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Charitable Causes

We regularly designate the proceeds from our sales to a charitable organization.

Some of the funds are raised through the sale of the following items, plus you get a bargain in the process! The book/magazine special would make a great gift for your homeschool group's library.

Book/Magazine Special
(includes four books and four magazines): And What About College?, The Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling
, Growing Without Schooling: A Record of a Grassroots Movement, and I Learn Better by Teaching Myself and Still Teaching Ourselves (2-books-in-1). Also: GWS Magazines Issues #118, #122, #127, #132

#SPAN2 $103.80 $51.99

Save 50% and contribute to a worthy cause!

Storytelling Special (two cassettes): Fairytale Favorites and Sherlock Holmes.

#SPANS $21.90 $6.99

Save nearly 70% and contribute to a worthy cause!

Over the years, FUN Books has been involved with several charitable causes. For the past few years, we've teamed up with our other family business, Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu and Tai Chi (, to raise money for:

2004/2005: Tsunami Relief - Donations went to:, specifically for Tsunami relief. We chose Mercy Corps based on their high rating on

2005: Hurricane Relief - Donations went to for the developmentally disabled who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. We also sent a big box of books and recordings to a New Orleans area family displaced by Hurricane Katrina (they are now happily living in a new home). Greathall Products graciously contributed some recordings to the New Orleans family.

2006/2009: Local Crisis Assistance - Last year we raised money for a local organization (, and we are continuing to support them this year. The money primarily helps families who are in danger of being evicted, having their heat turned off, or who can't afford their prescription medications. The average family helped by SPAN includes three children and makes only $750 a month. Many are keeping their families together while one member is facing a serious medical condition.

2010: Haitian Earthquake Relief - We are contributing a portion of our January & February 2010 sales to a Haitian Earthquake Relief fund. We are also teaming up with our martial arts school ( and will be holding a DJ party featuring Caribbean music and food, as well as a kick-a-thon, on February 20th. We will be offering prizes to attendees, so we welcome donations! If you live in Maryland/Virginia/DC, we hope you can come to the party!

In addition to the money we raise through our SPAN specials, FUN Books donates items to our Jing Ying silent auction. We are grateful to our fellow vendors who have also donated their products to our fundraisers. A special thanks goes to vendors who have contributed to our silent auction for multiple years (they are marked by a *).

Family Pastimes*
Greathall Productions, Inc.*
Artana Productions*
Charlesbridge Publishing (publishers of the Sir Cumference series)*
Home Education Magazine
Life Learning Magazine

Many individuals in both the homeschooling community and in our martial arts studio have contributed items from their home businesses as well as handcrafted items.

If you would like to make a donation to our annual silent auction, or make a monetary contribution, please contact us. We can take donations at any time, but we usually start collecting items in October. The silent auction takes place in mid-December.


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