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Unqualified Education: A Practical Guide to Learning at Home Ages 11-18 by Gareth Lewis. The Lewis family has done it again! They have created a book full of informative text and delightful illustrations similar to One to One but for ages 11-18. It is authored by dad Gareth, but it is a true family creation, with illustrations by his children Bethan, Wendy and Samuel. Their mom, Lin, is more involved with the publishing end, but her influence is throughout.

Gardening, sewing and cooking get equal space along with the arts, math, literature, history, science, geography, and technology. This is a nice feature and reflects a philosophy that family life is integral, and not just secondary, to learning.

Because the author is British, the history section has a slightly different presentation than a book written by a U.S. author (U.S. history is given its own special section.) There are a few terms that may also be slightly different, but I enjoy this aspect of the book.

Unqualified Education, like its companion book One to One, is a unique and useful book for homeschoolers. The text is easy to read and informative, while the illustrations are an absolute delight (funny comics, attractive illustrations, and helpful diagrams abound). Paper, 346 pages. Table of Contents

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Beautifully illustrated by Bethan, Wendy and Samuel Lewis, Unqualified Education continues in a similar friendly, down-to-earth, and approachable style to One-to-One: A Practical Guide to Learning at Home, Age 0-11.

Unqualified Education is both a parent's guide to home education with an emphasis on self-directed, self-motivated and enthusiastic learning, and a mini-text book, complete with lesson plans.

Gareth covers every subject and offers useful teaching advice, helpful hints, lesson guides, practical information, and clear guidelines that will enrich the learning experience. The fantastic black and white line drawings are delightful and will encourage children to use this book.

Ideas and information for studies in Literature, History, Geography, Languages, Science, Technology, Music, Mathematics, Art and Craft can be used as a springboard to further explorations, with Cooking and Gardening covered in two separate chapters. Gareth peppers the text with sensible home educating advice and tips, and devotes a final chapter to practical matters such as Timetables, Curriculum, Qualifications, Work and Employment. Unlike many home education books which list specific resources, the chapter Educational Resources covers the basics, such as the Internet, television, libraries, etc, and how they can be used to enhance your learning program. Beverley Paine

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Gareth Lewis' daughter, Bethan, has recently written and illustrated her own book of fairytales! Click here to read more about it.


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