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Greece and Rome at War by Peter Connolly - Breathtaking analysis of twelve centuries of warfare. Peter Connolly combines a detailed account of the arms and armies of Greece and Rome with his superb, full-color artwork. Making use of fresh archeological evidence and new material on the manufacture and use of weapons, the author presents sumptuous color illustrations recognized as the best and most accurate of their kind. Chapters cover organization, tactics, armor and weapons, fortifications, and much more. The armies of Greece, Macedon, and Rome are brought vividly to life. Chapters on the wars between the Romans and Hannibal lucidly demonstrate the face of battle in ancient times.

Peter Connolly is renowned for both his scholarship of the ancient world and his skill as an illustrator.

350 + color illustrations, 38 maps. Hardcover, 320 pages. 11.2"x8.7"x1.2". 1998 edition.

#303X $75.00  Out of print, one copy available, rare.

Ancient Greece

Rosemary Sutcliff Set of 2 Books

Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad
by Rosemary Sutcliff, illustrated by Alan Lee. Extraordinary stories such as those of the Trojan horse, Aphrodite and the golden apple, and the fearsome Amazon warrior women are made more accessible by the author's retelling. Alan Lee's beautiful and dramatic watercolors are a magnificent accompaniment.

This book is excellent for all ages; it is especially good as a read-aloud to younger children and for independent reading by ages 10+.

When our son was around 14, he participated in a book-discussion group that was studying the Iliad. He was reading a unabridged translation on his own while also listening to it on tape with our whole whole family (finally, I "read" the entire Iliad!) While I'm glad we did it, the battle scenes were a bit repetitive. Anyhow... while the group met for their discussion,  siblings would wait with their moms in the local coffee shop. One young man bought Black Ships Before Troy from us so he could study the same topic as his older sister, which was a terrific idea.

Hardcover, 128 pages.

From the publisher:

Homer's epic poem, The Iliad, is one of the greatest adventure stories of all time. Rich with arresting imagery and memorable characters, its powerful metaphors still permeate modern culture. This brilliant retelling offers young readers an exciting introduction to the heroes of ancient Greece while providing the complete story of the battle of Troy. The legendary beauty, Helen, is abducted, leading to a decade-long conflict in which even the gods and goddesses take sides and intervene. This is the Trojan War, where the most valiant heroes of the ancient world are pitted against one another. Here Hector, Ajax, Achilles, and Odysseus meet their most formidable challenges and in some cases, their tragic ends. Rosemary Sutcliff makes such extraordinary stories as those of the Trojan horse, of Aphrodite and the golden apple, and of the fearsome warrior women, the Amazons, accessible to contemporary young people. Superb illustrations enhance the story's dramatic appeal.

The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of The Odyssey
by Rosemary Sutcliff, illustrated by Alan Lee. The long siege is over, and Troy lies in ashes. The black ships of the Greek war-host set sail for home. But for heroic King Odysseus of Ithaca, the return voyage holds hazards far greater than any he faced during the Trojan war.

Forced by ill winds into unknown seas, Odysseus has to contend not only with the blunders of his crew, but with ever-stranger perils: the flesh-eating Cyclops, Circe with her deadly enchantments, the soul-chilling Land of the Dead - years of trials that seem always worse than the ones that came before. And when he finally reaches the shores of Ithaca, it is to find his beloved wife, Penelope, plagued by a rabble of suitors, who must be driven out before Odysseus can reclaim her love and his long-lost kingdom.

 For this dramatic companion to Black Ships Before Troy, Rosemary Sutcliff and Alan Lee have transformed Homer's magnificent epic poem, The Odyssey, into an enthralling traveler's tale with a spectacular cast of men, magicians, and monsters. Together, they bring to vivid life the raucous thrill of mythical Greece and the history of the world's greatest voyage.

Hardcover, 120 pages.

Both books come together. One set available.

#FUN104 $49.90 $29.99 40% discount!

Black Ships Before Troy Digest Size by Rosemary Sutcliff - This a small, paperbound version of the book without illustrations. The format is designed to appeal to teenagers who might view the above hardcover version as too much like a "picture book".

Paper, 159 pages. 6.75"x4"x.7"

#483X $5.99

Brush Up Your Classics!
by Michael Macrone - Here is a fabulous and fun reference guide to the Latin and Greek origins of such words and expressions as "windbag" and "seize the day," as well as a lively tour through the literature and life of ancient times. With fun black-and-white illustrations, this irreverent and informative book provides history, maps, and even a glossary for a unique way to revisit the ancient classics.

Hardcover, 239 pages. 8.5"x5.8"x.9".

#2845 $8.99 (Out of print, limited quantities available).

Brush Up Your Mythology
by Michael Macrone - From gods such as Zeus and Hercules to tales of mortals, magical objects, charmed places, even flowers and trees. Brush Up Your Mythology is an entertaining catalogue of "divinely" inspired world origins as well as a fascinating tour of the tales and legends that make up the fabulous world of mythology.

Hardcover, 237 pages. 8.6"x5.8"x.9". Originally published as By Jove! Brush Up Your Mythology.

#2876 $8.99 (Out of print, limited quantities available).

The Children's Homer
by Padraic Colum. A classic retelling that combines the stories from Homer's Iliad and Odyssey into one exciting, heroic tale that introduces children to Greek mythology.

Travel back to a mythical time when Achilles, aided by the gods, waged war against the Trojans. And join Odysseus on his journey through murky waters, facing obstacles like the terrifying Scylla and whirring Charybdis, the beautiful enchantress Circe, and the land of the raging Cyclôpes. Using narrative threads from The Iliad and The Odyssey, Padraic Colum weaves a stunning adventure with all the drama and power that Homer intended.

Paper, 256 pages. Ages 10-14.

#8839 $9.95

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
Colorful watercolor drawings illustrate this book by the legendary husband and wife team. The D'Aulaires retell the myths of the ancient Greeks with an enthusiastic style all their own. A great read-aloud for young children; readers young and old will enjoy independent reading. Our children's copy is well-worn, and both highly recommend it.

Paper, 192 pages. 12.25"x8.75"x.6"

#6943 $19.95 $15.95

The Golden Fleece: And the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
by Padraic Colum - Enter a world where harpies torment mortals, the Argonaut Orpheus sings, the mighty god Zeus wages war on the Titans, and Prometheus steals fire. Author Padraic Colum weaves the tales of Jason and his Argonauts with classic Greek mythology to create this captivating epic about life, war, and astounding beings who lived in a time long past.

Paper, 320 pages. Ages 10+.

#8849 $9.95

Greek Myths
Stories of Hercules, King Midas (my son's favorite), and Medusa become understandable to children. Jim offers asides to help those unfamiliar with the gods of ancient Greece. Emphasis on character over violence.

King Midas and the Golden Touch, Adventures of Hercules, Perseus and Medusa, and Arachne.

Ages 5 to adult.

Cassette: #3029 $10.95 $5.99   Sales Price!

CD: #3274 $14.95 $12.99

The Iliad by Homer, translated by Robert Fitzgerald -   Fitzgerald's translation recreates the original action as conceived by Homer, using fresh and flexible blank verse that is both lyrical and dramatic.

Winner of the 1976 Harold Morton Landon Translation Award.

Paper, 594 pages. 7"x4.25"x.5". Page edges are starting to yellow.

#9411X 8.95 $5.99 One copy available.

Life in Ancient Greece Coloring Book
by John Green, Dover. This more-than-just-a-coloring-book contains over 40 detailed illustrations depicting numerous aspects of ancient Greek culture as well as interesting accompanying text.

Paper, 48 pages. 8.25"x11"

#5094 $3.95

Lysis Goes to the Play
by Caroline Dale Snedeker, illustrated by Elizabeth Palmer Clark - All original text with lovely new illustrations. Here is a gentle story, motivated by sibling love and ending happily, that explores the culture of pagan Athenian society in the time of Euripides. Lysis and his sister Callisto go to a play during the festival of Dionysus, breaking many of the societal restrictions on the roles of boys and girls, children and adults. Roles of men and women, free men of other city-states, Athenian citizens and slaves come into focus. The pantheon of Greek gods, goddesses and heroes are seen from the eyes of these children.

Paper, 62 pages.

#6741 $13.95

Make this Model Trojan Horse
(Usborne) - You only need to supply the glue and the scissors/craft knife to turn the pages of this book into a model of the legendary Trojan Horse (a cutting board and ruler are helpful tools to have as well). The model's wheels turn and its hatch opens to reveal the secret interior. The background shows the city of Troy by both day and night so the whole story is recreated. The figures of people include both the Greek besiegers and the Trojan defenders.

The model measures 13" (330mm) high, 26" (670mm) wide and 12" (305mm) deep and is made out of heavy cardstock.

#9521 $9.95

The Odyssey by Homer (the Robert Fitzgerald translation) - Robert Fitzgerald's translation of Homer's Odyssey is the best and best-loved modern translation of the greatest of all epic poems. Since 1961, this Odyssey has sold more than two million copies, and it is the standard translation for three generations of students and poets. Fitzgerald's supple verse is ideally suited to the story of Odysseus' long journey back to his wife and home after the Trojan War. Homer's tale of love, adventure, food and drink, sensual pleasure, and mortal danger reaches the English-language reader in all its glory.

Of the many translations published since World War II, only Fitzgerald's has won admiration as a great poem in English. The noted classicist D. S. Carne-Ross explains the many aspects of its artistry in his introduction, written especially for this edition.

#5749 $11.00 $7.99 One copy available.

The Odyssey
by Homer, translated by George Herbert Palmer (Dover Publications) - Perhaps the most celebrated of all Western narratives, the Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus's roundabout voyage home to Ithaca where his beloved Penelope awaits. In stories along the way, he famously encounters Circe, the Sirens, the Cyclops, and many, many others. This translation renders the classic more economically than others.

Paper, 255 pages. 8"x5"x.75".

#6547 $2.50 One copy available.

She & He: Adventures in Mythology
(Jim Weiss) - This collection includes the tales of Psyche and Cupid, Echo and Narcissus, Atalanta and the Golden Apples, and more - with an emphasis on the value of love and honor. The Greek myths become accessible to even young children.

Ages 5 to adult.

CD: #3347 $14.95 $12.99

Theras and His Town by Caroline Dale Snedeker and illustrated by Dimitris Davis. Young Theras, born an Athenian, is taken to Sparta by a relative when his father is lost at war. He is forced to live like a Spartan, a brutal life with no pity for those who are not physically perfect and totally obedient to Spartan control. After enduring rigorous traning and repeated cruel incidents, he escapes with a Perioikoi boy and heads for his beloved Athens.

Here is a story of a hard and dangerous journey including an escape from slavers.

The author, twice a Newbery Honor winner, captures the authentic flavor of ancient Greek culture in a story of adventure and excitement that fully illustrates the differences between the Athenian and Spartan cultures.

Paper, 227 pages. Pen and ink illustrations. Ages 10+.

#6722 $13.95  Out of print, one copy available.

The Trojan Horse
is a Random House Step-Into-Reading book designed for ages 7-10 that follows the story of how the Greeks conquered Troy after a ten-year siege. Color illustrations.

Paper, 48 pages. 9"x6".2"

#6742 $3.99

The Trojan War by Olivia Coolidge - Using stories from the Illiad, Odyssey, and mythology, the author has woven a consecutive, unified narrative, which has great appeal for young people and also for adults in search of a good introduction to Greek classics in general and Homer in particular. In this retelling of the Trojan War, the author crafts heroes and gods into real, multidimensional characters, with vibrant storytelling and finely wrought action that has made Coolidge's version of the Fall of Troy accessible to generations.

Softcover book. 244 pages. 8.25"x5.5"x.7"

#1515 $7.95
Out of print edition. Only one copy available.

Ancient Rome

A Coloring Book of Rome
by Bellerophon.

The art of imperial Rome is amongst the most glorious ever. All the Caesars - Julius to Septimius Severus, are here, with English and Latin text, and Chariot races, etc.

Paper, 48 pages. 8.25"x11".

#061X $4.95

Life in Ancient Rome Coloring Book Dover. Detailed illustrations depict numerous aspects of ancient Roman culture.

All the magnificence of ancient Rome, brought to life in 41 finely detailed illustrations depicting the defeat of Germanic invaders (c. 108 BC), the crushing of a slave revolt (71 BC), the assassination of Julius Caesar (44 BC) and more. Captions describe Roman cultural life, major landmarks, leaders and daily activities.

Paper, 48 pages. 8.25"x11".

#7675 $3.95

Pompeii...Buried Alive! (Step into Reading Books : Step 3 ) A moment-by-moment account of the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD that buried the town of Pompeii and its citizens. Full-color illustrations, large print.

Independent RL: ages 7-9. Paper, 48 pages. Eyewitness to History contains Pliny's first-hand account of the eruption, a good read-aloud supplement.

#8669 $3.99

Rosemary Sutcliff Novels:

The Silver Branch
by Rosemary Sutcliff - This sequel to The Eagle of the Ninth takes place in the late third century. The grandson of the lost Ninth Legion's unit commander joins the Roman side in the fight against a tyrannical British emperor. The adventure takes the reader into a maze of intrigue that takes the main characters to a distant outpost and then into an underground organization of secret agents in the service of Rome.

The next book in the series is The Lantern Bearers.

Historical fiction. Young Adult. Paper, 231 pages. (Written in 1957). Setting: Britain 3rd century AD.

#6483 $6.95 Out of print.

Click here for other Rosemary Sutcliff historical novels.

Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today
(Book 5, Uncle Eric series) by Richard Maybury. Using historical events from Ancient Rome to explain economic principles, this book shows the consequences that occur when a society ignores “Uncle Eric's Model.” Will the U.S. repeat the mistakes of Ancient Rome?

This book can be used for studying Ancient Rome, Economics, Government, and US History.

Paper, 96 pages. Ages 14-adult.

#7568 $10.95



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