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Characters in the story are very well developed and there are no "good guys" or "bad guys".  The story explores delicate ideas of peace, war, freedom, family and devotion in a compassionate and exciting, suspenseful way. The title  refers to the ending of the book in which the Abenakis place an arrow over the door of the Quakers house of worship to show that they are people of peace.  Pacifism triumphs in this story of compassion and wisdom in the real world.

Included in the book are full-page drawings in shades of gray and  author's notes recounting research done and any changes he made in his retelling.
Our pre-teen son enjoyed the book very much, as did myself, our 15-year-old niece and many other family members who read it very quickly and passed it along! I plan to read it to my 9 year old this summer and am quite sure he  will want to spend a long day reading so we hear all of it - the same way he has with other Bruchac chapter stories!

Reviewed by Sara Braveheart.

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