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Padraic Colum

Padraic Colum is one of the most acclaimed storytellers of the 1900's. His bigger-than-life stories spark children's imagination and carry them through the world of myths and legends.


The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter by Padraic Colum, illustrated by Patrick Reinhart - A forgotten treasure is now back in print! Time period: The Middle Ages.

Filled with intrigue, mystery and adventure, it is the tale of Eean, the fisherman's son, who overcomes the evil Zabulun with the aide of the kings horses and Bird-of-Gold and Merlin the Magician. The story takes Eean to the Tower of Babylon, Chiron the Centaur and Hermes Trismegistus.

Eean (the fisherman's son) and Bird-of-Gold (the bramble gatherer's daughter) are in search of the truth. They experience the cause and effect of several relationships along their journey in search of Merlin the Magician, the man who holds the answers.

Padraic Colum is one of the most acclaimed storytellers of the 1900's. Author of, The King of Ireland's Son, The Children of Odin and The Children's Homer, his stories are bigger than life. They spark children's imagination and carry them through the world of myths and legends.

Ages 11+.

Paper, 136 pages. 5.5"x8.5".

#7224 $10.95

The Children's Homer
by Padraic Colum. A classic retelling that combines the stories from Homer's Iliad and Odyssey into one exciting, heroic tale that introduces children to Greek mythology.

Travel back to a mythical time when Achilles, aided by the gods, waged war against the Trojans. And join Odysseus on his journey through murky waters, facing obstacles like the terrifying Scylla and whirring Charybdis, the beautiful enchantress Circe, and the land of the raging Cycl˘pes. Using narrative threads from The Iliad and The Odyssey, Padraic Colum weaves a stunning adventure with all the drama and power that Homer intended.

Paper, 256 pages. Ages 10-14.

#8839 $9.95

The Children of Odin: The Book of Northern Myths
by Padraic Colum, illustrations by Willy Pogany. A collection of Norse myths and legends, featuring gods such as Odin and Thor, as retold by Padraic Colum.
Before time as we know it began, gods and goddesses lived in the city of Asgard. Odin All Father crossed the Rainbow Bridge to walk among men in Midgard. Thor defended Asgard with his mighty hammer. Mischievous Loki was constantly getting into trouble with the other gods, and dragons and giants walked free. This collection of Norse sagas retold by author Padraic Colum gives us a sense of that magical time when the world was filled with powers and wonders we can hardly imagine.

Paper, 288 pages. Ages 10-14.

#8855 $9.95

The Golden Fleece: And the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
by Padraic Colum - Enter a world where harpies torment mortals, the Argonaut Orpheus sings, the mighty god Zeus wages war on the Titans, and Prometheus steals fire. Author Padraic Colum weaves the tales of Jason and his Argonauts with classic Greek mythology to create this captivating epic about life, war, and astounding beings who lived in a time long past.

Paper, 320 pages. Ages 10+.

#8849 $9.95

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