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U.S. History

"If You..." Series from Scholastic
Early Settlers
The Civil War
Native Americans
    Dover Little Activity Books
Laura Ingalls Wilder
A History of US - The excellent series by Joy Hakim
The Marrin Collection - From the Civil War to Vietnam, these books cover America's most recent wars with clear and compelling writing that will draw you in and keep you fascinated with the topics that are covered.
World Wars

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Americanization of Benjamin Franklin by Gordon S Wood  - We all know Franklin, or think we do: a genial polymath and self-improver who is known by us all as "the first American." The problem with this beloved notion is that it blinds us to the far more interesting man that Franklin really was.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Gordon Wood provides a fresh vision of Franklin's life and reputation, filled with profound insights into the Revolution and into the emergence of America's idea of itself.

Unabridged, 10 1/2 hours on 6 cassettes. Read by Peter Johnson.

Cassettes: #8855X $34.95 $17.99 One copy available.

An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 by Jim Murphy - Written for children, this is a historical overview of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793.

The nation's capital and the largest city in North America is devastated by an apparently incurable disease, cause unknown . . . In a powerful, dramatic narrative, critically acclaimed author Jim Murphy describes the illness known as yellow fever and the toll it took on the city's residents, relating the epidemic to the major social and political events of the day and to 18th-century medical beliefs and practices. Drawing on first-hand accounts, Murphy spotlights the heroic role of Philadelphia's free blacks in combating the disease, and the Constitutional crisis that President Washington faced when he was forced to leave the city--and all his papers--while escaping the deadly contagion. The search for the fever's causes and cure, not found for more than a century afterward, provides a suspenseful counterpoint to this riveting true story of a city under siege.

Thoroughly researched, generously illustrated with fascinating archival prints, and unflinching in its discussion of medical details, this book offers a glimpse into the conditions of American cities at the time of our nation's birth while drawing timely parallels to modern-day epidemics.

Bibliography, map, index. Illustrated with archival photographs. A 2004 Newbery Honor book.

Hardcover, 176 pages. Illustrated. 9.5"x7.1"x.9". Ages 10-14.

#6082X $17.00 $12.99 One copy available.

Colonies to Constitution Book One Teacher's Guide by Kevin O'Reilly (Critical Thinking) - This teacher's guide contains an introduction, reproducible lessons to introduce each skill covered in the series, suggested teaching strategies and answers for each lesson in the student text, and test questions.

We only have the Teacher's Guide in stock.

Paper, 152 pages.

#414X $16.99

Early American History for Intermediate Grades, with an Addendum for Grades 7/8 (A Literature Approach) by Rea Berg - Suitable for the 5th/6th grade student as a starting point or as a continuation of the Early American History Primary Guide, this read-aloud one-year course covers in greater detail the Vikings through the Civil War.

This teacher's guide provides daily instruction in journal-keeping, map-making, biblical principles, character surveys, government, and more! It also includes student tests and the use of the Early American Time Line. Authors include writers as Esther Forbes, Elizabeth Yates, James Daugherty, Jeri Ferris, Carl Sandburg, among others. Contains 119 lessons and it is suggested that 3-4 lessons be completed each week.

The guide is written from a Christian perspective, so there are some Biblical references and Scripture.

Paper, spiral bound, 8.5"x11".

#BF23 $14.95 One copy available.

Early American History Time Line, compiled by Rea C. Berg, illustrated by Christen Blechschmid. From Leif Erickson to the Civil War these eighteen lively illustrations of major events and individuals in America's early history will truly bring this time period to life for learners. Included is a poem to aid learners in memorizing these events in our nation's history.

With their dated illustrations of significant events and individuals, learners cut and color the detailed drawings and paste them on two 6" x 34" card-stock strips which are scored and able to fold for convenient storage in a notebook. Many learners will mount their completed time lines on the wall. They stretch to nearly six feet in length! They can be used with any study of early American history or with publisher Beautiful Feet's Early American History Through Literature study guides.

One Student Kit #BF03 $8.95
One copy available.

Two Student Kit - This kit is for those who have two learners who want to each have their own time line to color. Contains materials for two complete time lines. Save $4.00!

#BF03B $13.95 One copy available.

Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This?
(Book 6, Uncle Eric series) by Richard Maybury helps readers learn how to sort through reading material and identify the philosophical slant of most writers on the subjects of law, history, economics and literature. Maybury helps you find material generally in agreement with the economic and legal models he discusses in his other books. You can apply his guidelines to any spoken or written work (movies, books, newspapers).

Can be used in studying Economics, Business, Finance, Government and History.

Paper, 110 pages.

#7533 $10.95

George Washington & the Founding of a Nation by Albert Marrin - George Washington was a man that fascinated his contemporaries. Son of a Virginia family of modest means, almost entirely self-educated, ambitious for both material wealth and the high regard of others, Washington would rise through diligent application of his abilities to become the first general to win a modern revolutionary war, the first president of the United States, "the first in the hearts of his countrymen."

Albert Marrin has written a highly readable, fast-paced account of the life and times of this man who would put to rest his compatriots' fear of monarchy and forge a unity among the fractious American states -- at least for a while. For, as Marrin takes pains to show, Washington knew firsthand both the economies of slave owning and the contradictions it posed for the new republic. Toward the end of his life, after two terms as president, he pronounced for the future, "I can clearly foresee that nothing but rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our union."

Includes photos, maps, charts, prints, and line drawings.

Paper, 288 pages. 10"x8"x.7". Ages 12-17.

#0689 $25.00 Out of print; one copy available.

George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour - This slim volume contains 110 rules that George Washington wrote down at the age of 14. The rules "were drawn from an English translation of a French book of maxims and were intended to polish manners, keep alive the best affections of the heart, impress the obligations of moral virtues, teach how to treat others in social relations, and - above all - inculcate the practice of perfect self-control."

Many of the rules may sound quaint to the modern person, but they represent not only the importance of good manners but the importance of self-sacrifice for the good of others. It's a fascinating slice of history and would make a great graduation gift.

Hardcover Book, 30 pages. 6.9"x4.3"x.3" (it's small).

#103X $9.95 $8.99

A History of the American People by Paul Johnson charts the sweep and drama of America's history through it's politics and economics, it's art and literature and science, it's society and manners and, not least, it's complex religious beliefs. From Walter Raleigh to Bill Clinton, Paul Johnson casts an admiring but not uncritical eye over events and personalities through the past 400 years. National Best Seller.

Paper, 1104 pages.

#0349 $20.00 $14.99

Kids Learn America: Bringing Geography to Life with People, Places & History
(A Kids Can! Book) - States are presented by geographic region, and each is given two to four pages in the book. Includes trivia, easy activities & crafts, recipes and more.

Paper, 176 pages. Ages 7-12. 

#3317 $12.95 $11.65

See the Geography section for more about U.S. geography.

Stars & Stripes Forever: The History, Stories, and Memories of Our American Flag by Richard H. Schneider - A celebration of one of America's most revered national treasures, Schneider's "Taps" won hearts from coast to coast. Now this moving and fascinating follow-up offers an in-depth cultural history of one of the most enduring and recognized emblems: the flag. It is a symbol of unity and a subject of controversy. It can be found in the depths of the Earth's oceans and on the rocky surface of the moon. It is our flag - the Stars and Stripes - a swath of red, white, and blue that represents America's past and its present...and inspires its future. In this moving and informative volume, the author delivers an intriguing history and a powerful tribute to our flag.

There are many entertaining and enlightening stories, including that of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key's "The Star Spangled Banner"; the flag that was stained by Lincoln's blood at Ford's Theater in 1888, and the flag raised at Ground Zero amid the wreckage of the World Trade Center. In addition to historical facts and little-known lore, he offers heartfelt recollections from celebrities and ordinary citizens alike whose lives have been indelibly touched by Old Glory.

Hardcover, 208 pages. 40 illustrations. 7"x6.25x.9"

#5371 $14.95 $11.99   Out of print, one copy available.

Switched on Schoolhouse State History: Maryland (Alpha Omega Publications) - A CD-ROM curriculum that explores the history of Maryland. Gain an in-depth knowledge of individual states through an interactive survey of state government, history, economics, business and industry, natural resources, populations, cultures and religious history. Instead of rote memorization of facts, students use critical thinking and research skills as they prepare essays and other research projects.

Designed to be a semester or year-long programs for ages 12-18. Created by a Christian publisher. Copyright 2000. Box has some damage.

Recommended systems requirements: multimedia PC, Pentium 133 or better, 16MB RAM, 16-bit sound card capable of 22,050KHz or better, SVGA video card capable of 640x480/256 colors, minimum of 4x CD-ROM, Windows 95/98 (not Windows NT), printer recommended, 12MB min. free disk space.

CDROM #4054 $26.95 $16.99   One copy available.

Thomas Jefferson's America
(Jim Weiss) - Thomas Jefferson lived a dozen lifetimes in one. Patriot, scientist, architect, president, author of the Declaration of Independence, he preferred above all titles, "father" and "grandfather". Yet demand for his unique skills drew him from the quiet home he loved. In this recording, you will thrill to true stories of war and peace, loyalty and betrayal, battles against empires and struggles against slavery.

Ages 7 to adult.

CD Only: #386X $14.95 $12.99

Wee Sing America: Songs of Patriots & Pioneers
. 53 songs & quotes on a one-hour audio cassette. 64-page illustrated book with complete lyrics included. Sing along with Yankee Doodle, Pick a Bale O'Cotton, You're a Grand Old Flag & more. When our children were little, we used this recording to practice songs before attending a Flag Day event. It fit our need perfectly.

CD/Cassette Combo: #9329 $11.99  

This edition is no longer available as a cassette/cd combo. We have two copies left.

Yo, Millard Fillmore
by Cleveland & Alvarez. The authors claim that after reading this book once (or maybe twice), you will know all the presidents backwards and forwards. It really works! They use amusing images that fix themselves in your memory. Example: imagine a giant washing machine on the lawn of the White House big enough to wash a ton of dirty clothes (Washington), then you imagine lifting the machine's lid and you see swirling in the bubbles atoms (Adams). The book elicited giggles from me and the kids.

Paper, 116 pages.

#2360 $7.95

Your Story Hours: Vol. 2 (6 cassettes) - This collection of historical stories illustrates the courage, dedication, and faith of persons who, despite adversities, perservered to follow their vision. Includes the following stories:

-George Washington Part I: George's growing-up years
-George Washington Part II: The French/Indian War
-George Washington Part III:Marriage, War of Independence, Valley Forge
-George Washington Part IV: Mr. President
-Henry Ford Part I: First Car
-Henry Ford Part II: Persistence pays off
-Honey Creek Heroine: Girl saves hundred from watery grave
-The Autograph: John Hancock borrows Rebekah's pen
-Special Strength: Quaker Lady opens school for black girls
-The Most Important Treasure: Families face crises and survive with wisdom and courage
-The Good Neighbor: Biography of a lady frontier doctor
-Sandy's Singing: Young Sam Clemens learns compassion
-Bread on the Waters:Louisa May Alcott's childhood
-The Clock Struck Ten: God works a miracle through an unlikely person.

Enjoyable listening for "kids of all ages"! Each cassette is approximately one-hour in length.

#5767 $24.95 $14.99 One copy available.

Jean Fritz Books

Award-winning author Jean Fritz brings to life historical figures and makes their stories interesting, informative, and entertaining for young readers. Ages 8-11.

And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz. Everyone knows about Paul Revere's Big Ride to Lexington. But not everyone knows the harrowing details andnarrow escapes that occurred along the way. And did you know that Paul Revere forgot his spurs on his famous ride? Or that he whittle false teeth to make extra money? Or that he had really sloppy handwriting? Or that he had sixteen chlildren?

Paper, 48 pages. Scholastic edition. This is a smaller format, with a smaller font size, and a stapled spine rather than one that is glued in the PaperStar edition. Ages 8-11.

#2043 $2.95 (One copy available)

Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt! by Jean Fritz - Written for children, this is an introduction to the fascinating life of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. Much of the book focuses on Roosevelt's early years, giving readers the chance to note such things as how his childhood love of nature contributed to his presidential decision to establish several national forests, bird and game preserves, and national parks. Readers will also learn how Roosevelt, a sickly, asthmatic child, worked to improve his physical strength, and, defying doctors' orders, lived a life full of action and adventure. Most of all, this biography conveys Roosevelt's never-ending lust for, and enjoyment of, life.

Paper, 127 pages. Scholastic edition. Illustrated with occasional black and white drawings. Ages 10+.

#5168X $5.99 $4.99
(One copy available)

Where was Patrick Henry On the 29th of May? by Jean Fritz. Patrick Henry did not always wear fine silk shirts and shoes with silver buckles. He grew up running barefoot and fidgeting in schoolrooms, anxious to be outside fishing or hunting. He became a lawyer because he loved to listen to arguments, but ait took him a while to argue successfully. Patrick Henry bumbled and mumbled through some early cases, but when the issue was freedom, suddenly he became an impressive, dramatic speaker who inspired crowds with the cry of "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Paper, 48 pages. PaperStar edition. Ages 8-11.

#4396 $5.99 (One copy available)

Stonewall by Jean Fritz - No one thought Thomas Jackson would grow up to be a hero. Certainly not his childhood friends, who laughed at him when he fell into the river on the way to church and then sat through the service in his wet clothes. The cadets at West Point watched him sweat buckets whenever he had to speak in class and doubted if he'd even graduate. But through it all, Jackson's determination to succeed served him well. He found that war allowed him to be the kind of man he'd always dreamed of being. While other soldiers fell back in terror, Jackson stood "like a stone wall" and went on to be one of the most brilliant and heroic military leaders in America.

Paper, 160 pages. 7.7"x5.2"x.4".

#5521 $5.99   

Why don't you get a horse, Sam Adams? by Jean Fritz - In the early days of America, when men ruffles on their shirts, rode horseback, and swore allegiance to the King of England, there lived a man in Boston who cared for none of these things. Samuel Adams turned up his nose at ruffles, wouldn't get on a horse, and hated the King of England. No one expected him to change his mind about the king or about frilly clothes, but his friends did think he might get on a horse. But would he? Never! he said.

Paper, 48 pages. (PaperStar edition). Ages 8-11.

#4167 $5.99 (One copy available)


"If You..." Series from Scholasticwpe25.jpg (2228 bytes)

The If You... series of books is written for the 4th-5th grade level (however, I read many of the books to my 6 year old) and has colorful illustrations about the time period covered. Special emphasis is placed on what the lives of children in each time period are like. All paper, 64-80 pages.
$5.99 $5.39 each

#1545 If You Grew Up with Abraham Lincoln 
#582X If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King
#1626 If You Lived With the Sioux Indians


Early Settlers

American Family of the Pilgrim Period
(Dover) -  Eight paper dolls in full color and 28 costumes: authentically rendered suits, busks, jerkins, capes, shifts, petticoats, corsets, linen shirts, breeches, and more - for work and travel, for leisure wear and for special occasions.

Informative text provides abundant details on accessories.

#335X $5.95

The Landing of the Pilgrims
by James Daugherty. The author draws on the Pilgrims' own journals to portray the hardships faced by the Pilgrims in the New World. Part of the Landmark series.

Paper, 152 pages.

#6974 $5.99

Samuel Eaton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy
by Kate Waters. Photographed in full color at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts.

Follow Samuel's day from the time he wakes up in the morning and does his daily chores to his first time helping his father harvest the rye. Excellent.

Paper, 40 pages.

#0537 $5.99

Hardcover: We also have one copy of the hardcover version. The cover has some mild creasing on the edges.
#311X $14.95 $9.99 (Out of print, one copy available).

Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl
by Kate Waters. Photographed in full color at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts.

Follow Sarah's day from the time she wakes up in the morning and does her daily chores to when she goes to bed with her "poppet." Excellent.

Paper, 32 pages.

#4006 $5.99


A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution by Betsy and Giulio Maestro - This easy-to-understand book tells why and how the Constitution of the United States was created. It is an unforgettable story of 55 men and the Constitution they created in 1787 to give the struggling new government a foundation that has held strong ever sense.

"Simple, attractive, informative....The simplest and most accessible history of the Constitution to date."--School Library Journal.

Paper, 48 pages. Full-color illustrations, large print. 11"x9"x.2". Ages 7-12.  An ALA Notable Children's Book.

#1925 $7.95  One copy available.

American Family of the Colonial Era: Paper Dolls in Full Color -
Spanning three generations, an American family of eight is shown in period attire worn for housework, farming, and formal occasions. Wardrobes include lace-and-ruffle embellished gowns, a judge's robe, military uniforms, an elegant suit of green velvet, Indian-inspired frontier attire, and much more.

8 paper dolls. 32 costumes.

#394X $5.95

The American Revolution for Kids: A History with 21 Activities by  Janis Herbert - Heroes, traitors, and great thinkers come to life in this activity book, and the concepts of freedom and democracy are celebrated in true accounts of the distinguished officers, wise delegates, rugged riflemen, and hardworking farm wives and children who created the new nation. This collection tells the story of the Revolution, from the hated Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party to the British surrender at Yorktown and the creation of the United States Constitution. These 21 activities make learning about the American Revolution fun and memorable.

Kids create a fringed hunting shirt and a tricorn hat and reenact the Battle of Cowpens. They will learn how to make their voices heard in "I Protest" and how Congress works in "There Ought to Be a Law." A final selection including the Declaration of Independence, a glossary, biographies, and pertinent Web sites makes this book a valuable resource.

Paper, 160 pages. 11"x8.5". Ages 9 and up.

#4561 $16.95

Colonial Days
: Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activities and Projects by David King - Follow the lives of a fictitious Mayhew family of Massachusetts to learn what life was like during colonial times (1732) while doing the accompanying activities.

Paper, 118 pages. Ages 9-12.

#1683 $12.95 $9.99

King George: What Was His Problem? : Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the American Revolution (by Steve Sheinkin, illustrated by Tim Robinson - What do the  most famous traitor in history, hundreds of naked soldiers, and a salmon lunch have in common? They're all part of the amazing story of the American Revolution.

In the pages of this book, you'll meet the British big shots (and find out why Benedict Arnold REALLY went bad), get to know the founding fathers (like John Hancock who, while fleeing British troops, still obsessed about the salmon he'd left behind), and take a front row seat at Revolutionary battles (such as the battle of Eutaw Springs, where hundreds of patriot soldiers headed into battle "as naked as they were born").

This is the story of the Revolution that you won't read in a textbook, from the first shots to the formation of the United States: fast, frighteinng, funny, and entirely true.

Hardcover, 207 pages. 8.5"x6.3"x.9".

#3199 $19.95 $14.99 One copy available.

The Life of Washington: In Words of One Syllable by Josephine Pollard - This 1893 reprint is largely devoted to Washington’s life during the American Revolution, however, the main purpose according to the author was to give its young readers a distinct and vivid idea of the exalted character and priceless services of the man who was commonly referred to as the “Father of his Country.”

Written in single syllables for the early reader, the book is also an interesting look at literature written for children over 100 years ago. Apparently, in the late 1800s a whole series of books were written in “words of one syllable." Any word with more than one syllable was broken into individual syllables, as in Wash-ing-ton. This allowed young children access to more complex works of literature.

Paper, 113 pages. Ages 9-11, but interesting for all lovers of history. One copy available. Book has slight damage (creasing to one corner).

#3064 $10.95 $9.99

Made for Trade
board game - Learn what everyday life was like for ordinary citizens in early America and practice bartering and money management as you shop the stores of a colonial village.  Like American settlers, players will need to visit different shops to attain items they need by paying shillings or by trading.

Includes four different games for multi-level play. A fun lesson in history and economics for all ages.

2-4 players, Ages 8+.

#501AX  $25.00 $22.99

Phoebe the Spy
by Judith Berry Griffin. A young girl acts as a spy in order to guard General Washington's life.

Paper, 48 pages. Independent reading level: age 9.

#4327 $3.99

Poor Richard by James Daugherty - This lively text exemplifies both the man and the artist. Benjamin Franklin lived in turbulent times and met those times head-on with passion and gusto. James Daugherty captured that essential nature of Franklin in his energetic and dramatic three-color lithographs that reveal the neophyte as he faces the fresh soil of a young nation filled with optimism and promise.

From his Quaker childhood to his early days as printer's apprentice to runaway, to stranger in the City of Brotherly Love, to the "Water American" in London, Ben's youth was filled with adventures and challenges that taught him invaluable lessons about human nature. These lessons would serve him well as he grew to be a leader of the young colonies as they faced the tyranny of Britain. As a leader in the American Revolution he was indispensable as an ambassador to England and later France where he won the hearts of the nation by his simple Quaker wisdom and geniality.

All these things were accomplished while he pursued his interests as scientist, inventor, and prolific author. In everything he did, Franklin was always compelled by how he might best serve his fellow man.

This book was originally published in 1941 and the publisher has preserved the author's two and three color drawings so that you may enjoy his books in their original context.

Paper, 162 pages. 9.25"x6.25"x.5".

#3030 $16.95

The Revolution Game: Master American Revoluiton History & History - Includes campaigns, locations, dates, commanders, opposing forces, battle results. Easy to play, educational and fun, ideal for children and adults. Each game includes: colorful playing board, deck of 50 game cards, instructions for 3 levels of play, battle & campaign summaries, revolution chronology & data, reproducible activities & puzzles, study guide, bibliography, and more. Plus: free American Revolution Poster.

Ages 8 to adult, 1 to 6 players or more.

#RWX $16.95 $12.99 One copy available. Box is scuffed.

Civil War Heroes
(Bellerophon Coloring Book) -  More than just a coloring book, the stories of great generals of both sides of the Civil War and of their famous battles are included along with line drawings to color.


#1306 $4.95

Civil War Heroines
(Bellerophon Coloring Books) - Braver than a squad of generals, these daring women are inspiring. See their exciting deeds; read their heroic stories; color their beautiful uniforms.


#1470 $4.95

Now the Drum of War by Robert Roper - The famous poet, Walt Whitman, was also a nurse to wounded soldiers during the Civil War. This had a profound effect on the way he saw the world.

Drawing on the searing letters that Walt Whitman, his brother George, their mother Louisa, and their other brothers wrote to each other during the Civil War, this work chronicles the experience of an archetypal American family enduring its own long crisis alongside the anguish of the nation.

Hardcover, 432 pages. 9.5x6.4x1.4".

#5531 $28.00 $12.99

Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the American Civil War (Jim Weiss) - The passion of the American Civil War comes alive as we look at pairs of remarkable, courageous and dedicated women from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. These are true, thrilling stories that girls, boys and parents will find exciting and inspiring.

1. Shouting Against the Wind: The Story of Sarah and Angelina Grimke
2. Not Quite Like Anyone Else: The Story of Lottie and Ginnie Moon
3. Turning the Tide: The Story of Anna Ella Carroll
4. Lifesaver: The Story of Sallie Tompkins
5. Appareled in Honor: The Story of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
6. They Called Her Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman

Ages 7 to adult.

CD: #3635 $14.95 $12.99

Commander in Chief: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War by Albert Marrin  This biography of Lincoln concentrates on his years as president during the Civil War. Readers will learn not about Lincoln the icon, but about Lincoln the person: a man who was full of intelligence and great sorrow, who was determined to end slavery but who, in his own way, was prejudiced. To provide a true feeling of life during the Civil War, the author quotes from letters, speeches, newspapers, diaries, poems, song, and memoirs of the time.

The author presents a vivid, informative, and moving portrait of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

Illustrated with black and white photographs.

Paper, 256 pages. 10"x8"x.7". Ages 12-18.

#0694 $25.00
Out of print; one copy available.

American Family of the Civil War Era: Paper Dolls in Full Color
Recapture the flavor and drama of 1860 with an American family of 9 paper dolls and 36 authentic Civil War era costumes. Hoop skirts and off-the-shoulder dresses for the ladies; military uniforms, cravats and waistcoats for the man. Descriptive notes.

#833X $5.95

The Civil War (America Goes to War) by Kerry A. Graves - War. When? Where? Why? This book delivers an in-the-trenches perspective of the war. It summarizes the initial conflict, major battles, and final outcome while giving details about the daily lives of the soldiers. Easy-to-read text is supported by illustrations, photographs, facts, and sidebars.

Hardcover (reinforced library binding), 48 pages. 8.75"x6.25"x.4". Ages 9-12.

#5826X $23.93 $10.99

The Civil War for Kids: A History with 21 Activities Make butternut dye for a Rebel uniform, learn drills and signals with flags, and bake hardtack while learning about this important period in U.S. history. Twenty-one activities accompany the text, and there are interesting sidebars and a resource section. Included are numerous photos throughout (there are a couple of scenes of the aftermath of battle, which you'd normally see in a book about war, but parents may want to screen first).

Paper, 145 pages. Ages 9 & up.  

#3556 $14.95

From Antietam to Gettysburg: A Civil War Coloring Book (Dover). Forty-five precise black-and-white illustrations document great battles; generals of the War Between the States; Pickett's charge at Cemetery Ridge; Union Army retreat from Fredericksburg; portraits of Lee, Meade, Hood, other generals. Detailed, informative captions. Valuable learning tool, enjoyable coloring experience.

Paper, 48 pages.

#4768 $3.95

Gettysburg by MacKinlay Kantor (Landmark Books) - Describes the bloodiest engagement of the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg, and its impact on the people in that part of Pennsylvania. Much more than an account of advances and retreats, Gettysburg is the story of the men and women who heard the whine of shells and felt the sting of wounds during three horrific days of bloodshed.

Paper, 156 pages. Ages 9-12. 5.25"x7.5"x.5".

#1813 $5.99

Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself
by Maxine Anderson looks at life on the homefront and on the battlefield during this unique period of American History. The 25 hands-on building projects and activities ranging from homemade berry ink and corn husk dolls to periscopes ignite enthusiasm for the Civil War era in kids 9 and older.

Paper, 140 pages. Ages 9+. Illustrations throughout. 8"x10".

#4419 $14.95

Robert E. Lee
by Roy Blount, Jr. -   Fascinated by what made Lee such a charismatic though reluctant leader, Blount delves into the influences of Lee's illustrious but scandal-clouded ancestry: his hero-turned-scapegrace father, and his beloved, beautiful, husband-forsaken mother.

Hardcover, 224 pages. 7.75"x5.5"x.75"

#2204 $19.95 $16.99

The Story of the Underground Railroad Coloring Book
(Dover) - Forty-four dramatically illustrated scenes tell the story of the secret network that took runaway slaves from southern states to the North and Canada between 1830 and 1860.  Fact-filled captions.

Paper, 48 pages. 

#1583 $3.95

An UnCivil War: The Boys Who Were Left Behind by Rebecca Clark Cornwell - When the Civil War intruded on their lives, 12-year-old cousins Johnny and Silas were forced to become men much sooner than anyone imagined.

The UnCivil War offers a dramatic and poignant illustration of the significance of the Civil War as a defining moment in American History.

Paper, 228 pages.

#4901X $9.99 $8.99 One copy available.

wpeA.jpg (1615 bytes)Cowboys


Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks by Chester Byers, with contributions by Will Rogers and Fred Stone. (A re-publication of the 1928 edition). Written by an old-time champion rope spinner. Gives clear, well-illustrated instructions for spinning simple flat loops, vertical loops, Wedding Ring, complicated Ocean Wave, and other rope tricks. Also get to know the famous rope spinners of the past.

Illustrated. Paper, 99 pages

#7118 $5.95

Native Americans

Arrow Over The Door by Joseph Bruchac is a historical fiction novel written for ages 9 - 12.  It is based on an actual event that took place in 1777 just before the Battle of Saratoga.  The chapters alternate between two 14 year old boys, Stands Straight who is Abenaki Indian and Samuel Russell who is Quaker.

The alternating chapters describe the boy's lives and help readers gain an understanding of the complex world they live in.


Paper, 90 pages.

#5714 $4.99

Between Earth & Sky: Legends of Native American Sacred Places
by Joseph Bruchac -  With grace and drama, Abenaki poet and author Joseph Bruchac retells ten Native American legends of awe-inspiring landscapes. These wise stories, together with Thomas Locker's illuminating paintings, evoke the sacred places above, below, and within us all.

The book includes a brief pronunciation guide and a map showing the location of many of the different original Native nations.

One of our customer enjoys Joseph Bruchac's work so much, she called to highly recommend his work and that's how we found out about him!

Ages: 4-8. Paper, 32 pages.

#0620 $7.00

Pocahontas Sticker Book
- Reenact scenes from the life of Pocahontas with these stickers. Twenty full-color self-adhesive stickers depict the Indian princess and the people of her village, the arrival of English colonists, her meeting with Captain John Smith, Pocahontas' appeal to save his life, and more.


#6819 $1.00
Out of print.

Dover Little Activity Books (4 1/16"x5 3/4")

Iron-on Transfers $1.00 each
Based on Native American motifs, these iron-on transfers can be used in a variety of crafts.
All are out of print, and we have limited copies.

Plains Indians #8676
Northwest Indian #4468
Southwest Indian #7704
Woodland Indian  #2983

Stickers $1.00 each
A limited number of copies are available.

Pocahontas Stickers #6819
Southwest Indian Stickers  #912XX
Southwest Indian Life Stickers #6571

Stencils $1.00 each
A limited number of copies are available.

Fun with Northwest Indian Stencils #073X
Fun with Southwest Indian Stencils #6961

Paper Doll Set

#FUN28R $3.00
Includes all 3 of the following (one set left):

Little Plains Indian Girl Paper Doll
Little Woodlands Indian Girl Paper Doll
Southwest Indian Boy Paper Doll

The Story of Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis and Clark by Della Rowland. Learn about the life of Sacajawea and of the valuable contributions she made to the Lewis and Clark Expedition as she helped guide them on their exploratory journey in the early 1800's.

Paper, 91 pages.  

#2158 $4.99

Damaged copy of The Story of Sacajawea - The book has some mild edgewear to one corner.
#D-2158 $4.99 $3.99

See also Lewis and Clark for Kids and The Lewis and Clark Expedition Coloring Book under Pioneers/Explorers.

Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell. Bright Morning, a 14-year-old Navaho girl, is captured by Spanish slavers. Later, her family is forced to migrate from their homeland, journeying along a 300-mile route known by the Navajos as The Long Walk. I experienced both sadness and joy in reading this tale of heartache and triumph over adversity. Moving historical fiction.

Paper, 124 page. Ages 9-12. A Newbery Award Winner. 

#9757 $6.50



American Pioneer Paper Dolls
(Dover) - Three generations of an American pioneer family are depicted. The clothes for the grandparents, parents, and children are representative of what the different ages would have worn in the mid-19th century.

Nine dolls come with 36 full-color costumes for work and play — buckskins, calico frocks, cowboy outfits, and more — plus a cutout of a covered wagon. An introduction and notes offer descriptive details.

#0352 $6.95

Gone West: Bold Adventures of American Explorers and Pioneers (Jim Weiss) - A new nation that would stretch from ocean to ocean: this was the dream. Follow it into reality, from Jefferson and Monroe arranging the Louisiana Purchase through the bold explorations of Lewis & Clark, and Sacagawea. Experience the dawning of a new age aboard Robert Fulton's steamboat, and ride the rumbling wagons of the Oregon Trail pioneers. Feel the devastating effects faced by proud native American warriors, and witness the mammoth undertaking of the transcontinental railroad. Journey with the brave souls who hung out the sign, "Gone West!"

Lewis & Clark Sacagawea Robert Fulton and the Steamboat American Pioneers Native American Indians and much more...

Approximately 80 minutes, 13 tracks: Introduction: A Dream As Big As a Continent, The Louisian Purchase, Lewis & Clark, The Journey Begins, Discovery & Danger on the Prairie, Sacagawea, Grizzly Bears, Rivers & Mountains, To the Pacific & Back, Mr. Fulton's Steamboat, Days & Nights on the Oregon Trail, The Buffalo & the Iron Horse, Railroad Men.

Timeline: Timeline: 1800's (United States). 1803-1869.

CD only. #3642 $14.95 $11.99

Lewis and Clark for Kids by Janis Herbert. Learn about the Corps of Discovery expedition led by Lewis & Clark into the western America at the beginning of the 19th century in this well-illustrated book. Within the text there are 21 activities, including making a tipi, a pair of moccasins, a dance rattle, and a buffalo mask. Learn what the west was like in the early 1800s: the type of animals and plants that existed, the many Native American tribes and their traditions, what the land was like, and more!

Our family has been so fascinated by this expedition, that we hope to visit Monticello sometime soon (President Jefferson commissioned the Corps of Discovery) and may even attempt to follow the Lewis & Clark trail someday.

Paper, 143 pp. 

#3742 $16.95

See also The Story of Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis and Clark under Native Americans.


A Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life of a Pioneer Famly in 1840 What a find! This wonderful book combines fact and fiction to introduce the reader to mid-nineteenth-century pioneer life. The fictional story begins each section and is followed by the tasks the pioneer family is engaged in and a project for the reader to try. There are many attractive pencil drawings throughout the book. The combination of a story and activities really appealed to my children. I like this book very much!

The publisher suggests ages 9-12, but it's easy to use with a wider range of ages. Paper, 240 pages.

#3938 $15.00

Quilt Block History of Pioneer Days: With Projects Kids Can Make by Mary Cobb - The pioneers who traveled west across the United States made beautiful quilts. They chose patterns based on their daily lives, on special events, and on the natural world around them. In this book,y ou can find out what dozens of quilt-block designs - from a simple nine-patch block to Martha Washington's star - tell about America's early days.

Easy papercraft quilt projects let you make your own quilt blocks without sewing a single stitch.

Paper: #6927 $8.95 $5.99

Hardcover: #4858 $20.00 $15.99 Out of print, one copy available.


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