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Ancient Egypt

Bellerophon Coloring Books - Egypt

The designs are based on historical sources.

Coloring Book of Ancient Egypt
(Bellerophon) - This coloring book includes Egyptian tomb art from the earliest kings through three thousand years to Cleopatra. There are animals at play, gods and goddesses, ships, dancers, and scenes of Egyptians at work and sport.


#0059 $4.95

Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book (Dover) by John Green. Forty-four black & white line illustrations include scenes of Egyptian life. Full-page illustrations of Cleopatra, Ramses II, arts and crafts, funerary practices, warfare, architectural monuments, and more are featured, along with captions. It covers the beginning of the dynasties through the Old, Middle & New Kingdoms.

This was our son's favorite coloring book of Egypt.

Paper, 48 pages.

#1301 $3.95

Make This Model Egyptian Mummy by Usborne. A detailed cut-out model of the figure of an Egyptian princess. The inner and outer coffins nest inside each other.

Our son enjoyed doing this project when he was 7, with some help from his dad. It's hard to believe that he's now 19! We took this model to our son's Board of Education portfolio review, and the reviewer refused to believe that our son was able to do any of the work (he "couldn't have such fine-motor skills"). Well, our son loved anything Egyptian, he wanted to make this model, and he had experience working with cut-out models. We still have his Egyptian model displayed on one of our bookcases, partly as a reminder of what you can achieve if you really want it.

Ages 9+. Glue, scissors and a craft knife are needed.

#2553 $9.95

Mara, Daughter of the Nile
by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. A brave, heroic slave girl is a double spy for two enemies, each of whom supports a contender for the throne of Egypt. The adventure takes place in the royal palace of Thebes, in the days when Queen Hatshepsut ruled.

Reading level: junior high. Paper, 279 pages.

#9298 $6.99 $4.99 Sale!

Mummies Made in Egypt
by Aliki. Read this book and you'll know how to make your very own mummy! Seriously, this is an excellent book with very clear and informative text and illustrations explaining the techniques and reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt. Highly recommended.

Ages 7-11. Paper, 32 pages. 8x10".

#0118 $6.95

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
by Elizabeth Payne. Covers the history of Egypt from its early beginnings until its vanquishing by the Greeks, then Romans. Each chapter covers an important pharaoh. Also covers the discovering of the Rosetta Stone and Tut-ankhamen's tomb.

Paper, 180pp. Ages 9-12.

#6990 $5.99

Damaged Copy (the spine has a tear):

#DAM-6990 $5.99 $3.99

by David Macaulay. The text and illustrations of this book follow the intricate step-by-step process of building a pyramid. Lots of detailed illustrations with text that parents will enjoy reading aloud.

Independent reading level: ages 8-12.

80 pages.

Paper: #1212 $9.95

Ralph Masiello's Ancient Egypt Drawing Book: Become an Artist Step by Step - Emerging on the fertile banks of the Nile River over five thousand years ago, ancient Egypt was a place of mummies and pharaohs, pyramids and temples<&mdash>a place that sparks the imagination. Young artists can dive into the underworld with Anubis, jackal god of the dead; creep past a sentinel sphinx with the body of a lion and the head of a falcon; bow down to the beautiful Queen Nefertiti; or give praise to the murdered god Osiris, all while learning to draw the symbols of the mysterious and ancient civilization of Egypt.

Step-by-step instructions help young artists create their own representations of this incredible culture, and annotations throughout the book provide a glimpse into the history and mythology of ancient Egypt. Bonus steps provide ways to customize drawings with historically accurate symbols and other details.

Paper, 48 pages. Ages 7-10.

#5345 $7.95

The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone
by James Cross Giblin. A detailed look at how scholars learned to decipher Egyptian hiero-glyphics. An interesting look at language, and the hard work of decoding an ancient tongue that no one knows any more.

Independent RL: 11-13 Paper, 85 pages.

#1378 $6.95

Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt
Learn the history of Ancient Egypt through 30 hands-on activities, such as writing in hieroglyphics, making a Crocodile mask and making a scarab amulet. Step-by-step, illustrated directions are provided, and historical information is included in sidebars. The activities take place within the story of a fictional Egyptian family.

Paper, 128 pages. Ages 8-12 

#0068 $12.95

Tut's Mummy...Lost and Found
- A Random Step-into-Reading book. An enjoyable account of Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb.

Independent reading level: Ages 6-8. Paper, 48 pages.

#1899 $3.99

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