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Galileo's Daughter
by Dava Sobel. Sobel is a talented historian, translator, and science writer. Her book is a wonderful way to learn about Galileo's life and about basic physics through his arguments about motion, the tides and the planets; further, we read later how mathematics came to be applied to science. Most important, the book brings Galileo's daughter, the nun Suor Maria Celeste, alive. Her letters about her cloistered life, her feelings and thoughts, and her relationship with her father, make you feel a genuine depth of faith and love.

In addition, you learn fascinating things about how and why the Church fought Galileo's ideas about the planets, how people lived during the Plague, the early history of science, Galileo's invention of the military and geometric compass, and all sorts of other details that make this much more than a history book.

While the book is beautifully illustrated throughout, it is most appropriate for experienced readers.
Paper, 420 pages. (We also carry the author's book, Longitude).

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We have one damaged copy that has a corner crease:

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