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Miquon Math Materials

This is our favorite math program for young children. Our son enjoyed using Cuisenaire Rods, so we thought he might like trying Miquon Math (say "MeeKwon"). After previously being exposed to boring math drills (through a workbook that he bought with his own money), he was beginning to dread math. We tucked that bothersome workbook on top of a high bookshelf (he never missed it). After a break from math, we then introduced the Miquon materials. Using it at his own pace, he learned to enjoy math again.

Miquon's use of manipulatives makes learning math a hands-on process and makes it easy to show concrete examples of abstract math concepts. We also like the way the program encourages different ways of looking at a problem, and we like the low prices.

Miquon is not a traditional math curriculum. It is a math laboratory based on the belief that observation, investigation and the discovery of math patterns are the keys to gaining mathematical comprehension. Rather than focus on arithmetic, Miquon presents a broader introduction to math and provides the basic tools to help your child become an independent problem solver from the beginning. They'll be multiplying and dividing and working with fractions in the first year and graphing algebraic equations by the third year. This is not a "drill and kill" program that expects you to memorize a few rigid rules and algorithms that you then apply even if you don't understand them. The whole emphasis is on understanding the concepts and exploring a variety of learning styles and approaches that work best for you. Creativity is encouraged and children can use unconventional approaches that work best for them.

The program is designed for grades 1-3 (2 books per year), but it can be used in a wider age range and at any pace desired (many do a book a year). It is used in conjunction with Cuisenaire Rods. We recommend that children who have done a year or two of math still start at the first level. A lot of the  material will be review, but there will be enough new concepts introduced to make it worthwhile. Children with have done two to three years of more traditional math programs may want to start at level three. For children with three or four years of math, you may want to start at level five. With older children, you will probably want to move on to a different program like the Key to...series. It may help you to look at the Miquon Scope and Sequence chart to see what topics are covered in each of the workbooks to decide which level to start at.

The Lab Sheet Annotations book is essential, as well as a set of Cuisenaire Rods. Price per level in table below:
$7.95 each

We sometimes have some damaged copies of the Miquon Math books (corner creases). We'll take an extra dollar off each damaged book. If you would like a damaged copy(ies), please indicate so in our shopping cart's comments box. If we have a damaged book(s) available, we will include it. If not, we will send you an undamaged copy at the regular price.

Miquon Scope and Sequence chart

#4503 Orange Book (Level 1)
#4511 Red Book (Level 2)
#452X Blue Book (Level 3)
#4538 Green Book (Level 4)
#4546 Yellow Book (Level 5)
#4554 Purple Book (Level 6)

Notes to Teachers contains Miquon's philosophical statement about children, learning, and teaching and gives an overview of the Miquon program. Tips included. Paper.
#4627 $7.95

Lab Sheet Annotations contains instructions for use of the children's lab sheets in the entire series of Miquon books. Includes preliminary activities, teaching suggestions, and follow-up activities for many of the lab sheets. The Annotations are an essential part of the Miquon program.
#4643 $17.95

First-Grade Diary Learn how the Miquon program was used in a classroom situation on a day-to-day basis. I found it very useful.
#4678  $7.95

Miquon FUNPak
The Whole Shebang! - In this set you will get all six of the workbooks (Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Purple), Notes to Teachers, Lab Sheet Annotations, and the First Grade Diary. If you purchased these items separately, the price would be $81.55!
#3195 $81.55 $75.99

The Miquon math program makes extensive use of Cuisenaire Rods. If you don't already have some, you will want to add a set to your order. These are very useful manipulatives that make it easy to explore math in a hands-on and concrete way. Cuisenaire Rods can also be used by themselves or with other programs.


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