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Horrible Science Books
Horrible Science Kits

If you can stomach the sick side of science, then Horrible Science is for you!

Nick Arnold and Tony de Saulles are the award-winning author/illustrator combo who bring the books to you in all their revolting glory! Remember, don't go near these books if you're squeamish, because this really is science with the squishy bits left in!

The books are published in the U.K. by the publisher of the Murderous Maths series, so the reader will encounter a few English spellings, English sayings, metric measurements, etc. As an American, I find this adds to my enjoyment of the series.

There are many other Horrible Books that we have not listed here. All are available by special order. Just send your list to orders at

Science has never been so horrible!

Horrible Science Books


The Body Owner's Handbook
(Horrible Science) - You'll discover a range of fantastic features you didn't even know you had, including: an auto-reapir function, a built-in cooling system, top-of-the-range sensory equipment, rear gas and waste disposal.

This mad manual shows you how to get the best from your body machine. Get the lowdown on the pluses of pus, the vitals of vomit and the science of snot. With trouble-shooting tips, terrific tests and curious quizzes, The Body Owner's Handbook is bursting with information!

Paper, 160. 5"x7.75"x.375"

#1069 $10.25 $9.99 Out of stock, special order.

Bulging Brains and Disgusting Digestion (Horrible Science)  Two-books-in-one!

Want to know: what a fresh brain really smells like, why astronauts can't eat beans before a spaceflight, whether girls or boys are smarter?

Bulging Brains lifts the lid on what goes on in your head! Learn how to perform brain surgery with the beginner's guide, what the heck an electroencephalograph is and whether you're left or right-eyed.

Disgusting Digestion dishes up the dirt on your innards! Find out which part of your digestive system has absolutely no use at all, why some poos float and how vital vitamins stop your hair falling out.

Both books are full of interesting facts, quizzes, and cartoons.

Paper, 5.25"x8"x1.25"

#7492 $16.00 $14.99 Out of stock, special order.


Painful Poison
(Horrible Science) - Get wise to the wicked world of killer chemicals. Track down vile villains as a poison detective, meet snakes, spiders and other poison pets and discover the dreadful details of the Gruesome Guide.

Includes fact files, quirky quizzes and crazy cartoons.

Paper, 144 pages. 7"x5"

#3618 $9.99 Out of stock, special order.

Really Rotten Experiments by Nick Arnold & Tony DeSaulles is packed with loud, noisy, wet and soggy experiments that are guaranteed to make your friends squirm! Are you itching to find out....who invented pong-free underpants?, which strange scientists ate tadpoles for tea?, the revolting recipe for green slime? Plus, learn how to dance like a skunk, eat like a chimp and chat in cat language.

With crazy cartoons, queasy quizzes, and a terrible term at Rotten Road School, Really Rotten Experiments is simply oozing with info!

Paper, 100 pages. Ages 9-12. 8"x11x.4"

#7355X $12.50 $11.99

Horrible Science Kits

Based on the popular Horrible Science series.


Mysterious Magnets (Horrible Science Middle-Size Kit) - Horribly attractive experiments: make a magnetic mucus monster, drive a car without touching it and explore loony levitation. Professor Buzzoff, Mr. Sparks and Andy Mann will help you discover all about electromagnetism, magnetic forces, floating trains, magnets that help birds fly and other interesting facts.

In the box: plastic car, race track sheet, Andy Mann magnetic driver, magnetic wand, 4 ring magnets, levitation stand, levitation card figure and table, magnetic slime, 4 wiggly eyes, Slobslime magnet, iron filings capsule, faces car, bar magnet, 3 magnetic marbles, styrofoam disk, metal rod, 24-page Top Secret Lab Notebook.

Not in the box: photo of yourself, desk, sink, sticky tape, scissors, small bowl, water and a friend.

Age: 6 years & up. For use under adult supervision. Not for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.

#1049X $28.00 $21.99

Bag Kits


Super Snot (Horrible Science Bag Kit) - Find out how to blow bogies from a fake nose, conduct some shockingly smelly tests, discover why mucky mucus works and how a sneeze can be pretty explosive.

In the box: plastic nose, pipe, slime powder and pot, sand, and Horrible Info leaflet.

Not in the box: old newspaper, handkerchief, teaspoon, cotton balls, various liquids, pencil, paper, plate, blindfold, and a volunteer.

Age: 6+. Not suitable for children under three years old due to small parts.

#1039 $13.50 $12.00

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