture frame, game boards, bean bags, and a cute chicken. As usual with Klutz, the step-by-directions are clear, with lots of photos and illustrations.

For ages 6 and up.

Need more loops? Go to More Loops for Potholders.

#963X $16.95 $15.99

The Shrinky Dinks Book: The Ultimate Book of Plastic Shrink Art
 (Klutz) Draw or trace a design on special plastic, color it, cut it out, bake it briefly on a cookie sheet in your oven and, voila!, your creation shrinks to 44% of its original size. Cool! You get six sheets of Shrinky Dink in this book, along with a collection of ready-to-trace artwork.

I loved shrink art when I was younger, and it's just as popular among today's youth. The Shrinky Dinks book and Window Art (see below), were consistent favorites in our house (it appeals to young children, teens, and adults) and were frequently used as an activity when friends came over.

Hardcover, 38 pages. Wirebound so that the book lays flat for ease of use.

Ages 6-adult.

#4077 $12.95 $9.99

Window Art
(Klutz) - This book and paint set was an instant hit among my children and every one of their friends! They have regular “socials” at our house, and the creation of window art is a favorite activity at these gatherings.

Window Art comes with six bottles of peel-off paint: five 22 ml/.74 oz bottles of color (purple, blue, green, yellow, and red) and one 40 ml/1.36 oz bottle of black paint for outlines. The book contains more than a 100 ready-to-trace designs. The craft is simple: place the included plastic sheet over the desired design, trace the outline with black paint, and fill it in with color. Let it dry and then stick it on any glass surface, such as a mirror or window. Since a whole group of kids like to participate at once in our house, we use clear, plastic report covers to allow more than one person to work at the same time and to extend the amount of available space for their art.

The only drawback is that there isn't enough paint in the set to satisfy the demand for someone who likes to create lots of art or for a group of users. Fortunately, a deluxe refill kit it available and is highly recommended.

Spiral-bound hardcover book and paint

#6436 $19.95

Window Art Book Only - No paints or plastic sheet.

Book Only #6436X $5.00

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Woodshop for Kids by Jack McKee, illustrations by Rusty Keelerhas - Everything you’ll need to know to get kids (ages 4-12) started using real tools to build real projects. Safety, tools, wood, measuring, hammering, nails and screws are covered. Included are many tricks gleaned from Jack’s 15 plus years of helping kids build with wood.

Construction details for 52 projects are given. Projects range from the very simple like wood sanding, tops or puzzles for preschoolers to the more advanced like boxes, boats, yahoo stick or rope machine for older elementary age kids. Included are many photographs of kid created projects.

Paper, 210 pages. 78 illustrations, over 100 photos. Published 2005. Ages 4-12.

#4534 $21.95 $19.99 One copy available.

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Art Cards

These cards can be used as postcards, as small pictures to frame, as references, or to use as guides in your own drawing. The cards come bound in a 9"x12" book, four to a page, with perforations for detaching.

Hudson River School Paintings edited by Hayward Cirker (Dover) - Twenty-four paintings recapture the lure of the natural world and the wild frontier with paintings by the famed 19th-century group that romanticized nature while capturing the scale, beauty, and nobility of the Hudson River Valley and beyond.

Superb reproductions include works by Cole, Durand, Cropsey, Hetzel, Church, Bierstadt, and others.

24 full-color art cards. Captioned. The cards come bound in a 9"x12" book, four to a page, card stock, with perforations for detaching.

#9899 $21.99 One copy available.

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