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Storytelling at its Best

Recordings from Storyteller, Jim Weiss
G.A. Henty Recordings told by Jim Weiss
Unabridged Recordings by Jim Weiss
Tales from Storyteller, Jay O'Callahan
Odds Bodkins, Story Weaver
Books & Recordings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Your Story Hour
Japanese Stories and Music

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Fair is Fair: World Folktales of Justice
by Sharon Creeden. This is another book that came highly recommended to us by one of our customers. We love it! The author is a trial attorney who has collected 30 stories from different countries and time periods that illustrate various aspects of law. Each story is followed by sources for further reading and also comments that will sometimes relate the story to our current legal system, items of historical interest, a discussion of a legal principle within the story, and more. It is especially good as a family or group read-aloud (we read these to our children on a long car trip) as it sparks interesting discussions.

These are timeless tales that impart ideas of character and justice all on their own and can be a springboard to further discussions about justice, culture, folktales, forgiveness and other topics. The additional information will provoke deeper study of the principles told . Appropriate for a wide age range (younger kids: read aloud, teens & adults can read independently, but try to read it aloud). There are a couple of stories that may be more appropriate for teens, especially in the fourth section of the book that covers the crime of murder, so you may want to give them a quick preview. Paper, 223 pages
#4775 $12.95

A few of the tales:
The Stolen Smells (United States)
The Warmth of a Fire (Jewish)
The Quality of Mercy (Morocco)
The Pear Seed (China)
Judge Coyote (Mexico)
Whose Children? (Africa)
The Lawyer's Advice (Denmark)
The Thief Who Slid Down a Moon Beam (Turkey)
The Furies (Ancient Greece)

Tip: Pair this with Tales from Cultures Far and Near by Jim Weiss - in our Storytelling section

The Dragon of Lonely Island
by Rebecca Rupp is a fast-paced fantasy that readers of all ages should enjoy (no matter what the age range says!)

The three children - Hannah (12), Zachary (10), and Sarah Emily (8 ½) - are staying at their Aunt Mehitabel's house for the summer, which is on an island called Lonely Island (hence, the name of the book). The whole setting is so realistic one feels as if they are falling into the pages (which in my case does not mean falling asleep!)

This story is one of the few that doesn't portray the dragon (Fafnyr) as a greedy beast that steals and hoards its treasure but rather as a more kind-hearted dragon that shows pleasure in helping others - although no dragon can get away without being a little self-centered.

A delightful ending. This book is definitely going to be read again! (Reviewed by Lane Greer, age 10 at the time of the review).

Ages 8-11 Paper, 160 pages.

#8055 $5.99

We also have one copy of the hardcover version, which is now out of print:

#4089X $16.99 $13.99

The Return of the Dragon
by Rebecca Rupp -
In this long-awaited sequel to The Dragon of Lonely Island, three adventurous children find further intrigue on a tiny Maine island where a talkative, three-headed dragon peacefully lives out its days and the power of storytelling reigns supreme.

Ages 8-11. Paper, 160 pages.

#8048 $5.99

Elijah's Violin and Other Jewish Fairy Tales Selected and Retold and with an Introduction by Howard Schwartz Illustrations by Linda Heller Calligraphy by Tsila Schwartz  - Tales of magic and wonder can be found in every phase of Jewish literature, from the sacred to the secular. The fairy tale in particular--set in enchanted lands and populated with a variety of human and supernatural beings, both good and evil--holds a very special place in the Jewish tradition. For in the fairy tale, where good and evil engage in a timeless struggle, we have a clear reflection of the Jewish world view, where faith in God can defeat the evil impulse.

In Elijah's Violin , Howard Schwartz offers a sumptuous collection of thirty-six Jewish fairy tales from virtually every corner of the world. At once otherworldy and earthy, pious and playful, these celebrated tales from Morocco and India, Spain and Eastern Europe, Babylon and Egypt, illustrate not only their Jewish character but also their universality of themes. Invoking the biblical tale of David and Goliath , we read as King David defeats the giant by hovering above its spear in King David and the Giant. We see the religious nature of the quest for Elijah's violin in the title story. The successful completion of the king's quest enables the violin's imprisoned melodies, emblematic of the Jewish spirit, to be set free.

Throughout this richly illustrated collection, one can find the quests and riddles of the traditional fairy tale along with the divine intervention that characterizes the Jewish fairy tale. Skillfully translated, these stories will captivate children and adults alike in which romance and magic become enchantingly entwined with faith, duty, and wisdom.

Paper, 320. 8.3"x5.2"x.9".

#2004 $34.99 $17.99
One copy available.

Tatterhood and Other Tales: Stories of Magic and Adventure  edited by Ethel Johnston Phelps with illustrations by Pamela Baldwin Ford (The Feminist Press) - These 25 traditional tales come from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. All the central characters are spirited females - decisive heroes of extraordinary courage, wit, and achievement who set out to determine their own fate. Some of their stories are comic, some adventurous, some eerie, and some magical.

The Chicago Sun-Times writes: A sparkling gathering of traditional, yet little-known, tales from all parts of the globe. The female characters. . .manage to outsmart, outdo, and over-power the villains with nerves of steel, cunning minds, and disarming senses of humor.

Paper, 192 pages. 6"x9"x.6". Ages 9-12.

$10.95 $8.99

Storytelling Recordings

When our children were young, nights weren't complete in the Greer home without a recording to listen to at bedtime. Here was the routine: Glen and Lane brushed their teeth, changed into their pajamas and got settled into Mom and Dad's bed ready for one of us to read a book. We'd always have two books going, one for mom to read and one for dad (because neither of us can bear to miss any of the story if the other parent does the reading that night). When the reading is done, the kids hopped out of bed, picked out their recording for the night, put it in their own players by their beds, and fell asleep while listening. (Though we never planned on this happening, it became a great tradition!)

We still enjoy each of the following talented storytellers for their special ability to touch us with stories of other people, places and animals.

Recordings from Storyteller, Jim Weiss

Storyteller Jim Weiss has a wonderful gift for storytelling and a wide range of voices. He has a talent for translating traditional stories into tales understandable by the very young but also absorbing for older ages, including parents.

There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to describe how we feel about Jim's storytelling. He conveys morals in his story adaptations without moralizing, his voice is soothing without being syrupy, and he adds life to the characters without being overly dramatic.

Most of the stories can be enjoyed by ages 4+, but I've indicated where some are more appropriate for younger or older audiences. Each recording runs about 1 hour.

Cassettes: $10.95 $8.99 ea. CD's: $14.95 $12.99 each|

Buy the whole set and save!

Free cassette offer for purchasers of Fairytale Favorites and Sherlock Holmes CDs!

Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America - One of history’s greatest stories is that of Abraham Lincoln, and Jim Weiss brings to it all the compassion, clarity and humor as he incorporates Lincoln’s own words into this splendid storytelling biography.

Widely considered the greatest American President, Abraham Lincoln faced seemingly insurmountable challenges all through his life, leading up to ultimate triumph and sudden tragedy. Jim leads us from Lincoln’s birth through the era just after his death, sprinkling many examples of Lincoln’s famous wit through an engaging telling of his farsighted, ethical, yet often controversial actions during the most tumultuous time in American history.

Jim’s telling makes the remarkable Abraham Lincoln and his entire era spring to life in a way that will remain with listeners of all ages and explains why our sixteenth President holds a special place in our history and our hearts, and inspires us in our own lives. Approximately 70 minutes. Ages 5-adult.

CD only: #3843 $14.95 $12.99

Click here for D'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
- Mark Twain's humorous tale of childhood friendship and adventure, burnished in a golden light of nostalgia, has been one of America's most beloved books from the day it was published. Life lessons are also learned as some of Tom's clever, comic adventures with pals Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher turns serious. This recording is filled with Twain's wise, witty observations of human nature. As surely as the mighty Mississippi carries Tom and his friends, Tom Sawyer will carry the listener on an unforgettable journey.

Ages 7+

Cassette: #3576 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3827X $14.95

American Tall Tales
- An essential part of American folk culture, these uproarious stories will have you laughing out loud...and occasionally pondering. Meet Paul Bunyan, taller than the trees and mightier than the rivers; Johnny Appleseed, whose gentleness and generosity make him a beloved legend; and Pecos Bill, whose outrageous Texas-sized exploits make him the greatest of all cowboys. There's even one of Jim's own tall tales, a tongue-twisting, hilarious take on the old West. Ages 5+

CD: #3819X $14.95 $12.99


Animal Tales
(Jim Weiss) - Children delight in these classic tales by Aesop, Grimm and Chaucer.

Listen to The Tortoise and the Hare, The Lion and the Mouse, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, the Cat Who Went to Church and more. The younger set will especially enjoy these tales.

Ages 4-7.

CD: #3320 $12.99

Arabian Nights -
Jim retells the timeless stories of Scheherazade, The Bird Who Speaks, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and The Fisherman and the Genie, using subtle variations in his voice to reflect the personalities of the characters.

Recipient of the Parents Choice Award.

Ages 5 to adult.

CD: #3282 $12.99

Best Loved Stories in Song and Dance
(Jim Weiss) -Through story and song, Jim Weiss tells the stories of The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Grimm), Snow White and Rose Red (Grimm) and The Sleeping Beauty (Perrault). Also featured are a waltz and a minuet song.

Adventure and romance abound along with a deeper understanding of the worth of the characters' journeys. Includes music for dancing. Makes a great gift for the ballerinas in your life. Adults will enjoy revisiting their favorite stories too.

Ages 5 to adult.

CD: #3444 $14.99 $12.99

Celtic Treasures (Jim Weiss) - Ancient stories of bards and warriors, enhanced with piano music. Stories include: Dectera and Fifty Maidens, Cuchulain's Name, The Wooing of Emer, Finn MacCoul, The Battle for Tara, and more!

Ages 7 to adult.
Cassette: #3231 $8.99

CD: #3487 $12.99

A Christmas Carol and Other Favorites
(Jim Weiss) - Features A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, and Dick Spindler's Family Christmas by Bret Harte.

The good in the human spirit can be found in Scrooge's transformation from miser to humanitarian, the importance of giving is found in The Gift of the Magi (one of my favorite Christmas stories), and the humor of Christmas in the old West is found in Bret Harte's tale.

This is a holiday gift that will be listened to year-round.

Ages 5 to adult.

Cassette:  #3169  $8.99
CD:  #341X $12.99

A Collection of Just So Stories (written by Rudyard Kipling and read unabridged by Jim Weiss) - With vivid characters and an hysterically funny choice of words, Rudyard Kipling’s beloved stories “explain” how camels got humps, great whales got tiny throats, elephants got trunks and more. These time-tested classics cause us to look at accepted qualities in new and creative ways, and even better, make us laugh out loud. With his menagerie of voices and warm, witty narrative presence, Jim Weiss brings Kipling’s own words to life. The result is a wondrously charming recording that is certain to become an all-time favorite for listeners of all ages.

Includes: How the Whale Got His Throat, The Elephant’s Child, How the Camel Got His Hump, The Beginning of the Armadillos, How the Rhinocerous Got His Skin,

“Perhaps Rudyard Kipling’s most clever work, matched with Jim Weiss’ astounding plethora of reading tools…a total joyful experience!” -Librarian

Ages 3+.

CD: #3598 $12.99

Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths
(Jim Weiss) - Includes The Great Myths of Egypt, Osiris and Set, The Secret Name of Ra-Amun, A Rival for the Throne, The Courage of Isis, The Pyramid Builders, and The Mummy's Tomb.

Winner of the 2000 Parents' Choice Gold Award.

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #3223 $8.99

CD: #3479 $12.99

Fairytale Favorites in Story and Song
Sit back and listen to these classics: Stone Soup, Puss in Boots, Shoemaker & the Elves, and Rapunzel. Includes the songs, Stone Soup and The Pussycat Rag. Recipient of the Parents' Choice Award.

Ages 5 to adult. Winner of the 1996 Parents' Choice Gold Award.

Cassette: #3126 $10.95 $4.99 Sale Price!

CD: #3371 $14.95 $12.99

Special offer: For a limited time, we will include a free copy of the Fairytale Favorites cassette when you order the Fairytale Favorites CD. Please indicate in our shopping cart's comments box (you will see it after you click the "add to cart" button) that you would like a free copy of the cassette. We will only send it if you pay for the CD AND indicate that you want the cassette included with your order.

Famously Funny!: A Collection of Beloved Stories and Poems
- Prepare to laugh out loud as you listen to this collection. Jim has gather some of the funniest stories and poems from some of wittiest writers of all time for a recording that will delight your whole family.

At the heart of the story component are lively retellings of two Hans Christian Anderson classics, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Real Princess (which is also known as The Princess and the Pea). There are also hilarious trickster tales from India and Turkey, plus an African Anansi story, to remind us that the combination of laughter with wisdom is universal.

In addition to these engaging stories, Jim lends his comic touch to reading the delightful Lewis Carrol poem, Jabberwocky, along with famous and whimsical rhymes from Carroll, Edward Lear and more, leading listeners who as yet might not have ventured into poetry to a real enjoyment of verse and its possibilities. Your face may ache from grinning after you listen, but it will be worth it! Approximately 70 minutes. Ages 5-adult

CD only: #3835 $14.95 $12.99

Galileo and the Stargazers
- True stories about scientists who changed our view of the world. Includes: Archimedes and the Golden Crown (our daughter's favorite), Ptolemy vs Copernicus, Tycho Brahe Scans the Skies, Kepler and Galileo, Isaac Newton.

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #3215 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3460 $14.95 $12.99

Giants! A Colossal Collection of Tales and Tunes
Listen to Jack and the Beanstalk, The Fantastical Tale of Finn MacCoul, The Giant of Grabbist and Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant, along with two giant songs. Listeners will be left with a giant grin on their faces.

Cassette: #3177 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3428 $14.95 $12.99

Gone West: Bold Adventures of American Explorers and Pioneers (Jim Weiss) - A new nation that would stretch from ocean to ocean: this was the dream. Follow it into reality, from Jefferson and Monroe arranging the Louisiana Purchase through the bold explorations of Lewis & Clark, and Sacagawea. Experience the dawning of a new age aboard Robert Fulton's steamboat, and ride the rumbling wagons of the Oregon Trail pioneers. Feel the devastating effects faced by proud native American warriors, and witness the mammoth undertaking of the transcontinental railroad. Journey with the brave souls who hung out the sign, "Gone West!"

Lewis & Clark Sacagawea Robert Fulton and the Steamboat American Pioneers Native American Indians and much more...

Approximately 80 minutes, 13 tracks: Introduction: A Dream As Big As a Continent, The Louisian Purchase, Lewis & Clark, The Journey Begins, Discovery & Danger on the Prairie, Sacagawea, Grizzly Bears, Rivers & Mountains, To the Pacific & Back, Mr. Fulton's Steamboat, Days & Nights on the Oregon Trail, The Buffalo & the Iron Horse, Railroad Men.

Timeline: Timeline: 1800's (United States). 1803-1869.

CD only. #3642 $14.95 $12.99  

Good Luck Duck (Jim Weiss) - Good Luck Duck is the first book in in the Jim Weiss  recording collection of out-of-print books that are just "too good to be forgotten." Written in 1950 by award-winning author, Meindert Dejong, Good Luck Duck is the story of young Timothy who ventures to the fair and wins an astounding and endearing duck. This noisy duck introduces Timothy to a plethora of
characters, each with astonishing personalities. This classic is full of wonderful adventure and lasting values.

Approximately 72 minutes, 10 tracks: Timothy; Ring a Duck, Win a Duck; The Merry-Go-Round; The Ferris Man and the Peanut Man; Riding the Ferris Wheel; High Above the Fair; Timothy's Parents Meet the Duck; The Little Old Lady and the Duck; The Street Car;
Going Home

CD only. #3895 $14.95 $12.99

Good Night
A bedtime tape with six "vignettes" that take the listener into scenes that bring about feelings of safety and love. In each scene, the listener imagines falling asleep (on a tropical island, in a mountain cabin, in a tree house in the forest and more). A minute of soothing music follows each story. Jim's honey-toned voice is perfect for this kind of tape. Many parents have told us how much it has helped their young ones fall asleep.

Ages and up.

CD: #3266 $14.95 $12.99

Greek Myths
Stories of Hercules, King Midas (my son's favorite), and Medusa become understandable to children. Jim offers asides to help those unfamiliar with the gods of ancient Greece. Emphasis on character over violence.

King Midas and the Golden Touch, Adventures of Hercules, Perseus and Medusa, and Arachne.

Ages 5 to adult.

Cassette: #3029 $10.95 $5.99   Sales Price!

CD: #3274 $14.95 $12.99

Heroes in Mythology
- Three great adventures: Theseus and the Minotaur, Prometheus, Bearer of Fire, Odin and the Norse Men.

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #324X $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3495 $14.95 $12.99

Jewish Holiday Stories
(Jim Weiss) - Includes Chanukah, The Festival of Lights, Purim, and Passover.

The three astonishing stories on this recording form the basis for three Jewish Holidays: Chanukah, Purim, and Passover. With Jim Weiss telling the stories, you can be certain that the heroes and villains will spring to life with understandable motives People of all faiths will love this fascinating recording...perfect for family entertainment!

Ages 5 to adult.


CD only: #3754 $14.95 $12.99

Julius Caesar and the Story of Rome (Jim Weiss) - Adventurer, conqueror, political genius, classic author - Julius Caesar lived one of history’s most amazing lives. Yet it was the story of his death that William Shakespeare turned into a dramatic masterpiece.

This spirited retelling brings us Shakespeare’s cast of immortal characters with excerpts from the original dialogue told in a way that young listeners can grasp. This CD will nurture a passion for Shakespeare and an understanding of why these people and historical events still shape our world today.

CD only. Ages 7 to adult. Running time: approximately 76 minutes.

CD: #3611 $14.95 $12.99  

The Jungle Book
Jim's version of this classic tale brings the characters from Rudyard Kipling's stories to life. Four tales are included: Mowgli's Brothers, Tiger! Tiger!, Red Dog and The Spring Running. Recipient of the Parent's Choice Award.

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #3142 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3398 $14.95 $12.99

King Arthur & His Knights
The Sword in the Stone, Sir Percival Meets A Lady, and the Round Table are a few of the tales told on this marvelous tape. This is our family's favorite. Jim's Sir Bedivere voice is wonderfully believable.

Ages 7+

CD:  #3312 $14.95 $12.99

Masters of the Renaissance: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and more
by Jim Weiss. In true stories as vivid as the colors in which they painted, Jim Weiss brings to life the astounding Leonardo da Vinci; volcanic Michelangelo; Brunelleschi, who changed how we see the world; and other intriguing characters. You'll watch fierce Pope Julius II drive out invaders while he supervises the painting of the Sistine Chapel, and you will dine with Lorenzo de Medici, acclaimed statesman and patron of the arts, who loves peace but nonetheless caused a war.

This recording will inspire a lifelong fascination with the arts and with the riches of the Renaissance.

CD only. Running time: approximately 70 minutes.

#3886 $14.95 $12.99

Mystery! Mystery!
(Jim Weiss) - Three popular, classic mysteries are retold for young people: Poe's Purloined Letter, Chesterton's The Blue Cross, and a Holme's mystery, The Red-Headed League.

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #3134 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #338X $14.95 $12.99

The Prince and the Pauper
(Jim Weiss) - The genius of Mark Twain abounds in this remarkable adventure of two young boys who exchange identities and learn the nature of true nobility. Swirling around these two boys are dashing heroes, appalling villains, hair's breadth escapes and outrageous laughter. The thousand-voiced Jim Weiss brings to life all the beloved characters and the wisdom of their lessons in this value-rich classic.

"This amazing recording paints a vivid portrait of an entire time, place, and way of life." -Librarian

Ages 7 to adult.

CD: #3797 $14.95 $12.99

The Queen's Pirate: Elizabeth I & Sir Francis Drake
(Jim Weiss) - From daring sea voyages to glittering throne rooms to the dreaded Tower of London, you will experience the pageantry of olde England with two of history's most fascinating characters. Jim's exhilarating signature style is at its best as he makes history spring alive in this entertaining and passionate telling. (Features the lives of Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake).

Ages 7 to adult.

"Heart-pounding adventures and profound insights into questions we're still asking centuries later." -Educator
Film Advisory Award.

CD: #3789 $14.95 $12.99

Rip Van Winkle/Gulliver's Travels
(Jim Weiss) - Jim begins the story of Rip Van Winkle with a brief background on the author, Washington Irving, and also sings a short version of the tale called Rip's Rap. He continues with Gulliver's adventures in Lilliput and concludes with Fool's Gold, a story of a wise rabbi who has to decide between helping a rich man or poor man when a bag of gold has been found.

Ages 5 to adult.

Cassette: #3118 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3363 $14.95 $12.99

Romeo and Juliet CD
(Jim Weiss) - Jim seamlessly integrates his own storytelling art with the profound beauty of Shakespeare's famous verse, bringing both young and old listeners the ecstatic joy, sudden sorrow and tender sighs of one of the greatest works of literature's greatest author.

Ages 7 to adult.

CD Only: #3851 $14.95 $12.99

Shakespeare for Children A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Taming of the Shrew are told on a level children can grasp. As usual, Jim is able to take complex stories and translate them into tales easily understood by children (not to mention adults!) An excellent introduction to Shakespeare.

Probably most enjoyed by ages 9+.
Cassette:  #3150 $10.95 $5.99 Sales Price!

CD:  #3401 $14.95 $12.99

She & He: Adventures in Mythology
(Jim Weiss) - This collection includes the tales of Psyche and Cupid, Echo and Narcissus, Atalanta and the Golden Apples, and more - with an emphasis on the value of love and honor. The Greek myths become accessible to even young children.

Ages 5 to adult.

CD: #3347 $14.95 $12.99

Sherlock Holmes for Children
This is the first Jim Weiss tape I ever heard, and it's terrific! (I'm a fan of mysteries). Jim's range of voices is truly amazing. The four stories told are The Mazarin Stone, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, The Musgrave Ritual and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. If you want to encourage children to think deductively, look no further than master sleuth, Sherlock Holmes! (It's elementary, of course).

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #310X $10.95 $4.99 Sales Price!

CD: #3355 $14.95 $12.99

Special offer: For a limited time, we will include a free copy of the Sherlock Holmes cassette when you order the Sherlock Holmes CD. Please indicate in our shopping cart's comments box (you will see it after you click the "add to cart" button) that you would like a free copy of the cassette. We will only send it if you pay for the CD AND indicate that you want the cassette included with your order.

Spooky Classics We're happy to offer a "scary" tape that won't frighten your child too much and adds plenty to laugh about. Jim brings alive three classic tales: The Canterville Ghost (Oscar Wilde), a medieval English lord whose haunting terrifies visitors to his castle until a wholesome American family moves in who is unimpressed with aristocrats or ghosts; Dr. Heidegger's Experiment (Nathaniel Hawthorne), a tale about human nature that will get you thinking; and The Sending of Dana Da (Rudyard Kipling), a rollicking tale that cat lovers will especially enjoy. A terrific recording! Jim will delight you with his many different voices.

Ages 7 to adult.

CD: #3436 $14.95 $12.99

Sweet Dreams (Jim Weiss) - If you and your children enjoyed Jim's tape, Good Night, you will be delighted to add this tape to your bedtime routine. Like Good Night, Jim describes in his soothing voice six different scenes that ease the listener into sleep. The Forest Cabin, The Pond, Behind the Waterfall, The Toy Shop, The Desert Retreat, and The Cove are the six story visualizations that are accompanied by sleepytime music.

Ages 3 and up.

Cassette #3207 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3452 $14.95 $12.99

Tales from Cultures Far and Near
(Jim Weiss) - Classic stories from Japan, Spain, China and more. Wisdom, romance, and humor illustrate our human commonalities. (Have you ever noticed that "trickster" tales are present in just about every culture?) Imaginative twists and intrinsic morals bind the tales together. Length: approximately one hour.

Ages 5 to adult.
Cassette: #3088 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3339 $14.95 $12.99

A Tale of Two Cities (written by Charles Dickens and told by Jim Weiss) - This masterful, historical novel is set in Paris and London during the stormy upheavals of the French Revolution. Combining adventure and a moving personal story, it tells of Lucie Manette, daughter of a hero of the Revolution, who loves Charles Darnay, an aristocrat who sympathizes with the poor. When revolutionaries seize Charles, only the Englishman, Sydney Carton, can save him. But here too, we run into complication and intrigue!

Shaping his telling for the entire family, Jim Weiss gives us Dickens’ unforgettable heroes, remorseless villains and thrilling plot twists to make A Tale of Two Cities a classically memorable, dramatic presentation.

Ages 12-adult.

#3581 $14.95 $12.99

Tales from the Old Testament
Nondenominational rendering of The Story of Ruth, Noah and the Ark, Wise King Solomon, Abraham and the Idols, David and Goliath, and more. Wonderfully done!

Age 5 to adult.

Cassette: #3053 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3304 $14.95 $12.99

Tell Me A Story! A Treasury of Classics (Jim Weiss) - Young and old alike will enjoy this collection of time-tested favorite stories. Includes Rumplestiltskin, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Little Red Hen, Things Could Always Be Worse, The Hare and the Hedgehog and Tell Me A Story (song).

Ages 3 and up.

CD: #3770 $14.95 $12.99

Thomas Jefferson's America
(Jim Weiss) - Thomas Jefferson lived a dozen lifetimes in one. Patriot, scientist, architect, president, author of the Declaration of Independence, he preferred above all titles, "father" and "grandfather". Yet demand for his unique skills drew him from the quiet home he loved. In this recording, you will thrill to true stories of war and peace, loyalty and betrayal, battles against empires and struggles against slavery.

Ages 7 to adult.

CD Only: #386X $14.95 $12.99

The Three Musketeers/Robin Hood
(Jim Weiss) This is a great introduction to two classic tales (and a fun way to learn some history). Includes the stories: Robin the Outlaw; Little John; Of Gold and Lady Marion; Athos, Porthos, Aramis; The Queen's Diamonds; Duel and six other stories. As with all of Jim's recordings, violence is downplayed.

Ages 5 to adult.

CD: #3290 $14.95 $12.99

Treasure Island CD
(Jim Weiss) - Pirates! Buried treasure! Loyal friends and treacherous villains! Here is Robert Louis Stevenson's immortal adventure with all its vivid characters. Set sail on this classic adventure which requires all the ingenuity and smart thinking of the main character (a young boy). Sudden plot twists and hair's breadth escapes will thrill listeners. You are sure to feel the sea breeze blowing through your own hair!

Ages 7 to adult.

Cassette: #3517 $10.95 $8.99

CD: #3762 $14.95 $12.99

A Treasury of Wisdom: True Stories of Hope and Inspiration (Created and told by Jim Weiss). Role models and mentors have contributed to every generation's sense of peace and stability. A Treasury of Wisdom spans 3,000 years of time in its passionate offering of inspiring true stories of wise individuals whose lifework, philosophies and values are, to this day, valuable lessons in hope and inspiration. Includes: Solomon; Jesus; Alexander the Great; Diogenes, the wise Greek philosopher; Michelangelo; Raphael; Satchel Paige; Beatrix Potter, and more.

Approximately 79 minutes, 10 tracks: Preface; An Empty Cup: A Story from Japan (1890 A.D.); The Eye of the Beholder: Raphael and Michelangelo (Italy, 1515); Diogenes, The Man Who Had Everything (Greece, 400 BC);
Alexander the Great and Diogenes (Greece, 330 BC); The Gates of Heaven: A Tale from Japan (1750 AD);
The Beggar and the Baker: A Story of Solomon (Israel, 1000 BC); The Good Samaritan: A Story Told by Jesus (1st Century A.D.); The Tale of Beatrix Potter (1900, England); Satchel Paige, The Philosopher of the Baseball Diamond (USA, 1930’s).

CD only. #3901 $14.95 $12.99

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
by Jim Weiss - Great literature and science merge in this new recording. A century before Jacques Cousteau, Jules Verne took readers for a whirlwind journey beneath the sea in the submarine, Nautilus. Accompany brilliant scientist, Pierre Arronnas; his faithful servant, Conseil; bold mariner, Ned Land; and mysterious Captain Nemo as they walk on the ocean floor, journey beneath polar ice, and fight for the lives against sharks, giant squid, and one another.

Verne's famous gift for prophesying future events still startles us throughout this electrifying voyage. Come aboard!

CD only. Running time: approximately 75 minutes. Ages 7 to adult.

#3878 $14.95 $12.99

Uncle Wiggly's Storybook
(Jim Weiss) - These seven "must have" stories for the very young feature the charming adventures of Uncle Wiggly Longears, the elderly rabbit gentleman, Nurse Jane, his muskrat lady housekeeper, and their lively human and animal friends. The kind, polite, humorous and ingenious rabbit always saves the day. Selected from the original stories and read lovingly by Jim Weiss.

Ages 7 to adult.

CD: #3800 $14.95 $12.99

Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the American Civil War (Jim Weiss) - The passion of the American Civil War comes alive as we look at pairs of remarkable, courageous and dedicated women from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. These are true, thrilling stories that girls, boys and parents will find exciting and inspiring.

1. Shouting Against the Wind: The Story of Sarah and Angelina Grimke
2. Not Quite Like Anyone Else: The Story of Lottie and Ginnie Moon
3. Turning the Tide: The Story of Anna Ella Carroll
4. Lifesaver: The Story of Sallie Tompkins
5. Appareled in Honor: The Story of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
6. They Called Her Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman

Ages 7 to adult.

CD: #3635 $14.95 $12.99


Buy the entire CD set of Jim Weiss recordings and SAVE over 32%!

45 CDs: #JWCD  $672.75  $469.99

G.A. Henty recordings and Carry on, Mr. Bowditch are sold separately.

The CD set also qualifies for free shipping. Free shipping only applies to orders shipping to U.S. addresses.

Click here for G.A. Henty Recordings by Jim Weiss

Unabridged Recordings by Jim Weiss:


Carry on, Mr. Bowditch
by Jean Lee Latham (read unabridged by Jim Weiss) - Winner of the American Library Association's 1956 Newbery Award for "the most distinguished contribution of American literature for children."

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
tells the inspiring, true adventures of Nat Bowditch, a boy during the American Revolution, whose passion for learning and unstoppable spirit lead him from poverty and servitude to triumph and adventure at sea.

Unabridged; 6 1/2 hours on 6 CDs. Ages 7 to adult.

#3628 $32.95 $29.99   New Release!


Tales from Storyteller, Jay O'Callahan

A friend introduced us to this award-winning storyteller, urging us to carry his tapes. Trusting her good judgment, I decided to see what the fuss was all about. Well, these original stories (written and performed by Jay) reveal him as a gifted weaver of tales.

Many of Jay's stories for young children were created by him for his daughter and son - Ted and Laura - when they were small. The stories are delightfully creative, and Jay delivers them with his own special energy. They are tales that the whole family will enjoy.

Jay has performed his stories around the world and often performs at the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee (U.S.A.). He has also been a guest, and performed, on National Public Radio (NPR).

"A Genius Among Storytellers" (Time Magazine)

Each cassette is: $10.00 $8.99
Each CD is: $15.00 $13.50


Around the World with Jay O'Callahan
is a collection of stories from Jay's other recordings that celebrate different holidays throughout the year.

Ages 7 to adult.

Total running time: 66:10  List of stories.

CD only:  #A20  $15.00 $13.50

Damaged copy of Around the World. The case has a big crack on the front. One copy available.

#A20-D $15.00 $10.99

The Golden Drum
. The main character, Ororingy, uses wit and courage in her quest for the magic drum that will save he enchanted land of Artana. She becomes Artana's most powerful woman warrior.

Ages 7+.

Cassette: #GDX $10.00 $8.99

The Island
Put together evil pirates, a fairy queen and an honorable sailor, and what do you get? An imaginative tale of adventure! Recipient of the Parents' Choice Award!

Ages 7+. 52 minutes.

CD: #4454 $15.00 $13.50

Jeremy: A Christmas Story
Jeremy transforms Christmas for children everywhere in this Christmas tale of generosity and love. Also includes: Christmas Candles, "a story of love that burns bright from the windows of a home on Pill Hill." Recipient of the Parents' Choice Award!

49 min. cassette. Ages 6 to adult.

Cassette #JEYX $10.00 $4.99 Sale - 50% off!

Odds Bodkins, Story Weaver

Odds Bodkin's stories almost have a physical quality to them. Perhaps it's the energy he puts into his characters and the musical instruments he plays. I'm not sure. I do know that he throws himself wholeheartedly into the story, changing his voice for each character (his voice for some of his female characters is hilarious). He also accompanies his narration with his skillful playing of a 12-string guitar and Celtic harp.

The Rage of Hercules: an Odds Bodkin Musical Story
. (Odds Bodkin) Heroic strongman? Kind do-gooder? In some ways, yes. But the real Hercules was also haunted by rages he could not control. He was the strongest adventurer in the world, yet in the end his towering ego was crushed by that very strength.

Brought to life with an immense voice only a master storyteller could create, The Rage of Hercules is fully scored with virtuoso music on 12-string guitar. Here is the genuine myth of Hercules. His loves. His madness. His guilt. His epic Twelve Labors. And much more.

Length: 100 minutes. 2 CDs. Recommended for ages 12 to adult due to some violence. Kids who like strong adventure stories will be drawn to this.

2 CDs: #232X $24.95 $19.95

Stories of Love: A Timeless Collection of Tales from the Heart (Odds Bodkin) - Odds has created the ultimate telling of one of his favourite Arthurian love legends - the story of how, in order to save King Arthur's life, Sir Gawain agrees to help him answer the question, "What does a woman desire most?". The tale is fully scored with music on twelve-string guitar.

The CD also features The Crane Wife, a story of love and trust from old Japan.

The CD is over 60 minutes long and recommended for adults

#SL100CD $16.95 $12.99

Recordings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Our son's best friend, Alex encouraged me to start reading The Hobbit to both our children (I take literary advice from children very seriously.) I read The Lord of the Rings trilogy as a teenager and enjoyed it immensely, but I wondered if our almost-nine-year old would be up to listening to what I remembered as a rather involved piece of fantasy.

Once I started reading The Hobbit I realized I had never read it myself! (I'd only read The Lord of the Rings). My children and I delightedly followed the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who is perfectly content to live life out in his cozy hobbit hole but is drawn into an adventure that changes his life forever. He travels with a group of dwarves to reclaim their ancestral gold and kingdom stolen by the dragon, Smaug. Along the way, they encounter orcs, elves and other interesting creatures, good and evil.

Despite my original misgivings, my children were able to follow the book quite well and enjoy playing "elves" and other games with Alex (a wonderful friend with a creative, imaginative mind, and lots of capes, scepters, crowns and other fun props). Glen also enjoys listening to the audio version on his own before bedtime. Our next project will be a hobbit tea party for our friends!

(The above was written in 1997. Our son is now in college and his friend, Alex, was able to study at Cambridge University in England last year. Alex, currently a history major, has long since given up his capes and scepters but was delighted to dine in the same pub that J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis did!)

The Lord of the Rings Audio Recordings:

The following two recordings are dramatizations, not unabridged, books-on-tape.

CD (Soundelux/Minds Eye version) - Excellent 12-hour dramatization with lots of sound effects! 9 CDs come in a wood-branded gift box.
#5503 $59.95 $37.99 Sale!

Cassette (Soundelux/Minds Eye Version) - Excellent 12-hour dramatization with lots of sound effects. 12 cassettes come in a wood-branded gift box.
#549X $49.95 $19.99
  Sale! 60% off. Out of print, limited copies available.

<b>Great Stories Volume 2 CD Album</b>Your Story Hour, Great Stories Vol. 2 - series of fully dramatized exciting stories t add to your listening library. This 6-cassette collection of historical stories illustrates the courage, dedication, and faith of persons who, despite adversities, perservered to follow their vision. Enjoyable listening for "kids of all ages"!

Stories included:
Tape 1: GEORGE WASHINGTON (PART 1) George's growing-up years
GEORGE WASHINGTON (PART 2) The French/Indian War

Tape 2: GEORGE WASHING (PART 3) Marriage, War of Independence, Valley Forge

Tape 3: HENRY FORD (PART 1) First Car
HENRY FORD (PART 2) Persistence pays off

Tape 4: HONEY CREEK HEROINE Girl saves hundred from water grave
THE AUTOGRAPH//SPECIAL STRENGTH   John Hancock borrows Rebekah's pen/Quaker Lady opens school for black girls

Tape 5: DARCY'S FALL Story of a runaway girl.
GOOD NEIGHBOR Biography of a lady frontier doctor

Tape 6: SANDY'S SINGING/BREAD ON THE WATERS Young Sam Clemens learns compassion
 Louisa May Alcott's childhood
THE CLOCK STRUCK TEN God works a miracle through an unlikely person

Each cassette is approximately one-hour in length. Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole.

#YSH $22.95 $9.99   Over 60% off. One copy available.

Japanese Stories and Music

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