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GWS Magazine

Unfortunately, Growing Without Schooling is no longer being published. Fortunately, back issues of the magazine are still available. For a listing of the back issues, go to GWS Back Issues. Also, the first 12 issues have been combined into a book. See information below.

To read the publishers announcement about the end of GWS publication, go to: GWS letter

Growing Without Schooling was the nation's first homeschooling magazine, founded in 1977 by author and teacher, John Holt.

John Holt is widely recognized as the founder of the modern homeschooling movement. He is the author of many books about education and homeschooling, and the person who coined the term "unschooling." Perhaps one of his most important contributions to supporting homeschooling was the publishing of Growing Without Schooling. When that first issue was published back in 1977, homeschooling wasn't legal in every state, there were no curriculum fairs, no homeschooling sections in bookstores, and it was difficult to find support. GWS provided a critical source of information and community for homeschoolers.

For 24 years, GWS continued the tradition of supporting homeschoolers by providing a forum for families to share ideas, insight, and support for independent ways of learning and thinking. There are articles to help you nurture your child's natural curiosity, to discover creative ways to inspire and strengthen their learning experiences (even if you aren't homeschooling), and to show you new ways to think about learning and teaching. There are reviews and recommendations for high quality books and other resources, and the opportunity to hear directly from children and teens.

Grace Llewellyn, author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook answers your questions about helping teenagers learn.

Amy and David Mantell write about innovative ways to learn and think about mathematics.

Susannah Sheffer, author of A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls, and Writing Because We Love To: Homeschoolers At Work, covers a wide ranging variety of topics.

These great columnist and many others, combined with the writings of  parents and children who are learning at home, make this a "support group in your mail box" that can help you and your children gain confidence and skill about learning at home.

GWS Back Issues

A variety of back issues are available from issue 2 to issue 143. To read descriptions or to purchase individual issues, go to GWS Back Issues

Growing Without Schooling Book and Back Issue FUNPak -Save even more money by buying the Growing Without Schooling book (includes issues 1-12) plus back issues that are not in the book: 121, 127 and 132.

#FUN48 $43.99

The first 12 issues are also available in book format as described below.

Growing Without Schooling: A Record of a Grassroots Movement
The original text of the first two years of Growing Without Schooling Magazine (GWS) are now available for the first time under one cover, reformatted and indexed for easy reading and reference. As you will see, from the very beginning reader's letters were an important part of GWS. This book is special, though, because you will read first-hand accounts from homeschooling's early pioneers and John Holt's ruminations on homeschooling. This book covers the August 1977-December 1979, issues #1-12 of GWS.

This books is currently out of print, so it's only available while supplies last. These are new copies.

Paper, 262 pages.  #7108 $29.95 $26.95

#S-7108 $29.95 $5.00 Only $5 with your $100+ purchase.
Our shopping cart is not sophisticated enough to determine if you have indeed purchased $100+ to qualify for this special offer, but we do not process your order until we receive it in our office. If you have not purchased at least $100 *before* s/h (the total can include the GWS book), your order will not be processed and we will email you.

GWS Booklets:

Collections of some of the best stories in GWS Magazine, on two of their most-requested topics.

Life After Homeschooling contains stories about homeschoolers moving into the wider world.  Detailed accounts of the college admissions process and of alternatives to college, all from homeschoolers' perspectives. Paper, 14 pages.

#3474JH $4.95

Transition from School to Homeschool
. Leaving school is the first step, but adjusting to a new way of learning and living is an ongoing process. These stories - several by young people themselves - take you inside that process and offer reassurance and insight.

#3472JH  $4.95 unavailable


GWS Audio Recordings:

These are recordings from the GWS 20th Anniversary Conference, August 1997.

Grown Up Homeschoolers - a panel discussion.

Cassette #886 $10.00 (4 copies available)



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