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Favorite Children's Books

Cooking Fun
Swallows and Amazons
Madeleine L'Engle's Time Series
Chronicles of Narnia
Children's Clearance Books

Some books list a suggested independent reading level, and we include that information for you. We want to emphasize that this is only a general guideline. Take into account the uniqueness of your own children! To us, interest in the subject matter is a key factor. Also, many of these books can be read aloud to a child, which expands the reading range.

The Boy and The Quilt
by Shirley Kurtz. A young boy joins his mom and sister in making quilts. He also makes a quilt for himself, with some help from his mom. This is a warm, friendly little book, that shows a family having fun together and a boy learning how to sew (with his own particular design style). Directions for making a quilt like the boy's are at the end of the book.

Paper picture book, 32 pages. Ages 4-8.

#0096 $6.95 $4.99

Global Babies board book (Global Fund for Children) - Appealing photos of babies from seventeen cultures around the globe are woven together by simple narration. Global Babies presents children in cultural context. Diverse settings highlight specific differences in clothing, daily life, and traditions, as well as demonstrate that babies around the world are nurtured by the love, caring, and joy that surround them. Familiarize your little one with the friendly faces of peers around the world.

Board book. 18 pages. Ages 0-5.

#1745X $6.95

"Striking in its simplicity and effectiveness... here's one that is just right for babies and toddlers." - Booklist, starred review

Grandfather Twilight
by Barbara Berger is a simple and gentle tale welcoming the oncoming night. As you read to your child about Grandfather Twilight taking his daily walk, your voice can't help but become softer. The illustrations are beautiful (a friend bought the book, and the pictures inspired her to paint a mural on her son's bedroom wall.) A tranquil bedtime story that creates an atmosphere that lulls listeners to sleep. I absolutely adore this book!

Ages: 2-5. Paper picture book, 26 pages.

#5964 $6.99

If My Mom Were a Platypus: Animal Babies and Their Mothers by Dia L. Michaels, illustrated by Andrew Barthelmes. Mother and babies. Babies and mothers. The animal kingdom offers a special fascination for children because so many of the cozy rituals they share at home are echoed in nature. In this beguiling approach to biology, youngsters can learn how animals eat, sleep and learn from birth to maturity.

Fourteen different species including the Least Shrew, the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat and the Hooded Seal are presented in detailed illustrations and a scrupulously researched text. It ends with the human baby. Breastfeeding moms (especially those who practice extended nursing) will enjoy the fact that only breast milk is shown as the baby's first food, and the author - from the perspective of the human baby - says, "By the time I was a few years old, I lost interest in nursing...."

The writing is intended for ages 8-12, but younger children would enjoy this very much as a read-aloud.

Paper, 64 pages. Lots of colorful illustrations. 7"x10".

#5190 $9.95

The Last Little Cat
by Meindert DeJong is a loving, compassionate book perfect for the early reader. It's filled with simple limited vocabulary and repetitive text. The ideal book for ages 6-9, and younger children delight in having the story read to them over and over again.

The last little cat was born in a kennel, surrounded by dogs and dog cages and dog noises. The little cat was always half-cold and half-hungry - until the day it fell into the cage of the old, blind dog.

Then, for a while, the last little cat was warm, and the last little cat was well fed. But how could such a small cat know that barn doors are closed at night and that there are people in the world who do not want to help a helpless kitten.

The story of how the last little cat found a home, and not only a home, but the perfect home, again confirms Meindert DeJong's place among the finest writers of this or any day.

Paper, 70 pages, illustrated, 5.5" x 8.5". Originally published nearly four decades ago and recently brought back in print.

#7006 $7.95

One Red Dot: A Pop-Up Book for Children of All Ages by David A Carter (Illustrator) - "One Red Dot" is a stunning tour de force. Each of the ten magnificent pop-up sculptures challenges readers to find the one red dot. From the flip-flop flaps to the whimsical wiggle-wobble widgets, each page is an original piece of artwork to cherish and admire. This is a truly amazing book. Makes a great gift!

Hardcover, 18 pages. 9.8"x9.25"x1.1". Not recommended for children under 3 years old due to all of the small bits. I also don't think the book would last a long time if the reader is too aggressive with the book. While a book for children, many adults will enjoy it.

#7698 $19.95 $17.99


Sticks Across the Chimney (A Story of Denmark)
by Nora Burglon is a absorbing story about two Danish children and their widowed mother struggling to survive on an old farm. The story is full of positive moral lessons, adventure, cultural information about rural Denmark in the 20th century as well as life in Viking times. The relationship between the mother and her children is close, and the entire family works together to create a warm home. The children are very creative and use their wits to get themselves out of dangerous situations and to help earn money for the family.

I was quite charmed by the story and was fascinated by the historical details. There's even definitions for some of the Danish terms used. The story builds slowly until the the reader is gripped by the excitement of the opening the ancient Viking burial mound.

There are some serious events that happen; the children don't have a father and another death occurs. Life isn't easy but with a positive attitude and resourcefulness, the family not only pulls through but thrives.

From the back cover: When young Siri, Erik and their widowed mother buy a deserted farm with an ancient Viking grave mound on the land, they have no idea of the challenges and adventures that await them. First they must use their wits and humor to survive without money, as well as deal with superstitious townspeople. Later they participate in mysterious and exciting events that lead to the opening of the mound and the discovery of unbelievable ancient Viking treasures.

Paper, 224 pages, black and white illustrations. 5.5"x8.5". Ages 9+.

#7138 $11.95 Not currently available.

The Gate Swings In (A Story of Sweden)
by Nora Burglon is a great companion to her book, Sticks Across the Chimney. Nora has a wonderful way of interweaving Swedish history and the hardships of living in a rugged land with the mystery and intrigue experienced by a young orphan girl. Nora once again demonstrates her creative ability to bring a wonderful set of values and inner spirit to her characters.

Minda and her intelligent, crafty goat try to earn enough money for her winter schooling. As Minda tries to earn money, she has frequent talks with a wise Tomte (elf) and encounters a huldran (forest creature). She has the fortitude to go forward in the midst of all kinds of struggles and hardships. It's also a book about friendship and the love of land and animals.

About the Illustrator: While in high school in Rochester NY, Julie Marino apprenticed with the acclaimed illustrator, Dick Luby. Having a love for art and a passion for illustration, Julie went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art and Certification to teach Art K-12 from Nazareth College of Rochester. During her college years she trained each summer with six of America's top illustrators. She has illustrated for companies, museums and places of education. She currently resides in Westminster, CO with her husband and two children.

Paper, 216 pages, all new illustrations. 5.5"x8.5". Ages 9+

#7262 $13.95 Not currently available.

Surviving the Applewhites by Stepahnie S. Tolan - Jake Semple is a scary kid. Rumor has it that he burned down his old school and then was kicked out of every other school in his home state. Only weeks into September, the middle school in Traybridge, North Carolina, has thrown him out, too.

Now there's only one place left that will take him -- a home school run by the artistic, chaotic, quarrelsome Applewhite family. Each and every Applewhite is an artist through and through - except E.D., the smart, scruffy girl with a deep longing for order and predictability. E.D. and Jake, so nearly the same age, are quickly paired in the family's first experiment in "cooperative education."

In Stephanie S. Tolan's hilarious tale, a local production of The Sound of Music - directed, stagecrafted, choreographed, and costumed by Applewhites - brings the family together and shows E.D. and Jake the value of their individual abilities.

The Applewhites are colorful characters and the children are allowed to pursue their own interests. While there is a designated schoolroom, no one except E.D. (she designs her own lessons plans) really uses it. Her siblings and family members are scattered around the 16-acres of "Wits End," the family homestead, exploring in the fields, building furniture in the barn, or dancing in a converted cottage. They really are more of an unschooling family.

Grandfather Applewhite sums up the family philosophy: "Education is An adventurous quest for the meaning of life, involving an ability to think things through".

There is a mention of marijuana (Jake's parents are in jail for growing it), Jake smokes in the beginning of the book (that changes), and Jake swears (no words are used. This is to establish Jakes troubles and his subsequent transformation.

Paper, 224 pages. 7.5"x5"x.7". Ages 10+. A Newbery Honor Book.

#0441 $5.99

Traditional Fairy Stories of Brittany written and illustrated by Bethan Lewis - Brittany is famous throughout the world for its unique culture and history. This new collection of 27 traditional fairy stories is accompanied by over 70 delightful illustrations, and includes such favorites as: Princess Marcassa, The Little White Hare, The Widow's Son and the Three Dogs, Jebedic le Ribet, Pautr Bah Houarn (or The Man with the Iron Staff), Jeanne, Jeanette and Jeaneton and many more.

Dragons carry away beautiful princesses; woodland pixies, (or Korrigans) do battle against the terrible ogre called the Caragine; young men set out to seek their fortune, and old women give wise advice as they turn their spinning wheel or distaff by the fireside.

Storytelling in Brittany remained an essentially oral tradition right up until the beginning of the 20th century. In the early 1900's, stories from different parts of Brittany were collected and translated into French from the original Breton dialects (a sister language to Welsh and Cornish) and have since become well-loved by generations of French children. Many of these stories are appearing for the first time in English in Bethan's book, and children and adults will enjoy hearing or reading them again and again. Her new re-tellings of some of the most popular traditional Breton fairy stories makes them more easily accessible to a wider audience.

Bethan Lewis is the daughter of Lin & Gareth Lewis, the author of One and One and Unqualified Education. Bethan's mom, dad, and two siblings moved from England to Brittany, France, over a decade ago so they could grow and learn together in a more rural setting. Together, they have written books, articles, published magazines and newsletters and illustrated them all beautifully.

#0584 $21.99 $17.99 Sale!

Cooking Fun

Loaves of Fun: A History of Bread with Activities and Recipes from  Around the World
by Elizabeth M. Harbison. Containing more than 50 recipes for various kinds of breads, Loaves of Fun will take you on a journey to different countries throughout time. Beginning in Asia around 7300 B.C. with bread's early beginnings as mush made with grain and water, and ending in modern times with holiday breads from around the world, the book is arranged in a timeline format. Recipes include Colonial corn bread, Middle Eastern pita, German pretzels, French baguettes, Roman bread pudding and more. Also discover the important role the Egyptians played in bread making.
Paper, 91 pages. Ages 6-12.

#3114 $14.95 $11.99

Swallows and Amazons

"Swallows & Amazons is the first book in a series of books by Arthur Ransome. The books follow the adventures of a group of children in England. Through camping, sailing and other outdoor experiences, the children have real adventures by themselves with minimal help from adults. At first they use their imaginations to create more excitement, but as they get older their adventures become more dangerous in real life. The adults around them take them seriously and allow them to be responsible for themselves.

Our family loved reading these books out loud together. Everyone became totally involved in the stories and had a hard time putting the books down. The characters appealed to both our 5 year old son and 11 year old daughter. My husband would have to ‘catch up' on the books when he came back from business trips.

We were truly sorry when we reached the end of the last book. Even the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis did not captivate our family so completely." - Reviewed by homeschooling mom, Heather Nelson

All books are paperbound and range from 352 to 448 pages long. The publisher says they can be read in any order as each has its own self-contained story. Heather says that "the children do get older in each book and there are a few references to earlier adventures in the books."

#573X Swallows & Amazons $14.95   $12.99
#5721  Swallowdale  $14.95   $12.99
#6604 Peter Duck  $14.95   $12.99
#D-6604 DAMAGED Peter Duck
The front & back covers have several large creases and the first several pages have creases and tiny stains.
$14.95   $  5.00
#6612 Winter Holiday $14.95   $12.99
#7872  Coot Club $14.95   $12.99
#864X Pigeon Post $14.95   $12.99
#9913 We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea $14.95   $12.99
#0640X Secret Water $14.95   $12.99
#1191 Big Six $14.95   $12.99
#1965 Missee Lee $14.95   $12.99
#2287 The Picts & The Martyrs $14.95   $12.99
#2597 Great Northern? $14.95   $12.99

 All Twelve Books:  #FUN27  $179.40  $142.99

These books were originally published in the 1930's and may provide opportunities to discuss changes in gender and stereotypes since then.


The Dragon of Lonely Island
by Rebecca Rupp is a fast-paced fantasy that readers of all ages should enjoy (no matter what the age range says!)

The three children - Hannah (12), Zachary (10), and Sarah Emily (8 ½) - are staying at their Aunt Mehitabel's house for the summer, which is on an island called Lonely Island (hence, the name of the book). The whole setting is so realistic one feels as if they are falling into the pages (which in my case does not mean falling asleep!)

This story is one of the few that doesn't portray the dragon (Fafnyr) as a greedy beast that steals and hoards its treasure but rather as a more kind-hearted dragon that shows pleasure in helping others - although no dragon can get away without being a little self-centered.

A delightful ending. This book is definitely going to be read again! (Reviewed by Lane Greer, age 10 at the time of the review).

Ages 8-11 Paper, 160 pages.

#8055 $5.99

We also have one copy of the hardcover version, which is now out of print:

#4089X $16.99 $13.99

The Return of the Dragon
by Rebecca Rupp -
In this long-awaited sequel to The Dragon of Lonely Island, three adventurous children find further intrigue on a tiny Maine island where a talkative, three-headed dragon peacefully lives out its days and the power of storytelling reigns supreme.

Ages 8-11. Paper, 160 pages.

#8048 $5.99

Madeleine L'Engle's Time Series

Madeleine L'Engle is the author of more than forty-five books for all ages, among them the beloved A Wrinkle in Time, awarded the Newbery Medal; and A Swiftly Tilting Planet, winner of the American Book Award. L'Engle was named the 1998 recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards award, honoring her lifetime contribution in writing for teens.

Growing up I was a voracious reader but somehow missed this wonderful series. A friend introduced these to me when I first had children, and both our son and daughter enjoyed having me read the series to them. At the time we were reading the books, my husband was traveling on business and kept up with the series by listening to the audio recordings. So, though the publisher recommends the series for ages 9-12, a broad range can enjoy them.

A Wrinkle in Time audiobook (CD) -
Father is missing! His top secret job as a physicist for the government has taken him away--but where?--and how? Meg and her younger brother, Charles Wallace, set out with their friend Calvin on an exciting adventure through time and space to search for him. With the help of the mysterious Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which, the youngsters learn to expect the unexpected as they move in the fifth dimension known as the "tesseract".

With this award-winning story, Madeline L'Engle has captivated millions of readers throughout the world. Her universal themes of courage, perseverance, and love are interwoven with imagination and suspense. A Wrinkle in Time, published in 1962, won the distinguished Newbery Medal for children's literature in 1963.
Five unabridged compact discs, read by the author. Length: 5 hours, 17 minutes. First in the series. Ages 9-12.

CDs #1781 $19.95 $14.99

A Wind in the Door unabridged audiobook (4 cassettes) by Madeleine L'Engle - Just before Meg Murry’s little brother, Charles Wallace, falls deathly ill, he sees dragons in the vegetable garden. The dragons turn out to be Proginoskes, a cherubim composed of wings and eyes, wind and flame.

It is up to Meg and Proginoskes, along with Meg’s friend Calvin, to save Charles Wallace’s life. To do so, they must travel deep within Charles Wallace to attempt to defeat the Echthroi–those who hate–and restore brilliant harmony and joy to the rhythm of creation, the song of the universe.

Four, unabridged cassettes. Length: 5 hours, 10 minutes. Second in the A Wrinkle in Time series. Ages 9-12.

Cassettes: #6946X $26.00 $9.99 (Over 60% off! Only a few copies in stock.)

A Swiftly Tilting Planet unabridged audiobook  (6 cassettes) by Madeleine L'Engle - In this companion volume to A Wrinkle In Time (Newbery Award winner) and A Wind In The Door, fifteen-year-old Charles Wallace and the unicorn Gaudior undertake a perilous journey through time in a desperate attempt to stop the destruction of the world by the mad dictator Madog Branzillo. They are not alone in their quest. Charles Wallace's sister, Meg--grown and expecting her first child, but still able to enter her brother's thoughts and emotions by "kything"--goes with him in spirit.

But in overcoming the challenges, Charles Wallace must face the ultimate test of his faith and will, as he is sent within four people from another time, there to search for a way to avert the tragedy threatening them all.

Six Audio unabridged cassettes, read by the author. Third in the A Wrinkle in Time series. Ages 9-12.

Cassettes: #9163 $30.00 $11.99 (Over 60% off! ! Only a few copies in stock.)

A Wrinkle in Time Quintet by Madeleine L'Engle - One stormy night...a strange visitor comes to the Murry house and beckons Meg, her brother, Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin O’Keefe on a most dangerous and fantastic journey – a journey that will threaten their lives and our universe.

Now, 40 years after A Wrinkle in Time was first published to become one of the landmark books in children’s literature, this Newbery Medal winner has a completely redesigned cover, with bonus material included at the beginning and end of the book.

Boxed set of five paperback books. (Digest-size books. These are larger than the rack size).

#3511 $34.99 $26.99

A Wrinkle in Time (1st Book in the series). Digest size. 7.7"x5.2"x.8"
#7541 $6.99

A Wrinkle in Time (1st Book in the series). Rack size (Slightly smaller than the digest size.) 6.7"x4.2"x0.7".

#7558 $6.99 $5.99

Chronicles of Narnia

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