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Early American History Time Line, compiled by Rea C. Berg, illustrated by Christen Blechschmid. From Leif Erickson to the Civil War these eighteen lively illustrations of major events and individuals in America's early history will truly bring this time period to life for learners. Included is a poem to aid learners in memorizing these events in our nation's history.

With their dated illustrations of significant events and individuals, learners cut and color the detailed drawings and paste them on two 6" x 34" card-stock strips which are scored and able to fold for convenient storage in a notebook. Many learners will mount their completed time lines on the wall. They stretch to nearly six feet in length! They can be used with any study of early American history or with publisher Beautiful Feet's Early American History Through Literature study guides.

One Student Kit #BF03 $8.95
One copy available.

Two Student Kit - This kit is for those who have two learners who want to each have their own time line to color. Contains materials for two complete time lines. Save $4.00!

#BF03B $13.95 One copy available.


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