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Foreign Language

Little Dover Activity Books
Dover Picture Word Books
Foreign Language Picture Books from Usborne
Foreign Language Card Game and Recording
Fun with Chinese
Fun with Latin
Japanese Stories and Music

Beginner's German Reader: Everyday Life Experiences of Young German People by Heinz Thorn - A German reader for beginning students, Beginner's German Reader gives your students a successful experience reading, writing, and speaking German in the first level of German study. Each of the 27 readings is about cultural experiences relevant to students' lives. They depict German teenagers, their families, and friends living in a working-class district of a German city. The stories are written exclusively in the present tense, vocabulary is of high frequency, and words are often repeated to encourage mastery.

Each reading is also followed by one or more exercises, including reading comprehension, vocabulary reinenforcement, and sentence completion. Tongue twisters and word puzzles are also included. Humorous drawings throughout the reader match the tone of each story. The book is in German only.

Paper, 64 pages. 6"x9". The book is pricey given that it is so slim, but it is published by textbook company.

#1700 $25.00 $14.99 One copy available.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Spanish Verbs by Gail Stein -
With a unique blend of reference and tutorial chapters that makes the challenge of Spanish verbs far less daunting, this book offers simple explanations and examples for regular verbs, extended listings for irregular verbs, separate exercises for each tense, and an extended tense reference in the appendixes.
Features: Handy quick-reference of more than 1,600 verbs - separated by tenses, moods, and idioms; valuable tips for mastering the rules of proper conjugation; clear-cut guidelines that help you manipulate the language and express yourself with ease.

Paper, 400 pages.

#0003 $18.95 Out of print, one copy available.

Eli Diccionario Ilustrado, Espanol (European Language Institute) -
Illustrated theme pages introduce well known topics such as home, family, school and work, as well as topics such as numbers and colors. There is a vocabulary list in the back of the book words listed alphabetically and a number indicating on which page you can find each one.

The entire book is in Spanish.

Paper, 80 pages. 11.7 x 8.2 x 0.25.

#4743 $19.99 $16.99 One copy available.

French College Dictionary (HarperCollins) Offering the most comprehensive coverage of both French and English, this edition features more than 340,000 entries and translations. Includes thousands of contemporary technical, political, and business terms. Covers French life and culture.

THe college edition offers - in both French and English - comprehensive coverage of business, political, and technical terms and thorough indications of usage level. In addition, the dictionary includes extensive examples to illustrate how words are used in context.

Hardcover, 1234 pages.

#5333 $29.95 $22.99 Out of print, one copy available.

Cassell's German English Dictionary - Cassell has been a preeminent publisher of dictionaries for over 120 years and is known for fast, easy reference and comprehensive coverage.

With entries covering daily conversation as well as technical and professional terms, this handy pocket-sized dictionary is great for traveling, studying, or working. Cassell's is portable, easy to read and full of helpful usage information that's simple to access.

Paper, 557 pages. 6.9"x4.1"x1.6".

#8504 $7.99 $5.99 One copy available.

German College Dictionary
(HarperCollins), 2003 edition - The college edition of the HarperCollins German Dictionary offers more than 350,000 entries and translations. Complete coverage of both German and ENglish and coverage of business, political, and technical terms, and thorough indications of usage level are also included. In addition, the dictionary includes extensive examples to illustrate how words are used in context with emphasis firmly placed on the German and English of today.

"German in Action" supplement: Invaluable advice on how to express yourself in correct and idiomatic German, as well as special entries on Germany and the German-speaking world.

Hardcover, 1408 pages. 9.5"x6.5"x2.4" (this is a thick book!)

#5325 $29.95 $21.99
One copy available.

Green Alligators: Zoo and Farm Animals (El Lagartito Verde: el zoologico y la granja) - The Giggly-Silly bilingual descriptive word game! No reading required. Pictures are identified to encourage early readers of both English and Spanish.

Green Alligators
is that wonderful little "I'm thinking of" kind of card game, but this one has pictures so you can't change your mind part way through the game! Play with your little one while doing other things around the house; just take a look at your card and start giving clues. Your little one will delight in trying to guess what your card is. Then it is the child's turn to give clues.

It is a non-competitive activity for 2 players, or it becomes competitive when the "big kids" try to out-guess the others!

Ages 4 and up, 2 to 4 players.

#307AX $10.00

Set of Spanish Activity Books:

Four books published by the European Language Institute are included in this set:

El Espanol En Crucigramas: Volume 1, 2, and 3
- These activity books contain graded crosswords that reinforce vocabulary learning. Word-picture associations make learning fun and effective.

Espanol? Si, Gracias Volume 1 and 3: Mas de 1000 palabras ilustradas, con juegos y ejercicios  - These activity books include 1,000 illustrated words, games, and exercises.

Paper, each book is about 92 pages.

#FUN100 $90.75 $71.99

Spanish Unabridged Dictionary (HarperCollins), 7th ed.
- With complete coverage of Latin-American Spanish, this dictionary provides up-to-date coverage of business, political, and technical terms. It also includes special layouts which highlight idioms and key lexical structures both in Spanish and English.

More than 770,000 entries and translations!

Hardcover, 2189 pages.

#7361 $55.00 $39.99  One copy available.

Teach Yourself Thai: A Complete Course for Beginners (2 cassettes and paperback book) - Can be used as a stand-alone or as a supplement to formal courses. The course begins with the basics and gradually promotes the student to a level of smooth and confident communication. It moes step-by-step through lessons that introduce vocabulary and grammar needed to enjoy a stay in Thailand, this course enables learners to practice listening and responding to dialogues featured in the book.

Package includes two cassettes and a book.

#8783 $27.95 $13.99 Out of print, one copy available.


Little Dover Activity Books

2 French Books:
Peter Rabbit Storybook in French, and The Little French ABC Coloring Book
#FUN05 $2.50



Dover Picture Word Books

Learn over 500 common, useful words in the language of your choice. Nouns are keyed to pictures of everyday scenes with dozens of familiar objects. By studying the pictures, students can learn over 500 terms for a variety of household items, clothing, foods, furniture, animals, parts of the body, types of stores and public buildings, and other subjects.

To help reinforce words and meanings, all scenes can also be colored.

The back of each book contains an alphabetical list of all words learned along with their English translations. The Mandarin book uses the Pinyin transliteration.

Paper, 8 1/4" x 11", 32 pages each.

French #7771  $3.95
German #778X  $3.95
Hebrew #2138  $3.95
Italian #2022  $3.95
Mandarin #9111X  $3.95
Russian #6718  $3.95
Spanish #7798  $3.95

Foreign Language Picture Books from Usborne

First Hundred Words

A basic vocabulary of 100 foreign language words with illustrations and their English equivalent. The sticker books have 100 stickers to correspond with vocabulary. Paper. Ages 3+

First 100 Words in French   #0137 $6.95
First 100 Words in Spanish #1958 $6.95

Sticker Book in French      #1915 $8.95
Sticker Book in Spanish    #1923 $8.95

Sticker Book in German    #5627 $8.95

The following is a slightly older version of the French sticker book. It has a smaller format, but the content is the same, and the cost is lower!

Sticker Book in French        #1178 $6.99

Damaged Sticker Book in Spanish  #D1923 $8.95 $7.15 (There is a 1/4" crease on one corner of the book).

First Fun with French DVD (Usborne)

First Fun with French is a beginner's guide to French for young children (toddlers 3 and up), based on the best-selling book, First Hundred Words in French.

Follow Isabelle and her family as they go about their day. Isabelle's family do not speak English, so she will translate everything for you. We join Isabelle and her brother, Pierre, as they wake up. After a chaotic breakfast, it's off to Grandma and Grandpa's. Then a trip to the shops and a visit to the park introduces lots of familiar objects. After a busy and fun-filled day, it's home to play, bathtime and bed.

DVD. Animated. Running time: 40 minutes. Out of print, one copy available.

#8177 $14.95

First Thousand Words

Amusing and colorful pictures are accompanied by the foreign language word. Includes scenes with the objects and then the individual objects are framed around them. There's also a dictionary and phonetic pronunciation guide. Hardcover. (The separate Sticker Books can be used to practice newly acquired knowledge of the foreign language. Match the stickers to the words on the accompanying pages.) Ages 2-12.

The First Thousand Words in Spanish
Book only #2843 $12.95
Sticker Book #1945 $9.95


First Thousand Words in German:

Hardcover Book: #3073 $12.95  No longer available.

Sticker Book         #1931 $  9.95  No longer available.
Miniature Version of the First Thousand Words text (paper, 5.2"x6.7") #2799 $5.95

First Thousand Words in Arabic:

Hardcover Book: #0306 $12.95 $8.99
Sales Price!

First Thousand Words in Italian:

Hardcover Book: #7775 $12.95 $8.99
Sales Price!

First Thousand Words in Japanese:

Hardcover Book: #3111 $12.95 $8.99 Sales Price!

Foreign Language Card Game and Cassette/CD

Linguafun!: Language Learning Card Games -
The whole family (up to 4 players) can learn the foreign language of their choice while playing this fun card game. Players learn games like Gin Rummy, Solitaire, Concentration and Go Fish as they combine red, white, and blue cards to form sentences (the cards can make over 5,000 sentences). On one side of the accompanying recording listen to pronunciation of words and a variety of sentence combinations. The other side contains an interactive language game to use along with the cards.

The English set has instructions in Spanish; the rest of the recordings have instructions in English. In other words, the English set is for Spanish speakers wanting to learn English, while the other recordings are for English speakers wanting to learn the language listed (Spanish, French, German or Italian).

Set includes: 54 game cards, instructions and 45 minute cassette or CD. 1-4 players, ages 7-adult.

CD $14.95 $12.99 each                  

English (Ingles):

CD: #3586


CD: #3551

Elementary Greek

Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners, Year One

Complete Set (Textbook, Workbook, Audio Companion, Flashcards)
by Christine Gatchell, Read by Ian Bogost
Textbook: Paperback 6x9", 176pp, ISBN 0-9742391-7-8
Workbook: Paperback 8.5x11", 96pp, ISBN 0-9742391-8-6
Audio Companion: 1 CD (74 minutes), ISBN 0-9742391-9-4
Flashcards: 130 coated cards, 2.5x3.5", ISBN 0-9742391-6-X

Designed to be used as a full course for teaching children as young as second or thirrd grade, Elementary Greek may also serve as a self-teaching program for teens and adults. No previous knowledge is necessary and each concept is covered thoroughly and reviewed regularly throughout the course.

Thirty weeks of daily lessons in the textbook insure a complete school year of brief, incremental lessons with no additional planning.Year One of this course introduces the Greek alphabet, basic vocabulary, grammar, and translation.  The audio companion CD aids in pronunciation of individual letters, words, grammar paradigms and passages. The set also includes flashcards that cover every vocabulary word used in the text.

Textbook: The text includes memory work, grammar lessons, review work, and practice exercises.

Workbook: Daily exercises and activities to coach translation skills and to reinforce concepts from the text, copywork for all memory verses and vocabulary, regular drill and creative review mean students build strong foundations for later study.

Audio companion: content tied directly to textbook lessons and tracked over 75 times to allow easy access to specific content from the textbook.

Flashcards: Covers the Greek alphabet (upper and lowercase) and all the vocabulary from the textbook, as well as heavy card stock with coating on both sides for durability. Includes English derivatives.

#GREEK $57.80 $51.99 One set available.

Fun with Chinese

Ý Click on the title above to view our Chinese resources.


Dictionary of Chinese-Japanese Characters, 4th edition
by Arthur Rose-Innes  - 5,000 most important kanji, plus combinations, arranged by radicals; on, kun, English. Many auxiliary aids. This is a reprint of the 4th edition (1959 edition). All in all "Rose-Innes" contains about 25,000 Japanese words.

Also included are tables on variant ways of writing characters; tables of both standard and unusual kana syllables, geographical terms, chronological terms, traditional weights and measures and more.

Paper, 565 pages. 8.5"x5.37"x1.16". Out of print, one copy available.

#4670 $18.95 $14.99

Fun with Latin

English from the Roots Up, Vol I: Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling and S.A.T. scores by Joegil Lundquist. If you are interested in learning important Greek and Latin roots, without studying the entire Latin language, English from the Roots Up is for you. It uses 63 Latin and 37 Greek root words. Included is a pronunciation guide, and a neat little explanation of Roman numerals (now you can translate the darn numbers at the end of movies!) My husband, Bill, took Latin in high school and says it helped him with English and prepared him for all the science classes he took as a biology major in college. Paper, 125 pages, Ages 7-adult. You may also be interested in the cards that go with this book and Volume II of the series). 

#1033 $29.95

English from the Roots Up word cards (for Vol I)- You can make your own cards to accompany the above book, but everyone I know prefers to use this pre-made set of cards for 100 Latin and Greek words.

#2135 $18.00

English from the Roots Up, Vol 1 Book & Word Cards FUNPak - English from the Roots Up, Vol 1 and one set of the English from the Roots Up word cards for Volume 1. #FUN71 $47.95 $37.99


English from the Roots Up, Volume II by Joegil Lundquist- The long-awaited second volume of EFTRU is finally here! Continuing the popular program begun in Volume I, this book gives you 100 new Greek and Latin root words to learn. The new words are a little more advanced than those in the Volume I edition, but are still easy enough for young learners. Many of the lessons also refer to lessons already presented in Volume I. A new feature in this volume: pronunciation guidance for Latin and Greek words on every page. In additions to more advanced content, there are also new activities. You do not need a background in Latin to learn or teach this program. Paper, 107 pages. Ages 9-adult.

#2311 $29.95
English from the Roots Up Word Cards (for Vol II)- You can make your own cards to accompany the above book, but everyone I know prefers to use this pre-made set of cards for 100 Latin and Greek words.

#2296 $18.00

English from the Roots Up, Vol II Book & Word Cards FUNPak - English from the Roots Up, Vol II and one set of the English from the Roots Up Word Cards for Volume II. #FUN72 $47.95 $37.99

English from the Roots Up Volumes I & II FUNPak
Buy both books (Volumes I & II) and save even more!
#FUN38 $59.90 $49.99

English from the Roots Up Whole Shebang FUNPak - Buy both books (Volumes I & II) and both sets of Word Cards (Volumes I & II) and receive your best savings. #FUN73 $95.90 $71.99

501 Latin Verbs Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses by Richard E. Prior and Joseph Wohlberg - The most commonly used 501 Latin verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation. Each verb is completely conjugated and presented in all forms. The book’s additional features include example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review.

Paper, 560 pages. #0500 $16.95 $12.99

Cattus Petasatus/The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss - One of the first books for countless children, this story of a free-spirited Cat who, with his high jinks and mischievous friends (Things One and Two) turns the house upside-down for two bored children on a rainy day is retold in Latin in Cattus Petasatus.

This edition features the original artwork of Dr. Seuss and a translation in rhyming verse that echoes the sound of the original The Cat in the Hat.

This Latin-language edition of Seuss' timeless first reader is a welcome, all-occasion gift, a delightful way to revisit a treasured tale, and an enjoyable way to refresh your high school Latin.

This set includes two books, one in Latin (paper) and one in English (hardcover).

#FUN89 $30.99 $21.99 One set available.

Rummy Roots: English Vocabulary Building Games - Our whole family had fun with this card game. After playing, the kids became very aware of all the words in our language that are based on Greek and Latin. "Hey, mom, bicycle-tricycle, two wheels-three wheels!" Exclamations like that would come from the back seat of our car on the way to the post office or from the kitchen table as we ate breakfast. It is designed for 2-4 players, ages 8-adult (our 6-year old played, with help. We also copied the vocabulary list so everyone could have one for reference).

Rummy Roots teaches 42 Greek and Latin roots, alphabetizing, dictionary skills, vocabulary and more using rules based on popular card games like Go Fish. It is fun and challenging, and there are several games on different levels. Play is enhanced by combining Rummy Roots with More Rummy Roots (see below).

Ages 8-adult. For 2-4 players.

 Rummy Roots #RR1 $15.95 Out of stock.

More Roots: English Vocabulary Building Games
Ready to learn more? More Roots continues along in the same format as Rummy Roots (above) and introduces new Greek & Latin roots to increase your knowledge and skill level.

There are several games on various levels so it's fun for a variety of ages and abilities.

Ages 8-adult. For 2-4 players.

More Roots #MRR $15.95

Japanese Stories and Music

Spanish Stories

Young Readers:

La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Spanish Edition) by Eric Carles - On Sunday a caterpillar hatches from his egg. On Monday he eats an apple. On Tuesday he eats two pears. On Wednesday he eats three plums. The hungry caterpillar eats more and more food for every day of the week. What will happen to the caterpillar after all this eating? Die-cut pages and colorfully textured collage illustrations accompany the simple text. Introduces readers to colors, foods, numbers, the days of the week, and the concept of metamorphosis.

Text in Spanish

Paper, 24 pages. 9"x5.8"x.9".

#1056 $7.99
One copy available.

Las Cosas Que Mas Nos Gustan! by Ivan Bulloch. - Real kids love to look at pictures of real kids. This board book is filled with photographs of children and bright, bold images of animals and objects. The beginning vocabulary makes it easy for children to read along and name the things they recognize in the pictures. Large size is ideal for child-parent reading time. Crisp photographs portray a multicultural view of the world

Hardcover board book, 12 pages. 9"x5.8"x.9". All Spanish vocabulary.

#4995 $4.95 $3.99
Out of print, one copy available. Left corner has some edgewear.

Los Trucos De Clifford by Norman Bridwell - A Spanish version of Clifford's Tricks, where Clifford, the big red dog, and another dog try to see who can perform tricks better.

Paper, 32 pages. 8"x8"x.1". Completely in Spanish.

#1238 $3.50

Por Aqui Y Por Alli by David Le Jars - Spanish vocabulary is paired with many of the objects and activities in a young child's life.

Colorful paper-collage style illustrations keep kids interested. Vocabulary entirely in Spanish.

Paper, 24 pages. 11"x8.5"x.1".

#9539 $5.95 $3.99

Si llevas un raton a la escuela (If You Take a Mouse to School, Spanish edition) by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond - If you take a mouse to school, he'll ask you for your lunch box. When you give him your lunch box, he'll want a sandwich to go in it. Then he'll need a notebook and some pencils. He'll probably want to share your backpack, too . . .

Si llevas un ratón a la escuela, te pedirá que le prestes tu maletita del almuerzo. Una vez que se la hayas prestado, también querrá un sándwich. Después, necesitará una libreta y lápices. Es casi seguro que también quiera compartir tu mochila…

The famous mouse from the New York Times #1 best-seller If You give a Mouse a Cookie is back for his first day of school.

Book is entirely in Spanish.

#3409 $15.99 $8.99

Siempre Te Querré  by Robert Munsch - A gentle affirmation of the love a parent feels for their child-- forever.

Para siempre te amré, para simepre te querré, mientras en mi haya vida, siempre sears mi bebé.

Text is completely in Spanish.

Paper, 32 pages. 8"x8"x1/4".

#5010X $4.95

Older Readers:

El ratoncito de la moto (The Mouse and the Motorcycle) - Ralph the mouse ventures out from behind the piney knothole in the wall of his hotel-room home, scrambles up the telephone wire to the end table, and climbs aboard the toy motorcycle left there by a young guest. His thrill ride does not last long. The ringing telephone startles Ralph, and he and the motorcycle take a terrible fall - right to the bottom of a metal wastebasket. Luckily, Keith, the owner of the motorcycle, returns to find his toy. Keith rescues Ralph and teaches him how to ride the bike. Thus begins a great friendship and many awesome adventures. Once a mouse can ride a motorcyle ... almost anything can happen!

This classic tale by one of the world's most beloved and distinguished authors is available in Spanish.

Spanish edition of The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Paper, 144 pages. 7.4"x5.1"x.5".

#0570 $5.99 $4.99 One copy available.

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